Supreme Court sides with feds on $57-billion EI surplus

Quebec unions lose long-running legal fight


OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with the federal government in a long-running legal fight with Quebec’s leading labour organizations in a multibillion-dollar employment insurance case.

The unions sued the Harper government after it decided in 2010 to close the old employment insurance account and transfer the $57 billion balance into the government’s general revenues.

The Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux said the move was unconstitutional.

The court, however, agreed with the federal argument that it had the authority to do this because the matter was dealt with in a 2008 Supreme Court decision.

A lower court sided with the federal government, but the Quebec Court of Appeal overturned that and the government appealed to the Supreme Court.

The justices say the original judge in the case was right to dismiss the union suit because it was bound to fail.


Supreme Court sides with feds on $57-billion EI surplus

  1. Canadians have no leg to stand on since no one spoke up when the feds did the exact same thing to the public service superannuation funds $30.billion ‘surplus’ in 2000.
    They laughed & thought that it served the civil servants right, NOW when it is their money it is a different story.
    As someone whose pension will probably be impacted in the future by the 2000 government action I’m really not feeling too sorry for those impacted by the latest government action.

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