Surprise guest at that Schwarzennegger climate-change conference I mentioned last night:


The president-elect, by video.


Surprise guest at that Schwarzennegger climate-change conference I mentioned last night:

  1. Remind me again how his plans are supposed to mesh with Harper’s? You can’t simply include the words ‘targets’ and ‘cap and trade’ and tell Canadians that you are on the same track.

    O/T – Is it me or did Obama become quite grey during the campaign?

  2. This is related to the article ‘Where to find assets’ in the current issue.

    Paul bemoans the indifferent or careless attitude of Mr. Harper towards R&D in our campuses. There may be many reasons for this, but I think there is possibly a reason that is widely prevalent but not frequently acknowledged; somewhat like the 600lb gorilla!
    The science and engineering communities, academic or not, have a vested interest in having governments support R&D, NRC, Centres of Excellence, etc. and few would argue that they are a poor investment. But the nasty truth is that the results of all that investment, apart from some spectacular successes – insulin for instance – are few and far between. It simply does not show up in new companies!
    Canada starts 140,000 businesses a year and closes 130,000 for a net of 10,000. Only 6% of the 140K are based on new science or technology. Another 6% will use some technology. 88% use no new technology. (Sources: Industry Canada, Stats Can, OECD)
    To use your model, Universities do the R&D and then the private sector develops applications. Clearly not enough companies are interested in the results of the R&D that is being done, and yet suggest the academic community actually work on research that companies actually want and listen to the howls of protest around academic freedom!
    The science and engineering communities know they have a good thing going and they know that any politician who would dare to challenge the status quo would do so at his peril. It is now sacrosanct in western societies that R&D is the key to smart futures, improved productivity, and wealth.
    Just don’t tell them about 6%. Maybe Harper is on to something.

  3. Are those not the programs and goals set out by the NDP in the last Federal campaign?

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