Talking to Omar Khadr -

Talking to Omar Khadr


Michael Friscolanti’s exclusive story about Omar Khadr’s conversation with forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner is now online. Chris Selley reads it and considers.

Is he lying, manipulating? Is he sincere? Search me. If it’s a calculated routine, it’s a complicated one. The fact is, we simply don’t know what’s going on in Omar Khadr’s head, his political thoughts, his potential for violence, his chances for successful integration in Canadian society. Anyone who tells you otherwise — certain he’s a bomb waiting to explode, certain he’s a gentle lamb — is simply grasping at his preferred straws.

Never mind humanitarianism for now. The smart public safety play, from the day of his capture under a Liberal government, was to take an active interest in precisely these questions, in hopes of him coming home, as he must, as well-adjusted and pacified as possible. At every turn, Ottawa has rejected that approach, and no doubt there are more stall tactics to come. Personally, my hunch is that he is not particularly dangerous. But I’d rather wager as little of my safety on that as possible. If he is, in fact, a threat, it’s hard to see the advantage, in Dr. Welner’s memorable phrase, of him continuing to “marinat[e] in a community of hardened and belligerent radical Islamists” at Guantanamo Bay.


Talking to Omar Khadr

  1. I would think Khadr has a massive case of PTSD, and it will be a miracle if he ever comes out of this as anything approaching ‘normal’ again.

    If and when he does, I hope he sues the sox off our govt for abandoning him to torture and imprisonment as a Canadian child.

    • Yeah, cus he’s going to need some money to defend himself if that medic’s family decides to sue him! Poor guy!

      • Now there’s a fatuous contribution the discussion. Thanks for coming.

    • He plead guilty to MURDER, and you try to portray him as a victim? How very Liberal of you.

      • You know very well it was a plea bargain to get out of there.

        Now don’t waste my time with this rightwing crap.

  2. Mr. Selley write, as quoted by Mr. Wherry,
    “……But I’d rather wager as little of my safety on that [a Khadr repatriation] as possible…..”

    Personally, as a visible Asian, I’d rather take my chances with Mr. Khadr than, say, other Canadian ‘soldiers’ like: Captain Robert Semrau, Master Corporal Clayton Matchee and Private Kyle Brown.