Tea leaves


Politico: Obama won more support from white men than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter.

Hertzberg: Go ahead and call him BHO. It sounds kind of French.

Newseum: A gallery of front pages. Probably not the best head: Marysville, CA Appeal-Democrat, “A Day of Emotions.” Perhaps better: Aftonbladet, Stockholm: “Yes We Can.”

Surowiecki: Now McCain knows how to deliver a speech?

Pennsylvania Ave.: Pesky neighbours.

Rosie DiManno: “A bro is the prez.”

Surprisingly good state-by-state graphics from Belgium.

Fred Barnes: Pfah.

Youtube: Homer Simpson votes.

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Tea leaves

  1. BHO sounds like some kind of banned food preservative.

  2. Have to be careful about the Politico story and the numbers based on exit polls. I watched Michael Barone, the best talking head when dealing with election trends, on Fox last night and he said a few times that exit polls were wildly different from what actually occurred. Apparently Obama supporters were way more likely to talk to exit pollsters than McCain/Repubs were.

    And I hate Fred Barnes. He’s an arrogant twit and I wish Fox would get rid of him and Mort. Those two are a waste of space.

  3. That Vidal piece is priceless.

    Now, if they could have beamed in a hologram of Buckley from the great beyond it would truly have been showtime.

  4. As for the Politico story and exit polls… Obama doesn’t win the counties he did in Pennsylvania without overwhelming white support. He also ran up margins in primarily white blue states that exceeded those of Gore, Kerry, and Clinton ’96 (Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa, etc.).

    Anyway, the final exit poll data is re-weighted based on the voting results, so it corrects for the Obama-lean of the actual survey results.

    McCain might sound like Vidal in a few years, given some of his press conference and interview performances late in the campaign…

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