Team Mulcair v. Team Topp


Two of Thomas Mulcair’s supporters announced yesterday that Mr. Mulcair will announce his candidacy for the NDP leadership next week.

Interviewed on Tuesday, Mulcair supporters said the former Quebec cabinet minister and multi-term MP would perform better in an election campaign than Mr. Topp, who is not as experienced in front of the cameras.

“Mr. Topp is a candidate who doesn’t have much charisma, which would be a problem in the event of a televised leaders debate,” said New Democratic MP Tarik Brahmi, a supporter of Mr. Mulcair who represents the riding of Saint-Jean south of Montreal. Mr. Brahmi added that Mr. Topp, who has the endorsement of former NDP leader Ed Broadbent and former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow, “is the candidate of the apparatchik.”

Mr. Brahmi is, by my count, the ninth Quebec MP to side with Mr. Mulcair, but Mr. Topp now has the support of Alexandre Boulerice, perhaps the most prominent (so far) of the NDP’s Quebec newcomers. (It has been Mr. Boulerice’s job each afternoon to provide the en francais mocking of Tony Clement after Charlie Angus has done so in English.)


Team Mulcair v. Team Topp

  1. Boulerice has so far struck me as a fairly talented and rather ambitious looking member of the caucus.

    He has certainly been given a prominent role from the beginning and sits on the front bench.

    I would imagine that he is looking at the long game and figures that by backing Topp he would become Québec Lieutenant when he wins and then have a better shot at becoming a Leader from Québec than if Mulcair were to win.

  2. It’s also funny that one group within the NDP would be able to accuse another group of being the apparatchik.  I thought they were all brothers and sisters.

    • It’s a common problem with socialist organizations.  They’re all brothers and sisters and comrades until they’re traitors and apparatchiks and betrayers of the legacy of St. Jack.

      • . . . because they all believe really really really strongly that they’re on the side of Goodness, Truth and Social Justice.  I remember when I was younger, I did a lot of reading on the history of the American socialist and communist movements in the early part of the 20th century.  Those people gouged one another’s eyeballs out over arcane doctrinal disputes (Trotskyists versus Leninists, etc.).  Vicious name-calling abounded (traitor, enemy of socialism, capitalist roader, class enemy, etc.).

    • If they continue down this road, they are going to end up with the same problem the Liberals did, i.e., the Conservatives will use negative quotes from other leadership candidates to smear whoever wins.

    • No worries.  Once MP Hiebert’s bill, changing the Income Tax Act, forcing unions to publicly file their financials takes off – they will all kiss and make up, lol!

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