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Tease the day: David McGuinty pays the price

Conservatives pounced on the Liberal miscue. And it paid off. As usual.


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For some reason, I dismissed David McGuinty’s flippant remarks the other day as basically irrelevant. Here’s what I forgot: Ottawa loves to watch people insert their feet into their own mouths on the national stage.

As you’ve probably heard, the Ottawa MP lashed out at Alberta Conservatives on the natural resources committee for “jealously guarding” the energy sector and not thinking in the national interest. He told them, in more than a few words, to go back to their own province, where he suggested they run for town council—preferably in a community that is deeply affected by the oilsands.

He’s since apologized and resigned as his party’s energy critic. Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae also apologized.

Those comments might have been out of line, but I thought they’d fade away, lost in the sea of partisan discord. Then I remembered the significance of the upcoming byelection in Calgary Centre. Recall that a couple of polls, the accuracy of which have been subject to some dispute, say there’s a chance the Liberals—or the Greens, in fairness—could maybe knock off the Conservatives. The ruling party could sure use a scary quote to scare off that threat, right?

Enter David McGuinty. This morning, three national papers carry his objectionable quotes in larger print than yesterday—right on their front pages, no less. Once again, the Conservative spin machine, whether or not it even had to try this time, scores points against the party it so loves to hate. Boy, are they good.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with the tentative ceasefire reached between the Israelis and Hamas. The National Post also fronts the ceasefire. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with both sides in the simmering conflict claiming victory. The Ottawa Citizen leads with Ontario Liberal MP David McGuinty’s apology for remarks aimed at Conservative MPs. iPolitics fronts a pun-filled guide to Liberal MP Marc Garneau’s prospective run for the Liberal leadership. National Newswatch showcases a CBC News story based on a Nanos poll that says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seen as the most competent federal leader.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Reserve troops. An ombudsman’s report warns the federal government that if it’s not careful, reserve troops will soon become second-class soldiers to the regular force. 2. Syrian opposition. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the feds won’t recognize a Syrian opposition group formally until it’s clear it supports religious minorities.
3. Mohamed Harkat. The feds and accused terrorist Mohamed Harkat have sparred for years in various courts. The feds want him deported. Now, both sides want a Supreme Court hearing. 4. Haitian aboriginals. Ottawa-area aboriginal leaders are concerned about the actions of Leo Shetush, who attempted to confer the rights of Algonquians on a group of Haitian-Canadians.

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Tease the day: David McGuinty pays the price

  1. What is so sad about McGuinty’s remarks insulting Alberta is the following:
    *Ontario is a have-not Province and in terms of equalisation receives billions from Ottawa from that fund, financially backed by the largesse from the oilsands says Flaherty.
    *Secondly Ontario receives the lion’s share of goods and service contracts that provide parts to the capital upkeep and maintenance of the oilsands. Total amount expended outside of Alberta to all Provinces is $6 BILLION ANNUALLY from all oilsands energy companies(CAPP) but Ontario gets the biggest slice at close to $3 BILLION. Most of these orders cover automotive, parts, electrical, switchgear, chemicals, electronics, tires, consumer goods, etc. a huge list of over 1600 different items that I read at a Trade Show.
    One of the largest orders recently was for FORD LIGHT TRUCKS to Alberta, a total of 26,000 in all from F150s and up. Doesnt McGuinty have the intellect to know that many Ontario jobs result from Alberta oilsands industry? Where has he been? I suggest he visit Alberta and get real facts or change to decaf. Alberta and Ontario have a great relationship vis a vis INDUSTRY same as Quebec. And hundreds of folks from Ontario are working in Alberta and we welcome all of them. WE ARE ALL CANADIANS. Welcome to Alberta y’all.

    • It’s this kind of nonsense that got the Alberta MPs a bad name in the first place.

      • “It’s this kind of nonsense that got the Alberta MPs a bad name in the first place.”

        It’s a trolling tactic……….EmilyOne does it too!

        • Wooden cowboy boots, hoo boy.

    • You sound like an Albertan. I understand you have a few Albertans visiting McGuinty`s home town of Ottawa. They call themselves MP`s. Tell them that the good liberals of Ottawa say they should go back to Alberta—enough of them jealously guarding the wishes of their constituents by speaking up for the oil industry of Western Canada.

      Oh, and you can go back to Alberta too—your opinion is not welcome in liberal Ottawa.

      And tell that Colby Cosh we are really sick of him sending his blurbs back here to be published in our Magazine. Tell him to go back to Alberta.

      This message was brought to you by Ottawa liberals—we really don`t like you folks in the hinterland that don`t vote for us.
      Oh, one more thing—Go back to Alberta.

    • Like the rest of the environmental nuts who want to see the demise of the oil sands he cannot think logically. He is and his brother are of the same ilk. Arrogant Liberals. There is no switch to convert from fossil fuels to green energy. Taxing Canadians to death with failed attempts to change that dynamic is foolhardy. Dalton has destroyed the Ontario economy wasting millions on windmills and the like. They are two dolts who just don’t get it.

      • Why is it you always have to put in some jab like “environmental nuts.” There are two sides to every debate, but yours always starts with an insult and ends with yet another – dolt. Why?????

        • It’s a trolling tactic…Rick Omen and Bill/Chet/Biff do it too.

          Wild accusation, outright lie, buzz words, tangents, insults….it’s meant to put other people on the defensive

          • Environmentalists, like Suzuki, are so adept at traumatizing feeble Canadian women and vulnerable Canadian children on a global warming guilt trip. Canadian GHGs will be the tipping point that will plummet the planet into a hot holocaust that will fry humanity claim environmentalists. Of course, China will continue to spew GHGs unabated and their annual *increases* will be even greater than Canada’s total annual GHG output. Maybe Suzuki should demonstrate in Tianamen Square against the world’s largest GHG producer — CHINA.

          • Are you talking about Liberals and NDPers?

          • No, those posters are Cons.

        • Why???

          Have a good look at the comment boards. Have a real good look and you shall find the answers. And if it still won’t be clear to you ‘why???’, well, then get back to me and I will spell it out for you. It would be a pleasure to do so.

  2. Never realized that McLean’s is just another Liberal hacky doo media outlet.

  3. McGuinty like the rest of the arrogant Liberals that inhabit the Liberal party just put the nail in the coffin of the candidate for Calgary centre. Reminders of the Liberal attitude to Alberta is never far away in that province and despite some 40 years since NEP are still vivid in the minds of Albertans. Liberals are sitting in the wasteland in Alberta and after Monday’s by-election will continue to do so. Serves them right.

    • We are all aware you lot are promoting the ‘Liberal’ meme because of this upcoming byelection, but I’m afraid it isn’t Liberal.

      People in all parties…from Greens to NDP to swing voters…and yes, even CONS….see Alberta the same way. It’s to do with province, not party.

      And you have only yourselves to blame.

  4. This is typical of the Liberal Party’s mindset. And many in the Conservative Party and NDP as well, I night add. That mindset is that the MP should represent Ottawa’s interests to its Constituents and not the reverse. Having strong representation from all corners of Canada is what made this country great, and sadly, we have been getting away from this ideal for many years now. I guess that’s why Proportional Representation seems to have traction.

    • That’s American, not Canadian or British.

      We have never done that.

      • We have never done what?

        • We vote by party, not by riding.

          In the US you can agree to vote for someone else’s bill if they vote for your bill….which is how you get a military base or any other goodie in your riding/district….but it’s done by horse-trading and then a majority.

          PR, btw, doesn’t have traction….it’s been rejected everytime it’s been offered.

          • What in the name of god does that have to do with my comment? Sheeeeeesh. I said the MP should represent his riding to Ottawa and not represent Ottawa to his riding. You should read the posts more carefully before replying.

          • And I answered you. Pay attention.

          • I’ll pay attention and read your comments the same way you read and reply with the same intelligence. So here goes my reply to you on those terms. 12.2%.

          • You must be an Albertan. Same mentality anyway.

          • Good one! You are waaaaaaayy too smart for me. I give up.

          • I know.

  5. I wonder if Nick Taylor-Vaisey would feel David McGuintys’ comments were “basically irrelevant” if they were spoken by a Conservative member about Quebec MP’s
    I would wager he would be get the tar and feathers out faster than a Liberal can pocket a brown envelope full of cash.

    • I admitted I was wrong about their basic irrelevancy. My mistake!

  6. Aw shucks… it’s just a harmless Liberal spouting something silly and forgivable … so let’s ignore it.

    But if a Conservative MP had made the same comment about any other Canadian province, I’m sure you would be eviscerating and skewering him/her and demanding that PM Harper condemn and expel that MP from the Conservative party… and the CBC would be broadcasting the insult every 15 minutes on the hour. Right…???!!!!!

    • Well, let’s go for a famous one then, shall we?

      ‘Let those eastern bastards freeze in the dark’.

  7. Calgary-Centre Liberal candidate Locke announces “… if elected, I will not go to Ottawa or sit in the HoCs. I’ll just stay home on the advice of David McGuinty.”

    • Precious comment! (spelled wrong probably) but you get the idea!

  8. Look at the picture above. Look at Dave McGuinty’s un-be-lie-va-bi-li-ty!!!

  9. so according to Nick Taylor-Vaisey’s logic, the CPC are good at this game. What about the making of an apology by McGuinty? That had nothing whatsoever to do with the upcoming by-election?

    All parties play the game. The pick-and-choose attitude is yours, Nick Taylor-Vaisey!

    • I don’t think it’s unfair to suggest the Conservatives are really good at message control, probably more so than any of their opposition. (I wouldn’t dispute that McGuinty’s apology was motivated by the byelection, by the way. I just chose to focus on something else.)

      • It is completely yours to hold the opinion as to what is fair or not.

        Like I said: the pick-and-choose attitude is yours. As long as that is clear I have no problem with your write-up.

  10. For this reporter to try to blame the Conservatives for the media’s coverage of McGuinty’s gaffe is asinine. Considering how the media always hound the Cons about every little thing, they wouldn’t accede to any requests from the Cons to cover that story. It’s the fact that this reporter is an Easterner that made him miss the importance of those remarks.

    • Probably right. But at least I’m honest, right?

      • Are you inferring I’m not?