Further to Paul’s report, the NDP reports the explanation they received as follows.

“That it was a technical briefing for the press, and that media only were allowed on site as per press gallery policy.”

So, er, this was the Press Gallery’s doing? 

“The Press Gallery kicked them out,” says the NDP in a second email. “The government is fully aware of the rules, and clearly chose the location on purpose.”

This will almost certainly get sillier before it gets better.



  1. Sillier? If that explanation is correct, this silliness is SOP for the CPoC. “Silly” has never been an obstacle.

  2. The Harperist fascist rogues! Holding press-only meetings in rooms where only the press is permitted! If Stephen Harper had a handlebar moustache he’d be twirling the end with his finger now!

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