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Ted Hsu now supports Joyce Murray

Liberal MP wants to explore cooperation


Having previously endorsed Marc Garneau for Liberal leader, Ted Hsu says he’ll now vote for Joyce Murray, whose cooperation proposal interests him.

First choice on my ballot will be Joyce Murray, MP for Vancouver Quadra. A party leadership race is a critical moment that determines the direction that a party takes for many years.  A vote for Joyce calls on the Liberal Party to put sustainability — an honest accounting of the fiscal, environmental, and social assets and liabilities we pass on to our children — at the forefront of our party’s identity. A vote for Joyce also expresses support for cooperation between the progressive political parties in the 2015 election as a strategy to avert another Conservative victory. As 2015 rolls around, I think that exploring possibilities for cooperation will be very important for the good of the country, and completely compatible with first building up the Liberal Party’s own organization and identity.


Ted Hsu now supports Joyce Murray

  1. …. prompting the nation to ask, who’s Ted Hsu?

    • Hsu, 49, graduated from Queen’s University in 1984 (B.Sc. Hons. Physics). He obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University in 1989. Prior to entering politics, he worked as a researcher with 25 published papers in physics; as an equities trader and financial manager in Paris and Philadelphia for Banque Nationale de Paris; and as an executive director in the Tokyo office of Morgan Stanley.

      He is a pretty smart guy.

  2. Doesn’t matter, Ted. The Liberals have already anointed their next putative saviour.

  3. I like how the media only reports on these “contenders” for the Liberal leadership when their dropping out of the race. They will have their Trudeau coronation.

    • Did I miss something? I didn’t realize Joyce Murray dropped out of the race. Or perhaps you have to actually read the article before commenting on it.

  4. @280ff6b31dbe0d3a28659ec53e05d5e6:disqus
    “Who’s Ted Hsu”?

    He’s the guy The National on CBC were talking about when they asked “Could Ted Hsu be the future of the Liberal Party?” in 2010.

    And who Macleans named 1st runner up for ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 2011 and 1st runner up as a “Rising Star in Canadian Politics” in 2012, at their annual Parliamentarians of the Year awards.


  5. Sure vote for people that pay their employees piecemeal with no benefits and in many cases the workers end up getting paid less than a prevailing minimum wage.