The Public Safety Minister gets his own hashtag.



  1. This controversy makes me wonder what my fellow Canadians are doing on the internet that they are so vexed by this bill. For at least the past decade, I have assumed Canadian government or bureaucrats from another country know exactly what I am doing on internet and govern myself accordingly. 

    I think Toews bill is attempt to legalize what police/state have been doing illegally for years.

    • For at least the past decade, I have assumed Canadian government or bureaucrats from another country know exactly what I am doing on internet and govern myself accordingly.
      I think Toews bill is attempt to legalize what police/state have been doing illegally for years.

      I’m not sure that “we’ve been illegally invading the privacy of law-abiding citizens for years, so now we’re going to change the law to make our illegal activities legal” is actually a compelling argument in favour of warrant-less surveillance of citizens, even if it’s true.  That’s akin to saying “Sure, slavery is morally repugnant and illegal… but it won’t be illegal anymore if we change our laws!!!”

      Giving a repugnant government activity the superficial veneer of legal legitimacy is supposed to be the hallmark of China, or Syria, or North Korea, not Canada.

      • I wasn’t trying to make a compelling argument – I was just saying that people have been spied on for years without knowing it and this is just government’s attempt to make their lives easier. We have to wear helmets and seatbelts to go for walk around the neighbourhood in modern Canada and yet people really seem to think they can do whatever they want on internet and authorities shouldn’t be concerned.

        Spy agencies in Canada, US and/or UK read all emails and keep track of what we are doing. 

        Guardian Oct 2010:

        The government is to revive a plan to store every email, webpage visit and phone call made in the UK, a move that goes against a pledge made by the Liberal Democrats ahead of the election.

        The interception modernisation programme, proposed under Labour, would require internet service providers to retain data about how people have used the internet, and for phone networks to record details about phone calls, for an unspecified period.

        • So, suddenly wearing seatbelts and helmets is akin to being spied on ….okay

          What’s more i doubt all emails are “read”as such? If anything they’re likely to scan for key words like…bomb, terrorist and hopefully Towes, although the latter is probably filed under c for clueless these days.

  2. There are some priceless tweets there; well worth wasting time on…

    Canadians, it turns out, are very witty internet lobbyists.  Brings back fond memories of CAPP.

  3. Ok now i’m a fan of twitter, like this one – I’m getting another cup of coffee, can I get you one too?

    OMG…Justin does yoga before getting up  and thinking about breaking up Canada.

     Update: no he doesn’t, he sleeps in! It’s a national disgrace!Someone tweet Barry Cooper…gotta get that one trending.

  4. Wow – those are addictive! And mostly very funny. Thanks Wherry (though my boss may not be happy you shared cuz it’s killing my productivity)

  5. I loved a screen capture I saw on Facebook the other day that illustrated one man’s response to Toews and this lunacy.  

    He’s begun cc’ing Vic Toews on EVERY SINGLE EMAIL HE WRITES.  LOL  Imagine if a few hundred thousand people started doing that!

    • He’s probably got a law for that.

  6. “Dear @ToewsVic, It’s a quarter after one. I’m a little drunk, and I need you now.”


    • I liked the one about running out of TP and using one of the Con 20%er mailings.

  7. I’m pretty old; however, I don’t want Vic to proposition me or offer me his body fluid. Seems that he likes older or younger women. He also looks like he needs a friend. His frown concerns me. What about his buddy ‘Rob Nicholson”…doesn’t he qualify for some ‘let’s get to know Nicholson?’
    I heard that he also likes to stray from his marital promises to God and the Congregation. I heard that he has also been unfaithful to his first wife and children…and has become quite engaged in a father – child and unwed mother situation. Does anyone know how to check this out? I only care because he seems to look quite guilty of same demise as our dear Vic.

  8. I attack Israel and G20 pigs as I often as I can. Last year, on the front page of the Globe and Mail, it was reported that critics of these two issues are being spied on by the police. I consider Israel and America as the two greatest terrorist nations and most people on earth agree with me. America filters particular words and investigates me. The pigs, as a matter of course, spy on their critics. In my fifty eight years, I have never accused Canada of not being a police state. Read how the Squamish Five were caught (thank goodness). If you criticize any society, any where, at any time, a dossier will be opened and you will be spied upon. It’s a given. Toews, an enemy of the State, is trying to legitimize a common practice.

  9. Toews, the family values candidate, became a millionaire for his White Christian values. He attacks gay marriage because it will lead to polygamists getting married. Toews, impregnated a woman, while married to another. He lives in sin with the new one after locking the old one out. If you are committing adultery with two women and impregnate one, should you divorce one to marry the other? Or divorce one and live in sin with the other? At which point are you not a polygamist? He had the pleasure of two wives simultaneously. A real Newt (he left one with tit cancer and one with suspected MS while overlapping three). These family value politicians. Like Reagan. Two wives. One seven and a half months pregnant. Seen his daughter’s tits in the news but Raygun assures us his ballet dancing boy is ‘all man’. These White Christian evangelical family values conservatives would have more credibility if they weren’t caught do often in Greyhound stations with their pants around their ankles.

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