Ten years later (II)


Following the President’s letter, the Prime Minister writes to Mr. Obama on the anniversary of 9/11.

The Liberal press office has sent out the following statement from interim leader Bob Rae.

“Ten years ago, the September 11th terrorist attacks shook the world. And as we extend our thoughts and sympathies to those families affected by this senseless attack, including the families of the Canadian victims, we also remember the strength, compassion and resolve exemplified by Canadians across the country as we responded to this disaster.

We remember the empathy, love and support that poured out from the more than 100,000 people who gathered on Parliament Hill for a national day of mourning.

We remember the professionalism and sense of duty of Canadian air traffic controllers and airport staff, who without hesitation welcomed the 33,000 passengers affected when American airspace was forced to close.

We remember the overwhelming hospitality shown by Canadians aiding those stranded passengers. Stories are still being told of the generosity and warmth of communities such as those in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Terrorism – the deliberate use of violence against a civilian population for a political goal – must always be countered with strong and smart policing strategies, efforts at prevention, effective and strategic intervention by security forces where necessary and a continuing dialogue between faiths and communities, both at home and abroad. Our common enemy is extremist violence, fuelled by ideologies that preach hatred.

Our thoughts are always with the victims of this tragedy and our efforts are in their honour.”


Ten years later (II)

  1. This statement from Bob Rae seems rather odd.  Shouldn’t we be focusing on the victims of the attack rather than lauding those who responded with common human decency. 

    • Why?  The vast majority of the victims of the attack aren’t around for us to focus on, although those who responded with common human decency may well appreciate the lauding.  We should also focus on the families and loved ones of the victims of the attack, but I think he did that, as well.

  2. Your a nice person 2Jenn, but here’s what I mean:   On the anniversary of my mother’s death, it would be gauche of my neighbor to remind me of all she’d done for me at that time.

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