Thank you, sir, may I have another? -

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

The Chinese leadership treated Stephen Harper as if he were a schoolboy late for class. They know we’ll just sit there and take it.


UN-BE-LIEVABLE. The Chinese publicly humiliate the Prime Minister of Canada, and the opposition rushes to … blame the Prime Minister.

“Mr. Harper’s provocative refusal to engage with China for four years comes with a price, which Canada is paying for, and which this incident reflects,” Mr. Rae told The Globe and Mail in an email this morning. He said the Chinese Premier’s comment “is indeed unprecedented and deliberate, but then so was Harper’s truly ignorant behaviour…”

Mr. Layton, meanwhile, told The Globe this morning that the “public rebuke shows that there’s work to do on Canada’s part.”

And much more in the same vein. It is just sick-making. Is there no indignity this country will not swallow? Is there no bottom to our cravenness, our endless capacity to rationalize, explain away and blame ourselves? If the Chinese had done this to any other world leader — to the President of France, say — do you think their opposition parties would be taking the side of the regime? Do you think their president would stay in China another day?

MOREOVER: The emperors of ancient Rome used to parade the kings of defeated tribes through the streets as a ritual humliation. That’s more or less what’s going on here. The purpose of Harpers’s visit was expressly one of capitulation to Chinese power and money, and the Chinese leadership were simply forcing us to acknowledge it. They treated the Prime Minister of Canada, in public, as if he were a schoolboy late for class. And, by extension, they were treating Canada the same. Because they know we’ll just sit there and take it.

So his humiliation is ours — and apparently we’re just fine with that. Harper’s belated willingness to put aside human rights concerns and suck up to the regime was not just applauded, but demanded, by virtually the entire Canadian political, business and journalistic establishment — a remarkable confluence of the left’s traditional blindess to the abuses of Communist dictatorships and the business community’s traditional desire for profit. Perhaps that’s inevitable. But let us have no more preening about our moral standing in the world. And, after this, let us not pretend to much in the way of national pride either.

Harper will be told by his advisers to just suck it up. And, after kicking a couple of chairs, he will. What is national pride besides the dictates of “the almighty dollar”?

MOREOVEST: But perhaps I’ve misjudged Jack Layton. Here he is, after all, talking about human rights in China:

The NDP Leader added, too, that we need to “show we’re serious about our human rights concerns in China —

Yes? Yes? By…?

— by addressing our human rights problems with Afghan detainees.”

Not just moral equivalence — moral grovelling.


Thank you, sir, may I have another?

  1. Well put. What did you think of Harper's reply? Why isn't that getting any attention?

    • Because it was stupid. Just like we willfully ignored Bush's human rights abuse because the US has us by our financial gonads, so will Harper set aside his "moral indignation" and kiss the Chinese ring.

      The Chinese don't come to us. We go to them and Harper stupidly decided to wait 5 years to do it.

    • Why did our media ignore his witty retort because it would ruin the narrative. The same narrative the Chinese Government of removing the "free" press during his speech.

      • Wait til they find out about who pocketed all the chinese fortune cookies. The first beneficiary of the ADS may be Harper himself…

  2. Well if we had a plan for meaningful action for a result…then it wouldn't have seemed so hollow when Harper was poppin' off at the mouth about China's human rights records all that time ago.

  3. The whole thing has been so hysterically overblown by the Opposition and the media. Jintao's mild chiding has been distorted into some kind of diplomatic incident.

    • It is to the oppositions advantage to distract from the very positive achievments of the tour.

  4. With all the partisan games and cheapshots this Prime Minister has done on the opposition, from calling them friends of the Taliban or accusing those who question what they were doing in Afghanistan per the detainees as being against Canadian soldiers, you expect the opposition parties to be supportive when he gets a taste of his own medicine? I certainly am not.

    • You are truly out to lunch Tribe, you justify this by saying the Liberals and NDP comments are partisan and cheap, but that's okay cause the other guys do it? Go have a little nap, maybe the voices will go away when you wake up……

  5. And much as I don't like picking apart a translation, it appears Wen didn't say "Canada sucks!", he's saying "YOU (harper) are hurting Canada-China relations with your late visit, criticized by (Canadian) media".

    Another miss from Coyne.

  6. ChiComs are certainly feeling their oats recently, Obama didn't do so well either. ChiComs are gaining confidence now that western world is reliant on their peasants to pay for our lavish lifestyles.

    I was wondering what Harper's base is going to think. No surprise, really, about feckless response from "political, business and journalistic establishment" but I bet many conservatives are not happy.

    I don't understand left's admiration of ChiComs. They are wicked. I would rather we bought cheap tat from other countries.

    • What is this "ChiComs" nonsense? Is that some word Lou Dobbs invented?

      • I've been assuming it is an Illinois-based mobile phone company.

    • Or maybe not buy chit tats from any country at all and pay proper wages to people. western world's willingness to exploit third world country people…what right do they have to judge others? Plus if you ACTUALLy heart the recording of their exchange, it was very mild, not an insult. People like to hold on the the smallest thing and make them seem large.

  7. Harper's been criticized for his government's behaviour toward China for years. What should the opposition be ding at this point, urging him to issue an ultimatum or cut short his visit? From these quotes, it doesn't seem that they are actually taking China''s side.

  8. Hear, hear!

  9. And do you think Mr. Harper would've been more magnanimous? Would he have stayed on that high road to which he so rigidly adheres?
    It is rather UN-BE-LIEVABLE that you are outraged by such tactics. I mean, haven't you been doing this for a while? Have you noticed any trends or patterns in the last little while? Neither shame nor principles have had any bearings in serious discussions for years. And your incredulity about such matters really shows how media merely fuels and feeds off of such behaviour.
    After everything that has gone on in the past few years, you still believe politicians won't jump at any opportunity to slander or tear down their opponents!??! Prepare for life to be hard.

    • "Have you noticed any trends or patterns in the last little while? Neither shame nor principles have had any bearings in serious discussions for years"

      Amen! I find Andrews call for solidarity here quite astonishing, given everything that's been going on in parliament for the last 4 years. Is he really calling for a level of maturity from people who's vision doesn't seem to extend beyond the next 10 per center…from all parties…but most of us know who set the bar so low.

  10. We've been rude and insulting to China for some years now, so why are we surprised and indignant when they snap back?

    Actions have consequences, Mr Harper.

    • Exactly. Just the name of 'stephentaylor' tells me its unbelievable from the get-go.

      • You must be smoking whatever Scott Tribe is tokin

  11. Andrew is confusing Stephen Harper with Canada. That's a natural reaction since the PMO has been pushing Harper = Canada for four years. Myself, it was quite refreshing seeing tubby get his comeuppance from a real bully.

  12. you expect the opposition parties to be supportive when he gets a taste of his own medicine?

    That's how partisans always justify their bad behaviour. "We're just giving the other guy a taste of his own medicine".

    • What's to justify? Harper had it coming. As to whether they should have sucked it up and backed up Canada's PM – well sure that would have been ideal and mature, even consistent as far as HRs goes. Perhaps there's a case to be made for the opposition being self indulgent? But we don't live in a vacuum do we? A little schadenfreude is inevitable given Harper's track record. This whole period from Martin's rise and fall through 4 years of disgraceful behaviour all around has not been one of our better ones.

      • KCM, hear hear!!!

        • AT Panel CBC agreed the opposition showed "NO CLASS" on piling on.

        • AT Panel CBC agreed the opposition showed "NO CLASS" on piling on.

  13. We've been rude and insulting to China for some years now

    No, we haven't. It's just that we weren't always dancing to their tune.

    I bet you think Harper shouldn't have met with the Dalai Lama either. We mustn't "insult" China!

    • Crit, it's simple really. You don't snub your second largest trading partner. Harper wouldn't dare do anything of the sort to the Americans, be it this Administration or the past one.

      Some people seem to forget that we now live under a New World Order where the Chinese are king.

      You must be under the delusion that we can afford to not do business with the Chinese. If that's the case, wake up, Crit.

      • No, but try to poke a finger in the eyes of a possible democratic frontrunner during a primary, that's more Harper's speed. Let's see how tubby takes his medicine.
        Otherwise, its just another chinese riddle wrapped in a cookie shell.

  14. Harper is an embarrassment to Canada whenever he goes on the world stage.

  15. Harper's insistence on adhering to Reform Party ideology on China has cost Canada dearly in our commercial dealings with them. Andrew is completely out of touch in this article. Harper did this to himself – and by extension to Canada. The Conservatives constantly accuse the 'left' of being ideologically driven. No one is more ideologically driven then those Conservative MP's who used to sit in the Reform Party Caucus.

    • Cost us dearly by expanding trade since 2006 in double digits?

      Almost as brilliants as Iffy stating Canadians don't want Harper by electing 2 more of them and zero Liberals.

      • Sober voice that do not oppose Harper gave him warning 3 full years ago and he didn't listen!
        Harper let his ideology get in the way of practical,. pragmatic solutions to this problem. He was wrong in his approach. Letting Rob Anders and Jason Kenney run off at the mouth with tired, old Reform Party rhetoric sure didn't help.

  16. We have, in fact, made a point of being rude and insulting to China.

    Kenney openly embarrassed China on a trip overseas. We have criticized them, welcomed people they dislike with open arms, and Harper has personally refused to visit, even during the Olympics.

    We have no business telling China how to behave. And certainly not in the public rebukes we have dealt out.

    China got it's own back today. Be thankful it wasn't worse.

    • So we shouldn't welcome people they dislike with open arms? We should really go that far to appease them?

  17. Embarrassing to Liberals, maybe. I've been quite pleased with Harper's recent efforts on the world stage.

    • I'm no Liberal, Crit, and I've been embarrassed to no end by this PM for his amateurish behavior on the international scene. Canada no longer holds the prestige that it once had, that's for sure.

    • Once he removed that toilet paper from his shoe, i think we all can say his next international steps were an improvement.

    • Scott is correct, I am not a Liberal. I'm a Canadian who cares about my country and a Calgarian who knew enough about Harper to despise him long before you ever heard of him. He is the worst Prime Minister of Canada in living memory and has been working to destroy everything good about Canada.

      • I think Mr. Harper has been an excellent PM for Canada. He seems to be handling the economy very well.
        How quickly you forget what Mr Cretin did. Quebec got what should have been divided between the rest of the country!

      • Lmao…worst PM in living memory!

        Nutcase hyperbole alert!

        What is it that you know about PMSH? What you discuss at the U of C Student Union or in the faculty lounge? What the CFNU leadership tells you?

        Please, what is "everything good about Canada" that he has been working to destroy? Let's hear it..

      • This almost sounds like a lady scorned. Harper isn't perfect but he's better than we've had in the recent past. I believe he's sucking it up for the good of Canada's economy.

  18. Holly isn`t a Liberal.

    • Are you the official gatekeeper what is a Liberal?

    • no, she's just an embarrassment to Canada when she comments on Macleans blogs

  19. Helpfully, though, it's revealed the Opposition's fierce moral concern for human rights as all so much posturing. Good work, Mr. Rae!

    • Don't be absurd. Where was the rights outrage while Bush/Cheney rode the range? Like yours…conveniently nowhere. Politicians are hypocrites…we should be surprised? AC's a little hysterical himself on this one. Opposition politicians are taking their pound of flesh from Harper…what a shock!

      • AC's persona is getting ego driven. After all he is just ink stained jounalist with a magazine that underwhelms everyone.

        Harper deserved every bit of the chiding he took. While Canada does have a much better human rights record China has made tremendous strides from where they were just 30 years ago under Mao.

        Lets face a further fact. harper is an unethical bully and liar.

        • Sounds like Coyne had lunch with Steyn.

        • terry1 alias parnel….you need new talking points.

  20. Wow, Scott Tribe, rabid Liberal Party of Canada partisan, dumps on Harper. Again. I'm in shock. Hand me the smelling salts.

    • He is still upset about a Public Inquiry has not been called to look for a wafer.

    • Orson, I have a feeling that if you are able to ask for the smelling salts, you probably don't need the smelling salts.

  21. The left admires the ChiComs (a) because of the "Com" part of "Chi" and (b) the ChiComs represent the left's best hope of crushing and humiliating America, which is the Western left's collective wet dream.

    • "The left admires the ChiComs (a) because of the "Com" part of "Chi" and (b) the ChiComs represent the left's best hope of crushing and humiliating America, which is the Western left's collective wet dream."

      That's an entirely stupid remark…are all lefties 911 deniers too? You're better than that OB.

      • "…. There is only one thing worse than one-party autocracy, and that is one-party democracy, which is what we have in America today. One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century."

        Thomas Friedman, NY Times Sept '09

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, today's contender for Dumbest Thing on the Internet!

  22. I disagree with the assessment that the Chinese Premier insulted Canada. He simply stated that a Prime Minister hasn't visited for a period of five years.

    During that five years:

    a) Harper has been PM for four; and,
    b) The Olympics were in China, and Harper wouldn't even go to support our own athletes.

    The rebuke is of Harper and Harper alone. And it is deserved.

    • The Chinese meant 5 years to include the Liberal time before Harper.

  23. Mr. Coyne, on this, a rare disagreement.

    China is not important to Canada because the Liberals and the media have been hounding Harper for years and making it a political wedge.

    China is important because it is the only other SuperPower in the world and our second largest trading partner and a major opponent of freedom in the world and a major human rights abuser.

    Which leaves you with two ways to go. Either recognize Canadian economic interests should be critically important to the one person who can impact that relationship more than any other. Or stand firm in your ideological beliefs and follow through with commitment to your ideological beliefs.

  24. […cont]
    I don't fault Harper for making a big deal about Chinese human rights abuses and his antagonism to Chinese communism (if you can really still call it "communism").

    But he's done this very badly. He thought, on well-founded ideological grounds, he would take on China. But he would only use words to do so, no follow through commitment to his convictions. So does he really mean it or was it just for show?

    If it was just for show, and it appears now to be, then he's done some real economic damage to Canada just for optics.

    It's like David Miller and the garbage strike. If you were going to cave on everything, why put us through all the stink?

  25. Five members of an unregistered Chinese Protestant congregation have been sentenced to two years in a labor camp following a police raid on their church, a monitoring group said Wednesday ….

    Chinese law allows police to sentence people to up to three years in "education through labor" camps without any trial. The measure — much criticized for its lack of due process and susceptibility to abuse — is frequently used to punish drug abusers, prostitutes, minor criminals and political or religious dissidents" Associated Press, Dec 02 '09

    ChiComs have a lot to be "embarrassed" about.

  26. No Holly, rabid Liberal and Dipper partisans and assorted other histrionic lefties think that Harper is an embarrassment whenever he goes on the world stage. Most normal, apolitical Canadians couldn't care less one way or the other. This is one of the reasons why the Liberals are in opposition right now — because many of their poohbahs and supporters have still not figured out that most ordinary Canadians don' t see the world the way they do and thus don't think that Stephen Harper is the Antichrist.

    • Well he's no Jesus either. I cannot believe an objective analysis would put him any better than average.

  27. Oh, and by the way, I don't think Canada is humiliated by this. I don't even think Harper was humiliated by this. And his response was a perfect arrow – we haven't seen you in Canada either, a mild response, and then on to the real business. No reverting to type for Harper this time thank goodness. He did well there.

  28. I'm sure you understand my confusion. The "Harper is an embarrassment on the world stage" claim is a familiar Liberal talking point.

    • I don't think Foreign Ministers from England and China are part of the Canadian Liberal Party. They were among the first to take up the "Harper is the dumbest world leader today" shtick. Something to do with him whining about Canadian domestic politics at an international climate change meeting or something.

      There's also the thing about Harper taking the side of anti-ChiCom terrorists with Canadian passports of convenience.

  29. Really? And what did we do about Abu Ghraib? Did we even say anything, much less openly insult the US and it's leader?

    What did we do about Afghan prisoner abuse beyond hide it?

    And before you drag Tibet into it, check out the Third World conditions on our reserves.

    WE have a lot to be embarrassed about, so give up the Cold War terminology and deal with the present.

  30. I suppose it's the opposition's equivalent of "Well, the Liberals used to do it too…"

  31. The Chinese can act like the fascists that they are. But the opposition parties make me want to spit in their face. They need to stand up for our country, and not act like spineless weasels.

    • They need to stand up for our country, and not act like spineless weasels. Especially Taliban Jack.

      No, wait! THIS is the stupidest thing today on the internet!

  32. And the loony contingent is heard from.

    Thank you. You'll probably do better for yourself to never give an opinion on anything in public.

  33. Remember: it's i before e except after c.

  34. Exactly. It's pathetic, whichever side does it.

    • *snort*

      Give it up.

      • It's not pathetic from either side?

  35. No AC, thank YOU.

    The credulous headlines elsewhere are almost worse than Rae and Layton’s useful idiocy.

    Yeah, sorry Harper didn’t show up to kiss the hem of your Hugo Boss sooner. He was too busy salvaging an economy you tried to bury by holding down your currency. Hope those US bonds make good toilet paper.

    • I see CPC Central brought out the big gun.

      Unleash the Tintor!

      • No, they use Christie Blatchford and Gunter for that work.

  36. Oh I see, disagree with Conservatives, and suddenly I'm 'loony'?

    And suddenly I should be silent? To 'do better for myself?'

    Why, is dissent dangerous in Canada now?

    I think your partisanship is clogging your brain.

  37. What is it about some Cons that they even try to make this into another "patriotic" issue? No, I won't accuse Andrew of that s-word because I do not think that he, unlike Harper and Mackay, deserves it.

    The Chinese did not criticize Canadians. In fact, they lamented about the previous special relationship they had with Canada.

    Andrew, it is Harper they were sending a message to and, as for myself, I say it is high time. Besides, Harper does not represent 63% of voters anyway.

    • alas, that message is only repeating itself in your poor twisted leftie brain. And that 63% line is pretty tired. using your logic we could just as easily say that 72% didn't support the Liberals and 84% didn't support the NDP. You see where I'm goin here?

  38. I completely agree. I don't think that anyone was humiliated, except perhaps Bob Rae for his craven toadying this morning.

    • Debasement is Da bomb for some folks. Think of Heather Mallick squirming with ostentatious embarrassment, wheedling for approval from her "betters." It's enough to put you off your feed.

      You'd think these folks would have a full-time job reveling in their personal humiliations.

  39. "the ChiComs represent the left's best hope of crushing and humiliating America"

    Good point. I don't believe it is going to happen, though. It will be another of the left's forlorn hopes.

    I believe ChiComs will disintegrate first or party will have to radically change before China tops America.

  40. No AC, thank YOU.

    The credulous headlines elsewhere are almost worse than Rae and Layton's useful idiocy.

    Yeah, sorry the PM didn't show up sooner to touch your hem. He was too busy salvaging an economy ravaged by your currency policy. Hope those US bonds make good toilet paper.

    • Do you really want to be THAT ignorant in saying it was the chinese currency policy that caused this economic recession? its decades of living your hollow lavish lifestyle, while 50 years of the Chinese government struggling to bring a war torn country back to prosperity that we are in this position right now. if your own government had any foresight, if you'd look south of the border and see what they've been doing for the past decades you'll see the problem.

  41. Well I see there is no point in posting to partisans, so I won't bother anymore.

    • Takes one to know one.

    • I sincerely apologize for being rude.

      The Everything is Everything argument gets my knickers in a knot. But snarkiness is not an appropriate response. If I could delete, I would, you have my apologies.

  42. Andrew, i guess two wrongs don't make a right, but I can only imagine the stridently hysterical and meanspirited comments that would have emenated from Stephen Harper's office if he was still leader of the opposition. For this government to object now to the reaction from the opposition parties is pretty rich Perhaps he is reaping what he has sowed in more ways than one.

  43. I agree, and thank you, Ted, because I was feeling very alien there for awhile. It was a rebuke, China meant to show displeasure to Harper, but it was hardly humiliating to Canada! Or Harper either. And yes, he did do well–not blowing it up to something much bigger than it was, like if he'd stormed out of there, but responding calmly, in kind, and reasonably.

    • No doubt he kicked a staffer after the meeting, tho.

  44. On this, I think you're probably correct. But I don't see why those making your point turn their venom on Andrew. Isn't he right to try and hold our politicians to higher standards? How can we lament the state of our politics and then criticize those journalists who ask for better? Andrew recently criticized Harper for using the soldiers for political gain. Should he instead have simply said, that's fine, Chretien and Martin were the same?

  45. What are you talking about? I have not read anything in praise of China from the left for about 20 years.

    Also, you know, they're not really communists anymore. Your disdain for them, on that basis at least, is way past its due date.

  46. I think things will start flowing nicely now.I only wish the Chinese PM would show up here, I suspect we would not mention how my times he has not bothered with us. As for China itself, they need our oil.I was reading an article the other night where they have been dealing with the Alberta government, so business really has been a usual, despite the horrible Dali lama showing up ,and China not liking it.Now the opposition will drop the Afghanistan detainees, and focus on just this.wanna bet? I am never fond of a country that is deemed a super power, the US, or China, but made in china products are sickeningly cheaply made.

    • Don't you know it is impolite to talk about how China needs us? What if they're reading this? What if they don't like it??? We must only talk of how we need them. To do anything else would be not be appropriately inoffensive.

  47. How about because they're precisely the brutal totalitarian thugs that the domestic left delusionally imagines the domestic right to be?

    • AVR, Harper should have fit right in then.

  48. Leaving aside your rhetoric, how are the Chinese "on the left"? They're somewhere to the right of Nicholas II. This isn't 1965 anymore

    • I wonder where avr stood when the west was backing brutal authoritarian regimes all over the world? Nowhere as ever!

  49. I think Harper's response – that it had been five years since either delegation had travelled to the other's country – was about the only one he could make without sounding like a hypocrite.

    And, more than being rebuffed by another nation's leadership, our parliamentarians seem to be concerned with not appearing as hypocrites before the Chinese.

    A foolish response, to be sure, by both Rae and Layton. But at a time when our international reputation – I'm thinking environmental stewardship and human rights – stands to legitimate criticism that we're not practicing what we preach, I can't say I'm surprised.

    • AC rarely holds the CONs to that higher standard. He grumbles, muses and then shrugs and then aims his peeshooter at Iggy or Jack. Deficits are terrible, but harper is not so.

  50. Finally somebody who is just too big to be smeared by the PMO and the Cons thugs in the House. You know the list. Call him a Liberal hack; call him a Taliban; call him a traitor. On and on. He doesn't care.

    • How about we call him a brutal communist dictator that doesn't give a fig for the lives of his citizens and sacrifices them on a daily basis to keep power. Oh and by the way thanks for that big oilsands investment.

      • Come to think of it, you're right. They do have a lot in common.

    • Idiotic comment

      • Harper always attacks the Canadian Opposition when he is abroad and makes unnecessary, outrageous comments on domestic affairs that have no relation to his foreign visit. It got so bad even Coyne called him on it recently. Can't blame them for enjoying a little get even time via the Chinese Premier.
        I'm waiting for a majority just to see how the rest of the comparison works out.

  51. But, as s usual both Mr. Iggy. and Rae are unable to attach anything positive to such a historic visit. Much has been accomplished with one of Canada's major trading partners. Mr. Harper our PM is doing a great job and that is why the Canadian public poll high for the Conservative Party. Imagine, having as many as 50,000 more Chinese visit Canada as tourists, and that Canada can now sell pork there; major accomplishments

    It was one of Chretien's former henchmen, a James Bartleman, wrote a book about his experience as Chretien's adviser and he mentions how Chretien sold Canadian industries and jobs to the Chinese

    • "Imagine, having as many as 50,000 more Chinese visit Canada as tourists, and that Canada can now sell pork there; major accomplishments "

      Yes, imagine all of that four years ago and before the recession.

      • Sure, pork exports four years ago would have pulled us right out of the rut.

  52. The press and Opposition reaction to this reminds me of the hand-wringing that went on when Bush said "America has no better friend than England." A week of navel-gazing followed, with various commentators vascillating between pouting (Doesn't he know we're still his number one trading partner?) and defiance (Well, we don't want to be your friend!!) Is there another country on earth whose populace worries so incessantly about what others think of them? Every time we receive a rebuke from China, or the UN, or some globally admired mouthpiece like George Monbiot or Al Gore, the same pants-pi$$ers cry about our "loss of stature on the international stage." It wasn't "stature" at all. It was a pathetic, needy desire to be liked. When we quit looking for validation from outside our borders, we'll be a lot happier.

  53. Yet another familiar, hackneyed leftie talking point. News flash: Canada never held the prestige that you imagine that it had. We are basically irrelevant on the world stage, and always have been. Go travelling, read some international newspapers, and see how often we get mentioned or noticed. Answer: next to never. Same as it ever was.

    • I hope you're going to make chopping motions with your hand on your outstretched arm like David Byrne did, Bean.

  54. "The Chinese publicly humiliate the Prime Minister of Canada, and the opposition rushes to … blame the Prime Minister."

    You clearly aren't paying enough attention to the dynamics on Parliament Hill these days, otherwise you wouldn't be surprised by what's going on. There is only one game here right now and it's called "Blame the Prime Minister".

    • Not at all.

      The government has been playing the "blame the Liberals for everything" game for 4 years now. And they are very good at it, passing the buck and blaming others especially the Liberals as they had 13 years experience of doing it in opposition.

      • And Harper always brings domestic politics into his overseas trips, and routinely lashes out at opposition members when he is in foreign countries.

  55. his humiliation is ours

    Actually, Harper often humiliates me as a Canadian. Get used to it. I thought he should have visited China earlier. However, at least he isn't using his international platform to give false information on his political opponent. So, he is behaving better than usual, even if he insisted on releasing his financial update over Siberia this time.

  56. Thanks, but I assure you my comments are 100% NOT approved by the PMO or CPC.

  57. Well said, RR.

  58. Harper stupidly decided to wait 5 years to do it

    He's been PM for three years and ten months.

    • Don't allow the facts get in the way of these Harper haters.

    • There you go, "100p" show-off, dazzling us with, what's the word, facts…


    • 5 years? He hasn't been PM for 5 years. Get your facts straight.

  59. I seem to remember Bob Rae being DEPORTED from Sri Lanka,
    and the Harper government coming to his defence.

    But why expect more from any of the opposition parties (and some in the media) that would run down their country in a heartbeat,
    or cheer on those who do,
    if it meant embarrassing Harper.

    • Wilson,

      Some of us put our country first and politics second. The opposition are shameless.

      • It's gotten worse since Iffy took the reins.
        Canada, with a flag that looks like a beer can label, just insn't good enough.

      • So Harper puts politics second?

  60. Seconded.

  61. "The emperors of ancient Rome used to parade the kings of defeated tribes through the streets as a ritual humiliation. That's more or less what's going on here. The purpose of Harpers's visit was expressly one of capitulation to Chinese power and money, and the Chinese leadership were simply forcing us to acknowledge it. They treated the Prime Minister of Canada, in public, as if he were a schoolboy late for class."

    'Ritual humiliation', 'capitulation', 'schoolboy' … well, there goes your Senate appointment, Coyne. Very funny though.

  62. If a Canadian prime minister had all-but ignored the US administration for 3-4 years, called them on some of their more blatant transgression (like starting an illegal war for example, or allowing unregulated gluttonry to ruin the world's free market economies) and was then, given a one-off insult by American president during their next meeting, would Andrew Coyne offer the same diatribe? This is Canadian politics… I dare say when the leader of the Opposition scooted down to New York with a letter saying how ashamed he was that the Canadian government had decided not to join up with the illegal Coalition of the Willing, where did Coyne stand? Wasn't that a more agregious transgression? Or were you too mesmerized by John Howard's speechifying to notice…

  63. You're denying that there's a distinct anti-American streak in the Canadian and Western left?

    • Of course there are. There are also fascists within the right. It's the blanket statements i don't like…they're self indulgent and basically preaching to the choir.

  64. BTW Andrew, I forgot to mention: kudos for the Animal House reference!

  65. And, related to that, I've heard many, many left-leaning types express the view that the world would be better off under Chinese hegemony rather than American hegemony. I happen to disagree with that, and I happen to agree with John Howard's admonition that "those who would wish the end of American hegemony ought to be careful what they wish for." So what's your view?

    • Do you really think anybody for a second believes that you've heard "many left-leaning types express the view that the world would be better off under Chinese hegemony rather than American hegemony"?

      What a load of malarkey

      • "A lot of the disappointment settling in among Obama voters today is prompted by their dawning realization that maybe, like Arnold, he can't. China's leaders, using authoritarian means, still can. They don't have to always settle for suboptimal. So what do we do?

        The standard answer is that we need better leaders. The real answer is that we need better citizens. We need citizens who will convey to their leaders that they are ready to sacrifice, even pay, yes, higher taxes, and will not punish politicians who ask them to do the hard things." ~ Thomas Friedman, NY Times Nov 21 '09

        Lucky ChiComs, they don't have to worry about suboptimal democracy and inadequate citizens.

      • Extremists with insane irrational opinions intend to invent and ascribe the same to their "opponents". A debate about these hypothetical China lovers really isn't worth taking seriously.

  66. You should totally steal that "Unleash the Tintor!" line though Joan.

    That's classic.

  67. If the Chinese had done this to any other world leader — to the President of France, say — do you think their opposition parties would be taking the side of the regime? Do you think their president would stay in China another day?

    I do find it interesting how all of the sturm und drang in the comments is focused on the "do you think their opposition parties would be taking the side of the regime?" and everyone seems to be ignoring the "Do you think their president would stay in China another day?" angle.

    • In most other democratic countries, despite differences of party and ideology, the leader respects the opposition leaders, and the opposition leaders have reason to respect the leader.

  68. You don't always have to plug yourself like that. We notice.

    • Oh please, you flatter me. I could never, in my most fevered dreams ever come up with something as ridiculous as "the ChiComs represent the left's best hope of crushing and humiliating America, which is the Western left's collective wet dream"

      my musings are strictly amateur hour in comparison.

  69. " WE ALL are reaping what's been sown Andrew!"

    Big D makes a good point above. We [i] shouldn't dump on Andrew Coyne for attempting to raise the level of politics in this country. On this score alone Canadians owe him a vote of thanks.

  70. Yeah, it's like she's an action hero. Or like Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction.

  71. Not on that score alone.

    Mark my words, Andrew Coyne will one day lead us all back to the promised land of helmetless bicycling.

  72. No. There's an anti-corporate streak. Unfortunately, America tends to be largely a corporatist country, so the two get juxtaposed at times.

  73. Nice attempted dodge.

    • Orson it's a hell of a long way from dislike for of America as a cultural and world power that doesn't live p to its soaring ideals as much as some would like [ in other words having high expectations] to cheering on China as the next hegemony. It may be true of fringe loonies, but as a general rule it's absurd…unless you are defining left very differently from me. I like to consider myself a centrist, but when i hear these kind of statements i take it personally for some reason. If i had to absolutely chose between hegemonies i'd take the Americans over the Chinese…but i regard this as self evident.

    • Celine?

  74. They stopped importing pork, due to the H1N1

  75. I see. So it's preposterous to assert that many, or even most, lefties are opposed to American hegemony and wish to see the end of it. Got it. How presumptuous of me to suggest that.

  76. Yes, how silly of me. I should have asserted that most lefties are rabidly pro-American.

    • Why wouldn't they be? America incarnates capitalism.

    • Only somebody stupid enough to believe in the reductionism of ideology would believe that lefties are rabidly anti-American, or automatically anti-American in any degree. The Right does not have a monopoly on pro-Americanism any more than it has a monopoly on patriotism. Try to be grown up about this, Bean.

  77. Canada simply is content in suppying natural resources to the rest of the world. This natural wealth confers no natural morality.

  78. Harper listened to the wants of Canada's business community. He did what was best for Canada in the long run and deserves our thanks for having to put up the the commie BS. He did stand up for human rights in his comments so he comes out of this with an A+.

  79. Well, I'm glad you're that sensible. But believe me, some people don't think that what you think is self-evident is self-evident.

  80. Oh Coyne
    Are you really sure you understand China?

    It's not an humiliation but a reminder who is the superpower. Mr. Harper waited and waited and you need to understand culture for your answer.

    If you think this is a humiliation wait until the PM gets to Copenhagan.

    • He should have boycotted Copenhagen. He deserves humiliation for agreeing to participate in that circle-jerk.

    • You need to understand culture for your answer.

      What mindless bloviating that is.

  81. er spellng Copenhagen..

    • Why, will climate-gate be exposed finally.If thats the case, once again he will be sitting in the right seat.That being, the drivers seat.

  82. I'm curious how this + & – ID works. Don't give a toss myself, i'm not logged in. But does someone take it upon themselves to go around and jack all the scores…or is it really an accurate reflection of the boards mood?

    • I just gave you a thumbs up if it makes you feel any better.

      • Yeah, well, you pick the bugs off my back, I'll pick 'em off yours…

  83. Never said he was. I agree with your assessment.

  84. Harper got what he deserved. Canadian positions have never supported human right abuses in China…..BUT past governments had grown-ups for MPs and knew how to have a discussion without causing international incident…..Harper has done nothing but antagonize China and he got the lippng off he deserved and THAT's what you get when everything you do is measured by the points you can score with your base instead of the good it can do for the country.

    The opposition have called him on it….and well they should.

    • Seems it is Canada's international reputation that takes a beating everytime you critics of Stephen Harper think you can make brownie points with your base…..The biggest headlines and news items over his 4 years has been 1. late for photos, oh, in the loo ha ha 2. late for another photo 3. oh, he didn't eat the wafer whatever will he say to the Pope next week..4. Oh, he isn't going to the Olympics even tho the air pollution might give him acute asthma's snubbing China.
      Those were Canadian national news media reports taken around the world and it's a wonder we have any standing at all. The enemy is within and it is you.. the myth is the polite and considerate Canadian and now the world knows we all are…Amazing they are pleasantly surprised when they meet PM Harper and his wife. The manure is on your face

    • *Canadian positions have never supported human right abuses in China…..BUT past governments had grown-ups for MPs and knew how to have a discussion without causing international incident…..*

      'Cause, you know, you wouldn't want to have an `international incident' involving the regime that's killed 10s of millions of its own people, now would you?

      Now, back to bullying Afghanistan and Columbia, shall we?

  85. Is this from the MSM that covers AGW Hoax (Climate) ten days later? John Stewart beat the CBC on climategate.

    Sorry leftdog, the metrics have show clearly Canada China relations are stronger now. We have increased our trade and China is actively investing in our domestic market.

    Unfortunately our media ignored our PM retort about China not visiting Canada for 5 years. (Strange)

    The volume of bilateral trade between China and Canada reached 34.52 billion U.S. dollars in 2008, an increase of 13.8 percent year-on-year according to statistics from China's General Administration of Customs. 05-12-09

    Exports to China increased by more than 9% last year*, but accounted for a less than 2% of overall exports. Financial Post October 20, 2009 (did the Global Recession slow affect trade?)
    Stats from 2004

  86. lol, finally a purpose for all those "extra" bodybags. Should we alert our MSM for another great in depth article?

  87. Come on CBC…lets HEAR the TV talks between PM Harper & China. Terry Milewski is reporting falsehoods. Just like his report from Pakistan. Chaos…..making it look like a protest. TRUTH & FACTS……thousands showing up to see Prime Minister Harper. Time for a news station in this country that reports the truth and facts. Not a left wing propaganda machine for the Liberal party. Hopefully someday soon we see a broadcasting show that isn't funded by Canadian taxpayers. Canadians are no longer being FOOLED by your show CBC. Report the FACTS and not your biased spin.
    Thank God we have a Prime Minister with some BALLS. Not like Chretian…4 days out of the office and heading to CHINA.

  88. Or a cute little kitten. I think I read on a bathroom wall somewhere that he likes torturing kittens. Or maybe it was on Warren Kinsella's website . . .

    • Nah, on that website, WK is feeding the kittens to a certain population demographic…

      The above was meant merely in jest, and IN NO WAY was it a libelous accusation of a certain undesirable behaviour that may or may not be attributable to any person, whether litigious or not…

  89. Who defended Bob Rae's treatment regarding his poor treatment from Sri Lanka?

  90. The Chinese were counting on selling Billion$$$ of Kyoto Carbon Credits promised by the Chretien-Martin-Dion regimes, but Canadians upset that by electing Stephen Harper, who quickly proclaimed "no Kyoto Carbon Credits from Canada" … and that miffed the Chinese … not the "human rights" rubbish.

    The Chinese gov't is in partnership with Powercorp of Montreal, Canada Steamship Lines and Mo Strong … and they were expecting a Liberal gov't to buy Billion$$$ of Chinese Kyoto Carbon Credits courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer … which Canada would have been forced to buy because Liberal gov'ts did nothing for 10 years and allowed our GHGs to skyrocket by 32% over our Kyoto Treaty 2012 commitments … requiring carbon credits to mitigate because we can't shut down one-third of our emissions without stopping the country.

    And that's why the Chinese communists are still upset with our Conservative PM Stephen Harper … no Carbon Credits …!!!

    • Um, I don't think China would have been able to sell carbon credits to anyone, as they were not subject to any emissions reductions. They therefore not have had any excess "room under the cap" from which to sell them. As farcical as Kyoto was, it wasn't that farcical.

  91. and yet this doesnt look like a humiliation

    Andrew, did you ask anyone who speaks Mandarin or maybe one of you many contacts if this was what it is being pumped up to be.

    As Crit Reas said, harper has only been PM for 3 yrs and 10 months of those 5 years.

    But yes the opposition is just a little too eager to take the side of the foreigner.

  92. When you sanctimoniously deride China, snub them then all of a sudden turn up on their doorstep with dollar signs in your eyes, what do you expect?

    Harper should have expected it and so should have we. To be surprised or critical of it is naivete or hypocrisy.

  93. Is there no indignity this country will not swallow? Is there no bottom to our cravenness, our endless capacity to rationalize, explain away and blame ourselves?…What is national pride besides the dictates of “the almighty dollar”?

    Gee. I don't recall having heard this kind of nationalist passion from Mr. Coyne during the immediate post 9/11 days, when the White House was browbeating Canada into joining the Iraq invasion and producing the desired demeaning effect upon useful continentalist idiots like Klein, Day, and Manley.

    But I did so enjoy watching Mr. Coyne pretend that he considers national pride a worthy sentimental basis for civic action. He would have gotten away with it, too–if the rest of his journalistic corpus did not convincingly argue otherwise. This is the man, after all, who led the continentalist vendetta against David Orchard after the last P.C. Party leadership convention.

    • Same thing crossed my mind. According to Coyne's philosophy, being (possibly) insulted by the Chinese is just one of the costs of doing business, seeing as the country's just a big get-rich-quick scheme.

    • Someone took the time to lead a vendetta against David Orchard? Those sleepy late-1990s sure must have been a journalistic desert.

    • I never led a vendetta of any kind, continentalist or not, and certainly not against David Orchard. I wrote two columns that mentioned him in 2003, one in June and one in October. Both were critical, not of him, but of a Tory party that had grown increasingly incoherent, as if it could be both for free trade and, via its incorporation of Orchard's movement, against it.

      • I never led a vendetta of any kind…against David Orchard.

        No, you merely argued that Orchard's influence in the party had stripped it of all political and philosophical integrity, rendering it a contemptible irrelevance. Quite mild stuff, really–though I wondered why you couldn't appreciate the extent to which Orchard's concerns about the debauching effects upon Canada of our massive reliance on American investment echoed the similar warnings of a former Governor of the Bank of Canada by the name of James Coyne–a man who, in my view, tried to exemplify the kind of patriotism whose absence you lament in this post but whose expression you ridicule in virtually every other context.

        • To which there is only one appropriate response.

  94. Mr Coyne says "If the Chinese had done this to any other world leader — to the President of France, say — do you think their opposition parties would be taking the side of the regime? Do you think their president would stay in China another day?". Of course they would stay. With the international economy in the state it is, do YOU Andrew, really believe they would walk away from one of the largest potential trading partner in the world. I highly doubt it. Especially after your have snubbed that particular country for so long.

    As far as the opposition doing what they did, well I gave up looking for any common decency in our House of Commons years ago. I see more mature behaviour in daycare centre's then I see during Question Period.

  95. Coyne, normally you don’t seem as hot and bothered as you do over this incident.

    You seem to be suggesting that the opposition leaders ought to respond to the Chinese insults like hot-headed boyfriends watching their “skirts” get harassed. Really?

    Is it really surprising to you that opposition parties would fail to throw a line to the guy who has consistently favoured power over principle in his style of governing? Harper is the epitome of sophistry, and he has made a mockery of Canadian values both domestically and abroad.

    I’d suggest another analogy to describe the opposition’s reaction, and it has to do with watching the bully get bullied, and quite naturally not feeling the impulse to throw him a rope.

  96. "They treated the Prime Minister of Canada, in public, as if he were a schoolboy late for class. And, by extension, they were treating Canada the same."

    I would have to disagree with this point Andrew, our head of government and our head of state are two different people, and from your writing as of late, I'd conclude that no one knows that better than you do. Yes they were chastising our Prime Minister, but that is were it ends in a parliamentary system.

  97. I agree Coyne but the Harper haters on this board will not agree. It doesn't matter whether the PM and Canada were publicly chastized it is all about the need to play politics no matter how silly it appears.

    Who does China think it is. A country widely known for its human rights abuses.

    A communist country suggesting that our PM is irresponsible for not visiting them sooner and worshippng at the feet of Mao ( I know he has been dead for a long time but he is still revered).

    Anyway the PM had some successful negotiations but that silly woman Jane Taber hosting Power Play wanted no part of that discussion. It was all about gotcha journalism for her. The woman even accused David Emerson of serving in Jean Chretien's cabinet. Emerson quickly pointed out that he served in Paul Martin's government rather than Chretien's.

    Any, that's beside the point but it does show the level of competence of the lame street media in this country.

    • Jane Taber is a disgrace to her profession, what little professionalism she had, has long gone.She tried her best to get Danny Williams to say how much he still recoiled at harper, he said they had spoken, and they had both moved on.Jen looked upset Why is it, that women like screeching Jane have to go overboard.

  98. Emerson quickly pointed out that he served in Paul Martin's government rather than Chretien's.

    A serious transgression in and of itself.

    • If you really want to have some fun dodging tomatoes, try suggesting that Emerson redeemed himself by also serving in Harper's first cabinet.. Go ahead, do it. I'll enjoy the show from over here.

  99. Those sleepy late-1990s sure must have been a journalistic desert.

    It was 2003, actually, but you can be forgiven for not remembering the last leadership race of a dying party. Do not mock the necessity for the vendetta, though: Orchard was an organic farmer–from Saskatchewan, if you can believe his insolence–and he refused to grant NAFTA the same dogmatic authority enjoyed by the synoptic Gospels. The man was clearly a menace to Canadian security, and his political annihilation saved us all from Stalinist vassalage. Just ask Andrew…

    • You're right on the year, and I was in Ottawa when it happened. I was only remembering his first stab at it in 1998. But the guy was a fiasco waiting to happen anyway. He had all of Deifenbaker's intellect, and none of his charm. If Andrew did cut him apart, it was only because he was bored.

      • If Andrew did cut him apart, it was only because he was bored.

        He was not bored. He was incoherent and apoplectic–as he is in this post. As for a "fiasco waiting to happen", methinks that applies to the king Orchard made (a certain Peter MacKay) rather than to Orchard.

  100. Parnel latest alias at Nik's pollfan got suspended. I have lost count how many times he keeps returning.

  101. You would think people might look up the stats on Canada-China exports before implying that "icy" relationships even matter.

    Canadian exports to China in 2006: 7.8 billion
    Canadian exports to China in 2008: 10.5 billion

    34% growth over 3 years is not bad at all.

    Anyhow, I think Harper's twin visits to India and China highlight what should be a major foreign policy direction for the west. China is a rising threat to us, but India is a growing threat to China. We need to do all that we can to strengthen India, so that the Chinese are too busy about their growing neighbour, and cannot focus on the kind of weapons that could threaten our security (if the Chinese build a top-flight air force and navy, we are in real trouble).

  102. China is a rising threat to us, but India is a growing threat to China. We need to do all that we can to strengthen India, so that the Chinese are too busy about their growing neighbour

    That's just so Reaganesque it's beautiful. And entirely true. Harper knows what he's doing. He knows he has to appear cozy with China, but he is clear on which relationship he feels is more important. And why not? Our traditional ties with India go back to the glory days of the British Empire.

    • Our traditional ties with India go back to the glory days of the British Empire…

      …as do our equally insignificant "ties" to South Africa and Pakistan.

      As long as Chinese central banks continue to virtually underwrite the U.S. economy (i.e. indefinitely), there's nothing Harper or anyone else can do to weaken or threaten China. All they can do is mumble pathetically about human rights into their sleeves during state visits, to the wild applause of the adoring acolytes at home.

  103. It's hard to be a moral leader internationally when our citizens have no interest in any moral leadership domestically.

  104. And BTW, on the topic of humiliating and crushing America, don't forget that a not-insignificant number of lefties considered the 9/11 attacks to be entirely justified comeuppance for America.

  105. Hmm well I guess we could always do the right thing and set up an Embassy in Taiwan.

    • I like your thinking.

      I'd have been really impressed if PMSH wore a button with an image of a crudely but defiantly created Statue of Liberty in Tiananmen. Or a "what happened to all your baby girls?" button. Or a "can my new liver come from a shoplifter instead of a murderer?" badge. Or something.

  106. What is it about the left when it comes to Communist regimes.
    Bow down and make sure we do not offend their human rights in the open.
    The Red regimes love this, they propagandize this to their own citizens.
    Lenin called people like Rae and Layton…"useful idiots"

    • I'd have said 'useless idiots', but people were much more polite back then.

  107. Remember when Martin went to China, he said he would just mention the human rights abuse in China as a passing comment? He also met the Dalai Lamai as a 'private citizen' instead of the PM. Harper took China's human rights abuse to task challenging them to change while rightfully meeting the Dalai Lama as the Prime Minister of Canada. Harper challenges the Chinese Communists on their human right abuse while the Liberals kowtow to them. I wonder if the Liberals hold on PowerCorp has anything to do with the lowly subservient attitude toward the Chinese?

  108. it's obvious that our politicians all have hidden agendas when it come to foreign counter parts. The only way we as canadians suck up anything is when here is a big trade on the rise

  109. Well said, Andrew. I agree completely.

  110. The most famous Canadian in the world is Norman Bethune, he is beloved by the Chinese people. Canada by extension is loved by the Chinese people, our rebukes to their government have not tarnished their view of us. The Chinese rebuke of Harper is exactly that. We can safely make a stand against their human rights abuses and maintain a trade agreement. It adds complications however, complications that Harpers lackluster foreign relations in the last four years will not be able to surmount. Hopefully this meeting presents a new beginning.

    On the matter of the opposition parties; it's a bit rich to expect them to rise above ad hominem attacks when that is what they are confronted with by Conservatives weekly. Minister Baird illustrating the point to a tee. So Andrew I appreciate your position but I find it rings hollow.

  111. Canada talks about human rights, but why are Natives still on reserves? Where is their land? Kinda occupied at the moment .
    Human rights is not something Canada or Canadians have a right to yap about.

  112. Yikes Andrew – I agree with every word – that is a first for a lefty like me

  113. my son just called from China and he says the Chinese loved the answer Prime Minister Harper gave.
    The people in Nanjing like the way he presents himself and think he acts like a true Canadian.
    If he impresses university students he is doing a great job in my opinion.

    • Please, do not let facts get in the way of the anti-Harper narrative. Harper is an embarrassment whenever he is on the international stage. Repeat 1000 times while sitting in the corner . . .

    • Chinese love any Western traitor who worships at the Oriental altar.

  114. Humiliated? Howso? Why would Mr. Harper run home?
    He staked Canadian positions on a number of items and the Chinese still opened the doors to him visiting. Not only that they trotted out a number of done business deals to boot.

    Mr. Harper was only humiliated in the eyes of those who wish it to be true…not the adults in the crowd

  115. All I know is that we must immediately find a Prime Minister more agreeable to the Chinese. Did they indicate a preference between Ignatieff, Layton or Duceppe? Chop chop, Canada!

  116. 2007 trade with China up 11% on the year.
    2008 trade with China up 9% more from 2007.
    2009 (6 mo. only) trade with China up 3% during global recession.

    With China salivating for our commodities of all kinds, trade is up across the board. Is it not actually prudent to raise human rights issues particularly during such active times. Times of strength.
    PM Harper was correct in raising the issue of the detention of the Uigher (sp) Chinese Canadian Muslim journalist. After all if PM Harper had not mentioned it I wonder what the same gaggle of opposers here in Canada would be saying. The guess that comes to mind is that it would be exactly the opposite of what they are wailing about now.
    I'm getting the impression that Harper actually wowed them. The Chinese certainly admire pragmatism.

  117. How shameful to witness both Canada's humiliation at the hands of the Chinese and the opposition parties falling over themselves in a contest to show which one is more pro-Chinese.

    Chinese are publicly laughing at our capitulation. They have been waiting for decades to stick it to the West and, due to the Chinese vote in Canada, all parties are acquiescing to China.

  118. Once again, Canada bows down and scrapes their forehead on the ground and beg forgiveness. When will our country have the backbone to tell these countries that they should first look inward before throwing stones.
    As was pointed out, China has not sent any person of political stature to Canada for the same period.

    Far as the opposition goes, the least said the better. They talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk, they seem to disappear.

    Concernng human rights, lets clean up our own country first. Just have to look north , east, west and south of Ottawa, if they are at all concerned about abuse of human rights.

  119. Oh, Andrew, put a sock in it!

    Everybody knew that Harper was gambling with Canada’s trade deficit by taking an aloof and near-belligerent stance with the Chinese. Canadians have paid the price for that for 5 years. If Harper pays a small price now for his actions, he should suck it up. The rest of us have paid already.

    Canada’s trade with China continues upward, all right, but it is mostly one way – they sell cheap hardware to us, subsidized to kill our own manufacturers. Our return trade in bulk commodities does not begin to compensate.

  120. Iggy is a Conservative operative.
    Rae is the backup.
    All Harper has to do is come home and say: “Look, I was standing up for human rights and they got a little testy. That’s not losing face, that’s the kind of thing that happens (and worse) when you make a principled stand to a group of thugs.
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!
    Slam Dunk

  121. You reap what you sow Harper!!!!

  122. Andrew Coyne is a well-researched, fairly balanced journalist most of the time. However, this time, he should reconsider.

    The former young Reformist Vice-President of the National Citizens Coalition (now Prime Minister Harper), had this to say about his own country, CANADA, to the American National Council—before his election of course!

    "It's embarrassing…. Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term. They believe universal medical care, gay rights, abortion and they have overly generous system for the Unemployed and for Welfare receipients.

    "Need I say more? Canadians make no connection between the fact that they are a Northern European welfare state and the fact that we have very low economic growth, a standard of living substantially lower than yours, a massive brain drain of young professionals to your country, and double the unemployment rate of the United States. …"

    :"Unemployed Canadians don't feel particularly bad. Why? They don't feel bad about it themselves, as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance"

    "Our Executive is the Queen, who doesn't even live here. Her representative is the Governor General, who is an appointed buddy of the Prime Minister!"

    And here's the young Harper's Reformist religious view of the socialist country of CANADA (ugh) he so despises, after he compliments his neocon Republican crowd in Montreal reassuring them how close they are politicially with his Reformers:

    "The NDP could be described as basically a party of liberal Democrats, but it's actually worse than that, I have to say. But…..the NDP is kind of proof that the Devil lives and interferes in the affairs of men."

    Andrew, all I can say to you is please reconsider as to who has embarrassed whom? And remember Stevie's delayed toilet trip prior to the photo-op to purposely snub the Chinese diplomate? Who is the Schoolboy, eh?

    • There is a difference between criticizing the current government, something which the opposition does each and every day, and a foreign country criticizing Canada.

  123. This is just another example of China's bully politics. Because we have been complaining about Canadians in prison over there and not releasing some of their people here here they bully us. As for Layton and Rae they never did have any beliefs or Morals. Harper did but seemes he's been in Ottawa too long to hold onto them. Good piece Andrew Coyne. Its refreshing to know some reporters are free thinkers and don't follow the newsmedia line.

  124. Like many Canadians, I took this as a rebute of Harper himself. After all he is not really Prime Minister material and for sure does not represent the majority of Canadians..

  125. We should make sure our house is in order before we get to involved with Harper and human rights.

    It was only several weeks ago that the Conservatives under S. Harper admitted that our armed forces were turning over their captives so they could be tortured. We should not blame others until our house is in order first.

  126. Thank you for your blessed discernment, Mr. Coyne! As a Canadian of mid-eastern decent, I well acquainted with shame and humiliation; nonetheless, neither Canada nor its representative deserve the Chinese attitude! Me Harper's fault or not, it is always debatable however the bottom line remains that we took "spit" from a communist regime that has no definition for Human, let alone right! To hell with this regime and its money! I am SURE that my Canadian compatriots from Chinese descent did not appreciate it!
    May the TRUTH be told.

  127. So Canada has two NDP parties now, one run by Jack Layton and the other by Bob Rae. Of course these socialist parties whould be sympatetic to the Chinese regime, they have very similar ideologies.

  128. Apparently, the opposition would make us a fallen nation for handing over Afghan prisoners to their own authorities, who then may have been tortured, but we absolutely must tolerate China because it is such an important nation. Many of these people are the same idiots who would have us distance ourselves from the US because of Iraq.

  129. Nobody is blaming the PM, they are only blaming a lack of common sense for not engaging in Chinese-Canadian relations earlier. I've heard enough with all this Kowtowing to a corrupt dictatorship that sends citizens to soviet style labour camps. If the Canadian people are really as tolerant as we claim to be, if the Canadian media is really capable of attaining accurate information to present to its people, the whole world knows that China is not such a country. In this modern world, it is an economic superpower, as much as we wish to believe we can live without cheap Chinese goods, ask yourself how you plan to spend this Christmas without their products. Canada should be rightfully nationalistic, the people should rightfully stand up for their government, but it is not nationalism to stand up for a government that has truly neglected their duties on a political and economical front. we are not being wimps in front of the chinese government, and they are not that prideful because of their new economic status, it is a comment that reflects the problems these two countries are faced with. there has already been a 5 year delay without this bluntness to make our PM realize the problem, there's only going to be more delay. and when China actually decides to pull their face with the PM, that is when every citizen in Canada will live the consequences.

  130. When the Chinese arrive for the G20 we can publicly rebuke them for staying away too long. It works both ways.

  131. Try reading the Chinese media in Canada. They think that the English media is making way too big a deal about Wen’s comments about the extended absence. They are much more impressed by Harper delivering the ADS – Approved Destination Status. When Australia got it, toursim from China doubled in one year. Coyne, you are reading this through a very local lens. “Sorry you didn’t come earlier” didn’t make the radar of the free Chinese media – that is, in Canada and Hong Kong.

  132. Our national pratice of self loathing is reflected crystal clearly by the rather despicable actions of the leaders of the opposition parties of this beleagered country.