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‘Thank you’


Ken Dryden deals with defeat.

On Tuesday, he woke early in defeat. He grabbed one of his red campaign signs, pasted a message on it, then drove to the corner of Bathurst St. and Wilson Ave., where he held the sign and waved at passing cars. The message was two words long: “Thank you.”

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‘Thank you’

  1. The only think more awesome than Dryden's service as PM would be if he successfully went back to hockey afterwards.

    • meant MP, of course

    • Could probably play goal for Philly.

  2. Class.

  3. I've always liked Ken Dryden. It's too bad he's out of federal politics, but I have no doubt that his post-political life be as fruitful and rewarding as his pre-political career.

  4. Cripes berg, would it kill you to be a little gracious in victory?

    • What victory? Bergkamp voted for the Libertarian candidate.

      • There were libertarians in this election? All I saw were Grits, Dippers, Bloc-heads, EWOCs, and the party of Julian Fantino.

  5. If only just about any Con was as accomplished as Ken Dryden. The people in his riding deserve what they get in my opinion.

    • They just messed up whether they were going to stop harper by voting for Iggy or Jack, I wouldn't be too hard on them.

  6. That was nice!!

  7. can't decide whether this is classy or just kind of sad. I guess because it is both.

  8. “I got into politics seven years ago to try to do something useful,” he says. “I hope to do something useful next. …
    “What is it that I might do, I don't know. And I don't need to know today.”

    With over six years of service as an MP, Mr. Dryden, take your time. The gold-plated pension will see to it that you need not be in any hurry.

    • I think a man who made a Hall of Fame impact in the professional sports world, who authored or co-authored commercially successful and award winning books, with a legal degree and ministerial career won't be begging for charity, regardless of a pension, as he could still walk out and earn cash you could never dream of earning. Because if your uncharitable, small minded whinging observationscan only aspire to that tired old line, then my guess is you are not in high demand by your own family.

      • I'm a taxpayer. Believe me, there is nothing uncharitable about that gold-plated ex-MP pension plan.

        • Well, ask Harps to cancel it, then…think he'll do it? Majorities everywhere…no more excuses.

          • It's going to be a fun four years.

          • I doubt he'll do it. Just like the insane tax advantages for donations to political parties are going nowhere. You can't expect the pigs to limit their own access to the trough, sadly.

          • of all the reform MPs who gained seats in 1993 on the promise to refuse their pensions, how many are left?

          • Good question. I believe most of them reneged somewhere between the six year mark and the subsequent election. Or so the news reports had me believe.

  9. So, i'm not thrilled with a Conservative majority. But, honestly, I'm less thrilled with how many Conservatives are acting like sore winners. I'm actually a little shocked by it, to be honest. Not even Harper is copping that kind of attitude. Stay classy.

  10. "Thank you"…for giving me back the next 4 years of my life.

    Not trying to be a sore winner here…I'm genuinely curious how many of the remaining Liberal MPs, particularly the older vets like Goodale, McCallum, Hedy Fry, etc. who may not be around to see the rebuilding process all the way through, knowing what they know now might have been happier to be given their freedom than to spend the next 4 years in relative oblivion.

  11. Hey wait a minute. That wasn't Dryden. I know because he's never uttered a 2 word sentence in his life.

    • That's why he put it in writing. I'm sure he was SAYING a lot more if the car had to stop for a light or something.

      Oh, I kid, I Iove Ken Dryden. I even love his speeches. Well, most of them (I mean most of each speech). It is so hard to not get on a roll with this!

      I'll never forget that caption contest.

  12. Perhaps he was doing some Liberal fund-raising: asking for spare change.

  13. Denis Lemieux: I'm tired of it! Puke! Blah! All the time, puke!
    Reggie Dunlop: You're a goalie, you're supposed to be like that.

  14. Very well put, Be_rad. To hell with the vicious Conservative fratboys.

    • I voted Liberal.

    • Thank you, Holly, but there is more than enough silliness to go all the way across the spectrum.

  15. When pigs fly! Maybe Ken could be the goalie on some old timer's hockey team! However I don't think he's done doing great things in life. I think he's totally HOT. If I could call Ken Dryden I'd ask him out for coffee &/or lunch so we could commiserate about the terrible Liberal losses, including Ken's.

  16. Right on! He must have been initially devasted about not being re-elected. This election loss is one of very few times in Ken's life that he ever lost at anything! 6 Stanley Cups; becoming a lawyer; has written best-selling books; has 2 adult chidresn and 4 adorable grandchildren. Paints a picture of a man successful in almost every area of his life. This election loss must be especially painful for a man who is used to WINNING!