That home reno tax credit may yet come in handy


Chris Selley sees 24 Sussex as our national metaphor.

Still, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be. At least since the Mulroney era, the government has treated this reno project waiting to happen like political plutonium. Harper was, not surprisingly, no different. After being elected, he ignored suggestions he delay moving in to allow repairs, calling the house “gorgeous” and “beautiful,” and saying he couldn’t imagine how anyone “could complain about living there”—a clear dig at Sheila Martin, who had the temerity to suggest central air conditioning.


That home reno tax credit may yet come in handy

  1. I don’t believe Sheila Martin objected about not having central a/c per se, just that it appeared to be on for the wrong six months of the year.

  2. That Selley guy’s really good. Bet he could use more exposure, though – Ken Whyte, if you’re reading this, any chance of poaching him from the Post?

    • Ken Whyte cannot read. The Post is bankrupt. Twenty-four Sussex is too big for Stephen Harper. Historians are too liberal. Ignatieff needs the letter V. Paul Wells could change his name to Farethee. And so on, so on so forth.

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