‘That is appropriate’


The Prime Minister stands by Peter MacKay.

Mr. Harper, who was in Burlington, Ont., to open an arts centre, was asked by reporters to explain what message it sends to Canadians if a minister can mislead the House of Commons and there are no consequences for his actions. Mr. Harper replied that the government has been very clear. “The minister was called back from his vacation and used government aircraft only for government business. And that is appropriate.”

This is more or less in keeping with what Peter Van Loan told the House this morning.

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of National Defence has already answered these questions. There are really no new facts here. The fundamental facts remain the same. The Minister of National Defence paid for air travel to and from his personal vacation. Government aircraft were used only when he was called away on government business.

Both of these explanations seem to completely sidestep the question of the search-and-rescue demonstration. When Mr. MacKay first addressed this issue in September, that demonstration was foremost in his explanation and it was for that demonstration that he cut short his fishing trip.


‘That is appropriate’

  1. I could be pointed
    or shoot from the hip
    but the truth of the matter:
    Harpers full of shit

  2. McKay, the toy soldier, is going to need search-and-rescue to find his reputation.

  3. Oh.  Well.  That’s alright then.

  4. End of story folks.

    • So taking a SAR out of ready service is perfectly acceptable to you?

      Lying to us about it after the fact is perfectly acceptable to you?

      Oh that’s right, you’re the coward who just drives by with empty CPC sycophancy and then never bothers to respond when people call you out on it.

  5. The helicopter ride was clearly inappropriate – they probably could have got a private chopper to do the same job for half the cost or less.

    What I think is being missed on this file is whose fishing lodge that was – Robert Crosbie. According to the Chronicle Herald, “Last September, Crosbie publicly described MacKay’s stay as a purely personal visit stemming from a long friendship.”

    And what does Robert Crosbie do, outside of owning a fishing lodge? Oh right, he gets appointed by the party of his long-time friend to the board of Marine Atlantic. And apparently got re-appointed after his first three-year stint. Maybe you can tell me if I’m just grasping at straws, but doesn’t this little nugget of info we’re skimming over just point to a greater pattern of crony-ism emerging from the CPC?

  6. Harper is a sleezy, lying scumbag just like McKay. They both make me sick. I can guarantee that nothing will be done about this and that is the saddest thing.

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