That noise means it’s working


Responding to the lament of Peter Van Loan, Dan Gardner praises political gridlock.

You can find divided governments in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. The Netherlands. New Zealand. In fact, you can find them in almost any peaceful, prosperous, well-governed country you care to name. Australia has had a directly elected Senate — with 12 Senators from each state — since 1900. And yet somehow, mysteriously, it continues to prosper…

The real difference is negotiation. In the “il Duce” model, it’s not necessary. If the Big Guy wants, he can push things through in whatever form he wishes. But in a divided government, the executive has no choice but to discuss, negotiate, and compromise. Some people don’t like that. They call it gridlock. I do like it. I call it democracy. It can be messy and maddening. But it can work, if we give it a try.


That noise means it’s working

  1. There’s that either/or again.

    Either dictator or gridlock.

    Surely we can do better than this.

    • Uh, you did read the bit in there about ”
      discuss, negotiate, and compromise”, right?

      • And Harper….and maybe his future replacement….is big on that, right?

        • Well that rather depends on us.

  2. Which is precisely why I would prefer a proportional representation system. Allow no decisions that don’t have a true majority of support.

    Seems to me that no one person should ever have the type of influence our Prime Minsters regularly do. As it has always been, power corrupts.

    Otherwise I can’t imagine how so my opposition leaders come to look so much like the people they replace in such short periods of time.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of the “gridlock” model either. It definitely does not have to be an either-or, black-or-white proposition. A little brake to slow down il-duce is all that’s needed, not full-on impeded governance. That doesn’t work any better. 

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