That this House insists


The text of the motion that the NDP will put before the House tomorrow.

“That this House acknowledge that the Canadian economy is facing unprecedented risk and uncertainty; recognize that many regions and industries across Canada have already suffered significant job losses in recent years; urge all levels of government to work together to build a balanced, 21st century Canadian economy; and insist that Canada’s Prime Minister meet with his counterparts in Halifax this November at the National Economic Summit being held by the Council of the Federation.”

The Prime Minister has already turned down an invitation to meet with the Premiers in November.


That this House insists

  1. Komarade Wherry the economy is doing just fine no matter what the Dippers say………….

    • Well as long as you’re okay, nobody else matters.

  2. The only parts of the national economy that are hurting are Quebec and Ontario. Which just so happen to be the two provinces where high taxes and big government are favored. What a coincidence.