The anonymous senior Conservative endorsement


Paul Dewar picks up a coveted nod.

One senior Conservative said he is not concerned by Mr. Topp, calling him “wooden” and lacking in charisma. Nor is he worried by the prospect of Mr. Mulcair winning, calling him “very wedge-able.” But Mr. Dewar does make him nervous. “He’s young, bilingual, telegenic and has political geneology [his mother was mayor of Ottawa]. He has good parliamentary experience and people seem to like him. He’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a young Bob Rae.”

There are three ways to read these comments.

1. The anonymous senior Conservative truly believes that Paul Dewar would make a formidable political leader and opponent.

2. The anonymous senior Conservative wants New Democrats to think that Conservatives think that Paul Dewar would make a formidable political leader and opponent precisely because Conservatives don’t actually think that and would, in fact, like to see him elected leader of the NDP.

3. The anonymous senior Conservative thinks that New Democrats will think that he is trying to fool them into electing Paul Dewar, so by endorsing Paul Dewar he is, in fact, hoping to avoid facing someone he truly believes to be a formidable political leader and opponent.


The anonymous senior Conservative endorsement

  1. I have no opinions on who will be most formidable, whatever that means, but Dewar does seem most sensible choice. I have a couple NDP type friends and they both most excited about Dewar – both of them said same thing as Con source did about Topp and Mulcair. 

    Can Mulcair become more clubbable … can Topp stop making electorate weary? 

    Topp and Mulcair are loony left wing types … do old dogs learn new tricks? 

    • Are you saying that because you like Dewar, or because you want us to think you like Dewar, making Dewar a good choice, or a bad choice because you like him to be easy to beat?

      Or maybe you just want me to think that.

      • “Or maybe you just want me to think that.”


      • Cons are so cunning, aren’t they?

    • I don’t know much about Dewar, which is probably why I think he’d be the best leader for the NDP. Topp thinks he’s Layton, which he’s obviously not, and would be an epic failure. Mulcair has potential, but he’s inextricably tied to some Quebec-only issues which the rest of Canada would be wary of. If the NDP really want to become the Liberals of ten-years ago, Mulcair is probably their guy. If they want a fresh start, and to build on the last gains from the last election, then it’s probably Dewar, or someone like him.

      • Should be interesting contest. As far as I can tell, neither Topp or Mulcair have necessary skills to advance NDP even further than Layton managed. 

        NDP are scolds, need someone who can appear happy while telling Canadians that we are inadequate and must do better. Topp and Mulcair can’t do it, both seem angry and whiny. 

        Should also be interesting contest between people who want power and are willing to  compromise their ideas and loony fringe who prefer to think of themselves as conscience of Canada while no one votes for them because they are idiotic. 

        I follow UK politics and over there Labour and Cons go back and forth in power, like Dems and Repubs do in US. If NDP water down their policies a bit and become more mainstream, I don’t see why Canada won’t become more like other countries where two main parties compete instead of one party dominating.

        • Britain has a coalition government at the moment…

  2. No, I think the Conservatives genuinely know that Paul is leader material (and would be smart opposition for a change, I am all for it!) With Topp I keep going back and forth, sometimes he says something really smart that makes sense and then others you just need a a shot of tequila. Mulcair is just a not even a consideration to me, big, HUGE mistake if they even consider the guy.

    But Paul needs his french to improve BIG TIME!

    • Agree with you re. Paul Dewar’s French.

  3. The funny thing with Topp is that he is a puffy, uncharismatic, wooden back-room strategist.

    Hmmm, sound like anyone else?

  4. There is another way to read the comments:

     4. The National Post writer just makes it up and throws a “senior Conservative” in whenever he wants to share his own opinion without being responsible for it.

    • Ivison did start with the line  “It’s 10 a.m. on a lazy, latesummer Friday”  so you can’t really say that he didn’t provide a warning that option 4 was in play . 

  5. I love the smell of Ottawa Kremlinology in the morning.

  6. A lot of ever-so-helpful and considerate people who seemingly give a crap
    about the future and present of the NDP spend time and energy trying to
    kneecap Mulcair. Wonder if the NDP should take those views into

  7. Hehe. The one constant between options 1-3 is that the CPC has a majority for at least 3 more years. The next Dipper leader is going to have to show gains in the next election. As for Topp, he’s never been elected to anything, is he the guy? Doubt it!

  8. There are three ways to read these comments.

    Actually, I believe there’s only one way to read comments by an unnamed “Senior Conservative”, and that is through a layer of parrot shit.

  9. Bah, that’s just as reliable as well, I actually can’t think of anything as unreliable… You get the idea. The Conservatives have met their common goal, and now the myriad of opinions are starting to become visible. The right way to interpret it is to assume all the options, since all are true. There are some that feel a, some b, and some c. Personally I think the Conservatives should be a little worried about Dewar. He’s put in a solid performance so far, and comes off as earnest and passionate. Also has a bit of an Aw Shucks image about him. Three years of that criticizing the Government could make some pretty big gains in the next election.

    At any rate, any way you look at it, right now there is a team of people creating ads to warn Canadians that [Insert new NDP Leader Name] is not a leader, and just visiting.

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