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‘The approach I bring to politics is a deeply pragmatic one’


Nathan Cullen talks to the Toronto Star editorial board.

I don’t think the counterpoint to Stephen Harper is more Stephen Harper but from the left. I think you have to undermine his argument at its base and at its core. I think just yelling more is not going to accomplish it and I don’t think turning red in the face is going to show Canadians. I think you absolutely have to show Canadians the contrast both in policies but also in approach.

Separately, Mr. Cullen also chats with Chris Selley.


‘The approach I bring to politics is a deeply pragmatic one’

  1. I deeply want to believe that this position will spread and that politics – both inside and outside of Parliament – will take on the feel of something more nuanced than the screaming and feces-throwing demonstration that it is now. Unfortunately, like Michael Chong’s efforts did nothing to elevate and nuance the discussion, I suspect that, while I hope to be terribly wrong, Cullen’s desires and efforts will also be drowned out.

  2. I really like this guy and would dearly like to see him win the leadership contest. It’s my sense anyway that the left and the LPC is going to have to cooperate some way, if only temporarily to bring Harperism down [ well it’s unlikely to end with him but it would be a good start].
    I’m a lib but i hope a realistic one. The party has a lot of rebuliding to do and a culture to change – it’ll take time – it may even be really over for them, but not yet. So unless the ndp feel they really have the horses to do the job it looks like another min/maj govt for the Tories in ’15. If you feel that would be a disaster for a progressive Canada you should be thinking about Cullen. Hopefully he at least gets to play kingmaker in the parties choice of leadership.