The asbestos shame


Last week, doctors wrote to Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, imploring her to uphold her obligation as a doctor. Yesterday, the Canadian Medical Association passed a motion condemning the government’s refusal to acknowledge asbestos as a hazardous substance.

“This is an important health care issue and a product that causes significant illness and even death,” outgoing CMA president Dr. Jeff Turnbull told reporters in St. John’s on Wednesday. “Canada should not be in the business of exporting such a dangerous product.”

The motion came from doctors in Quebec, where the province is currently weighing whether to provide a government loan guarantee to revive the mine in Asbestos, Que., which is one of only two remaining asbestos operation in Canada.


The asbestos shame

  1. Canada is doing a lot of shameful things right now. We’re creating our very own dark ages.

  2. Revive the mine in Asbestos? How many times does this make? Wasn’t this a story back in ’77 when Mr. Levesque funded the workers to buy the thing when the company walked away?

  3. Canada must let go of this industry. There is no other way!

  4. It would have been swell if they weren’t so late to the dance….the vote to include asbestos as a hazardous substance on the Rotterdam accord was a month ago, Harper, in the name of Canada, blocked it – we have to wait a couple of years for the next opportunity.