The Backbench Top Ten -

The Backbench Top Ten


Our weekly, and wholly arbitrary, ranking of the ten most worthy, or at least entertaining, MPs, excluding the Prime Minister, cabinet members and party leaders. A celebration of all that is great and ridiculous about the House of Commons. Last week’s rankings appear in parentheses.

1. Francine Lalonde (1)
2. Shelly Glover (2)
You have to appreciate anyone in this government who is willing to explain themselves. Not the highest of bars to leap over, but there you go.
3. Daniel Paille (3)
4. Jack Harris (2)
5. Pat Martin (-)
The NDP’s most-excitable mind assesses the fall of Helena Guergis. “This is huge. There has got be something really serious under foot here … for Harper to distance himself in an extreme and extraordinary way. This is not just a resignation, it’s political hara-kiri. Falling on your sword is one thing, but when you disembowel yourself, it’s something else.” That last sentence is profound.
6. Bob Rae (5)
7. Joe Comartin (6)
A note to Mr. Comartin’s wife. “It’s a government (email) address, paid for by the government, by taxpayers, and it’s a facility that the spouse should not be using, nor should a Member of Parliament, for personal financial gain. It’s bad decision making on her part. I wouldn’t allow my wife to do that.” Sorry, Mrs. Comartin.
8. Derek Lee (8)
9. Maxime Bernier (9)
10. Helena Guergis (-)
Officially an independent MP and unofficially free of any hope of ever again being in cabinet. Now is the time to go maverick.

Previous rankings: March 12March 19. April 3.


The Backbench Top Ten

  1. Pat Martin won by far. And Guergis …mmmm, Guergis who?

    • Or she could be appointed leader of the LPC, and garner twice the confidence the current one does.

      • I am going to take it as a complement!

  2. Pat Martin – the sanctimonious Dr. Melodrama

    • That's why he was so good this week, don't you think?

  3. Wherry's Top-10 has: 3 Tories, 2 Liberals, 2 Bloquistes and 3 Dippers.

    Therefore, the Parliamentary Press is 30% Conservative, 20% Liberal, 20% Separatist, and 30% Socialist.

    Sounds about right.

  4. Shelly Glover – After watching her perform the past couple weeks I am relieved she is out of law enforcement where she probably would do considerable damage with rogue and easily disproved statements to any files she was involved with. Better to have her in Parliament as a third rate MP where she can't hurt herself or other Canadians.

    • Tceh, I don't think you understand. Glover is very likely to end up in Cabinet at the next shuffle. That is the only plausible explanation for Harper to allow her to speak so freely to the press. She might harmless now but what will happen when Harper gives her a ministerial portfolio?

      • Can you really see that happening? Would he risk having someone like her in a prominent position? When you're in the spotlight – if you say the wrong thing……..

        • You assume that Harper sees anything wrong with what she's saying.

          • By wrong, I meant unfavourable to the public. He might agree with what she is saying, but would be worried that she might say something foolish and unpopular in the process. She strikes me as one who will gulp down the partisan kool-aid without flinching, but might not be able to stick to the talking points to explain why she did. That everyday copper charm sure would work within the base (and beyond), but could turn out to be a liability if she speaks her mind too freely.

          • Those concerns may be valid but they are overriden by the fact that she's a woman and a metis. two demographics that are extremely important to a PM with a cabinet mainly composed of older white males.

            Besides, if saying something stupid and unpopular was a firing offence with this PM, Pierre Poilievre would have been tossed a while ago and Dimitri Soudas would certainly NOT have been promoted.

            Koolaid-drinking and loyalty are the two required attributes with this Chessmaster-in-Chief. The rest is irrelevant since he does all the thinking and only expect the sheep to follow orders.

          • Tossing someone and hiring someone are different matters. Tossing someone can be seen as a sign of weakness – ie Harper made a poor choice. For obvious reasons, he would want to avoid this. Though I am not a fan, Soudas has not pulled any massive boners that have gained public traction. Keep in mind – not many people can work in this field without at least some mistakes. I'd certainly be more worried about a beat cop who might not be that bright, who might say something really nasty in an attempt to explain something. I'd keep her as a backbencher, where I could safely milk the female/metis factor when needed. It will be interesting to see how things play out…

  5. Helena Guergis – I notice is "off the air" pending removal of Conservative logos and a rewrite of past accomplishments and educational qualifications.

  6. Helena Guergis – I notice is "off the air" pending removal of Conservative logos and a rewrite of past accomplishments and educational qualifications.

  7. Hey Aaron, how do we know who is great and who is ridiculous?

  8. I do notice that Helena's Conservative Party website (URL is still up at 10:30 AST Sunday). Seems kind of strange that her personal site is down but the CPC site is still up. I also notice that on the roll of MPs on the Parliamentary website, the CPC has already kicked her to the curb because she's now listed as an Independent in bold black colours to stand out from the rest of them. Shunned already!

    My vote for worst of the bunch is Rob Anders (Cons – Calgary West). We can see that even his own people don't want him!

    • I agree Rob Anders is not a very desirable guy!