The barbeque they don’t want you to see


Video of the Prime Minister speaking at Rob Ford’s barbeque was apparently removed from YouTube at the behest of the Prime Minister’s Office.

But the little Ford-Harper On the Road yuck fest video that went viral Wednesday, then AWOL Thursday, apparently didn’t sit right with the Prime Minister’s Office. The video was yanked from YouTube, although by Thursday night it had mysteriously popped back up on the site.

It had been taken down by the user, one of the 800 or so Ontario Conservatives who attended a tribute to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at Ford’s mother’s home Tuesday evening. Harper’s office took care of that.

The video is newly posted here. (And now that clip seems to have been pulled because of a copyright claim by the original poster.)


The barbeque they don’t want you to see

  1. Only ‘real’ Canadians are allowed to hear Harper’s candid thoughts.

    This is further evidence that the Conservatives have one message for their base (they try their best to keep it secret) and a lie for the rest of us.

  2. I’m no fan of Harper or Ford, but this seems like a private function of like-minded politicians where they engaged in some raw partisan humour. I’m sure there’s similar stuff goes on at NDP and Liberal private BBQs.

  3. I read the headline and assumed it must be something along the lines of Soylent Green….

    “Gee Rob, these ribs are delicious!”.
    “Why thank you, Prime Minister”.

  4. All those fat white guys, arriving in expensive cars, and  yucking it up over ribs and beer….I haven’t seen anything like that since the 50s.

    I’m sure it impressed our unemployed.

  5. Rob Ford can accommodate 800 people at his place?  It’s not really my business but I can’t help but wonder if it was paid for with 11 years of municipal politician salary (aka gravy) or with daddy’s trust fund?

    • Could have been subsidized by some consultancy firm or another.

    • This is normal backyard capacity because Rob Ford is “just another guy”

    • His dad started a printing business, which Ford worked in or something. See the Farrell character in “Horrible Bosses” for a dramatization.  A typical Conservative wealth story, IMO.

      • His father was an MPP in the Harris govt, and the family also has a printing business.

        • Now that explains the fondness for consultancy firms.

  6. Oh yawn – Tim Harper “the Star” columnist trying his best to spin a non-story in his usual anti-Conservative way.  Heather Mallick must be on vacation.

  7. Thank God Tim Hudak had the smarts to stay away. Too bad most of his staff and candidates were there. Last thing he needs is to remind Toronto that they are from the same party. Especially after last week….

  8. And who told you it was removed at the request of the PM’s office?  Who is your source?  I know for a fact that the author decided to remove it for personal reasons. 

    •  Then why would the author “post” it in the 1st place ???
       Innocence isn’t bliss, it’s a form of stoopidity, and then accepting illegal “money” to remove something that YOU posted. ??
      well it’s just dumb and dumber.  simple as that.

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