The best of sh- Ottawans say: 'We're on background, right?' -

The best of sh– Ottawans say: ‘We’re on background, right?’

Like Tweeps in Ottawa don’t have better things to do


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"There are already plenty of think tanks. This will be a Do Tank." #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
"It’s only a stat holiday on the Quebec side but I still don’t know why I even bother to try getting anything done." #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
How could I have been so wrong. #shitottawanssaySteve V
Yes, but that poll said… #shitottawanssaySteve V
"I wish I lived in the The Glebe." "I hate people from The Glebe." #shitottawanssayEmmett Macfarlane
For the record, I have never done that. #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
Hintonburg is Ottawa’s Brooklyn. #shitottawanssayMark Scrivens
"You don’t work for the government?!" #shitottawanssayIan Capstick
What department do you work for? #shitottawanssayAndrew H
It is now 430, I would like comments on this 900 page ATIP by 5 or I will say you refused to comment. #shitottawanssayKaz Nejatian
"I’ll be right back, I’m just going to run across the river for some beer." #shitottawanssayKayle Hatt
Is he scrumming after? #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
Let’s get in touch to set up a bilateral #shitottawanssayTerrance Oakey
I think she’s sitting at the Pfizer table. #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
I forgot to start with this. We’re on background, right? #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
Public service morale has never been lower #shitottawanssayBirds ‘n’ stuff
"I was at Hy’s and saw [random politician]" #shitottawanssayEmmett Macfarlane
Our hockey team is a joke, but they’re the only pro team in town. #shitottawanssayTom Perry
"I just got back an FOI request from 2009" #shitottawanssayEmmett Macfarlane
Which one’s taller anyway, Evan or Ivison? #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
I’ve been DRAP-ped #shitottawanssayJennifer Ditchburn
Wait… You’re really from here? #shitottawanssayRyan Wright
What is "the Centre" saying about it? @InklessPW #shitottawanssayMichael von Herff
We’ve got to get on this, you can’t get anything done in this town after the middle of June. #shitottawanssayKelly McGahey
But is it new money? #shitottawanssayMike Storeshaw
"Sorry I’m late. My cab driver got lost." #shitottawanssayStephen Maher
"Don’t blame me; I didn’t vote for the government, I just work for it" #shitottawanssayKayle Hatt

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