The best of sh- Ottawans say: 'We're on background, right?' -

The best of sh– Ottawans say: ‘We’re on background, right?’

Like Tweeps in Ottawa don’t have better things to do


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"There are already plenty of think tanks. This will be a Do Tank." #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
"It’s only a stat holiday on the Quebec side but I still don’t know why I even bother to try getting anything done." #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
How could I have been so wrong. #shitottawanssaySteve V
Yes, but that poll said… #shitottawanssaySteve V
"I wish I lived in the The Glebe." "I hate people from The Glebe." #shitottawanssayEmmett Macfarlane
For the record, I have never done that. #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
Hintonburg is Ottawa’s Brooklyn. #shitottawanssayMark Scrivens
"You don’t work for the government?!" #shitottawanssayIan Capstick
What department do you work for? #shitottawanssayAndrew H
It is now 430, I would like comments on this 900 page ATIP by 5 or I will say you refused to comment. #shitottawanssayKaz Nejatian
"I’ll be right back, I’m just going to run across the river for some beer." #shitottawanssayKayle Hatt
Is he scrumming after? #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
Let’s get in touch to set up a bilateral #shitottawanssayTerrance Oakey
I think she’s sitting at the Pfizer table. #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
I forgot to start with this. We’re on background, right? #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
Public service morale has never been lower #shitottawanssayBirds ‘n’ stuff
"I was at Hy’s and saw [random politician]" #shitottawanssayEmmett Macfarlane
Our hockey team is a joke, but they’re the only pro team in town. #shitottawanssayTom Perry
"I just got back an FOI request from 2009" #shitottawanssayEmmett Macfarlane
Which one’s taller anyway, Evan or Ivison? #shitottawanssayPaul Wells
I’ve been DRAP-ped #shitottawanssayJennifer Ditchburn
Wait… You’re really from here? #shitottawanssayRyan Wright
What is "the Centre" saying about it? @InklessPW #shitottawanssayMichael von Herff
We’ve got to get on this, you can’t get anything done in this town after the middle of June. #shitottawanssayKelly McGahey
But is it new money? #shitottawanssayMike Storeshaw
"Sorry I’m late. My cab driver got lost." #shitottawanssayStephen Maher
"Don’t blame me; I didn’t vote for the government, I just work for it" #shitottawanssayKayle Hatt

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The best of sh– Ottawans say: ‘We’re on background, right?’

  1. In an earlier project, Samara interviewed 65 former MPs
    about their life in politics. Many
    reported feeling they had spent too much time working in the interest of their
    parties. Others were uncomfortable when
    party discipline obliged them to vote against the views of their constituents.

    Samara’s report said the survey research “confirms that MPs
    are not the only ones who recognize the primacy of political parties. Canadians sense it too, and feel their MPs’
    work representing constituents is falling short.