The book on Stephen Harper -

The book on Stephen Harper


The Liberals have released what is apparently the definitive collection of Stephen Harper’s public statements—compiled apparently by Mr. Harper’s own side several years ago. It can be downloaded in full here. Laura Payton samples the selection.

“Most MPs are bit players in today’s parliamentary system, with the average backbencher merely acting as an ombudsman for constituents on non-partisan issues and as a local sales representative for his/her political party on the big issues. That’s why we believe that before MPs demand more money, they should reform the system and give themselves a role that’s deserving of more money.” (Sept. 1, 1998)


The book on Stephen Harper

  1. Good reading material there. Even more reasons to vote conservative.

    • Boy, with these Conbots, you don't know if they are being funny or if they are genuinely this brainwashed.

      • I must admit, I like the Harper of this book more than I like the Harper of current public policy.

        So… brainwashed I guess?

        • Oh, for the people voting me up, I'm making fun of you and Anon with sarcasm, and pretty much saying the exact same thing as Realistic.

          • OMG, this might reveal the head of the Conservative Party of Canada is a Conservative!!!!

          • The quote about Asians and Easterners living in ghettoes is a little harsh though

  2. That's why we believe that before MPs demand more money, they should reform the system and give themselves a role that's deserving of more money.

    Said the man who made Pierre Polievre his Parliamentary Secretary and has the largest freaking cabinet in history.

    • Hey – Pierre (Skippy) Polievre earns his bucks. It's not easy being a buffoon in public 24/7.

      • Plus his main squeeze is Jenni Byrne, she who fills Finley's loathesome shoes. Wonder if she'll end up facing election fraud charges too.

  3. "This country will either adopt our values or it will fail" – a totally self-obsessed man.

    • To be fair, that's how most politicians think. It's what has always turned me off the NDP. Why can't everyone just see that we're right!?

      • By strange coincidence, that's what's always turned me off the Liberals. "Why can't everyone just see that the NDP are right? Except when the Conservatives are right? Vote for us – you never know which party you'll actually get, but we'll be right! And any other party would destroy Canada."

      • That may be how most politicians think, I don't know, I'm no thought reader. But that sure isn't how most politicians talk. I don't recall reading such a quote from another Canadian political leader; if you do, please quote. That Canada will be different if you adopt our values, I can see and understand from a politician who wants to bring in change. That Canada will be different if you vote for a party that proposes something different I can also see. But that Canada will FAIL if you don't do as I say is pure arrogance.

  4. This is a very interesting book to read through. I'm not sure if it will be all that much of an issue for the party though. Admittedly I haven't really read through everything, but most of the statements seem to be problematic for two reasons.

    1) It is a problem for certain niche votes the conservatives might try to grab. For example, I don't think the rest of us will really disagree that oral history is not a good standard of evidence in resolving land claims, but if your a voter from the first nations, you might find that problematic or unfair.

    2) It is a problem due to evidence of hypocrisy. A lot of Harper's ideas on transparency, increasing power to the backbenches, parliamentary procedure, etc. etc. obviously doesn't match his style of governance. We conservatives take solace in the idea that it is a matter of keeping a lid on things during a minority parliament, but I imagine that it few of us believe it deep down.

    In the end though, I don't know if this book would really dissuade anyone who is on the fence about whether or not to vote for Harper, or would alienate any supporters of the conservatives currently.

    For example, if you aren't at least open to the possibility of two-tier healthcare (which is supposedly the most troubling statements in this book according to the preface), you'll never vote Conservative anyway. Heck, you might not even vote Liberal.

  5. Cool. I will be brutally honest and say I only read through the first PDF, and pretty quickly at that. I found myself agreeing with him on a surprising number of topics (corporate welfare, punitive taxation, need for political innovation etc). The quotes taken from the time of the merger indicate that he was a completely focussed man with a clear vision of what the new Conservative party would be. Sadly for him, what also comes across is that he's a petty, authoritarian ideologue who is convinced he's the smartest guy in the room and who could really use a touch of humility. He's basically Ezra Levant but far less insecure.

    • Ouch!

    • Ezra Levant , he took out the chalk board today on Fox Canada. Glenn Beck wannabe…I'm waiting for the tears and snot to come soon, probably when Harper gets another minority!

  6. Someone needs to compare the historic Harper quotes with the 2008-2011 Harper actions. How did past Harper feel about using the Senate as a trough for political and media insiders? What did past Harper say about the unaccountable distribution of cash to specific ridings as a reward for voting the 'right' way (*cough* Muskoka *cough*).

    • you dont actually think Harper means anything he said in opposition or while he is campaigning. Canadians are idiots to Harper and not worthy of his true thoughts. We just wouldn't understand.

  7. There is a treasure trove of attack ads and media talk show topics in there, people. Let's call it the Book of Steve.

  8. So that's where he's been hiding his secret agenda. In a book.

  9. To be honest, is like most politicians think. This is what I always did the NDP. Why you can not just show everybody that we are right!?

  10. You're really onto something here, danR – in addition to their stunning economic achievements, there's also that great "human rights" stuff that China does for us all to admire! Think of all the new arenas that could be built over here without any need to adhere to environmental/labour/planning regulations!

    BTW, do they still have that "one child" thing going on over there? – betcha that would be a winning plank for some progressive party to add to their platform to counter Harper's "hidden agenda" on abortion.

  11. Man, for any Liberals who were hoping for a last-minute miracle, this must be a total letdown. Kinsella called this a majority-buster, but it's more like a bomb that fizzled. I don't think this will have any measurable effect on the election.

    • Maybe their mistake was releasing it in whole? I mean, you pretty much have to read through a whole bunch of stuff that you might be sympathetic to in order to find something that pertains to you negatively.

      Or maybe Kinsella thinks that people voting for Harper aren't open to conservative ideas? Perhaps he thinks that the protest vote against the Liberals has been sustained for 3 elections, and they would come home to the Liberal Party as soon as they found out how conservative Harper really was?

      Maybe he is counting on people not reading it, but to just be awed by the fact you can fill a book on stuff that Harper has said when he was a free man, that the Conservative party now has a strategy to counter in case it becomes a soundbite during an election?

  12. If you think the NDP plans to emulate China's communist party, you cannot in sound mind vote for anyone. I mean, you can vote, obviously. But the sound mind part is out of the question.

  13. I miss that Harper. This one likes MPs' impotence just fine.

  14. Levant has a giant chip on his shoulder. Generally a dead give-away of insecurity.

    • IS NOT!

      • Oh, I see whtat you did there.

  15. And of course if this Kinsella person ( I have no idea who he is … ;-) ) were saying the opposite you would be quoting him with glee.

    • I always quote him with glee, because whatever he says, he's being ridiculous. He used to be somebody, back in the Chretien days…