The brainiac-ing of the Liberal party continues


From a party press release announcing the arrival of Senator Lillian Dyck to the fold.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Science Degrees in Biochemistry in 1968 and 1970 respectively and obtained a Ph.D. in Biological Psychiatry in 1981, all from the University of Saskatchewan.  She was awarded an honorary D. Litt. from Cape Breton University in 2007.

She has published numerous articles in neurochemistry, and her research has contributed to developing and patenting new drugs which will be useful in helping to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.   Senator Dyck has also written many articles on the topics of equity for women and Aboriginals in science, and the Medicine Wheel and science…

Senator Dyck has retired from University of Saskatchewan, where she was a Full Professor in the Neuropsychiatry Research Unit, Department of Psychiatry and Associate Dean (Programs) at the College of Graduate Studies & Research. 


The brainiac-ing of the Liberal party continues

  1. Wow, a scientist. Depending on how you count I think there have been either 2 or 4 MPs in Canada that listed their previous occupation as “scientist” (without the prefix “political”). At least there’s one in the senate.

    • We need more brainiacs in government, as opposed to career politicians.

  2. A silly headline Kady, I support Harper.

    • I’m enjoying the fact that you call yourself Brainiac but just called Aaron Kady.

      • He’s a brainiac among Harper supporters.

  3. Ah, the liberals finally found someone to refute Stockwells evolutionary theories. What next, Atwood to write michael’s speeches?
    How will the chess master counter this move? Bring in the Don, in case the going gets rough along the boards? Or draft some back-up for Stock? Maybe Ralph? Dinosaur farts, you know.

    • Stephen Harper just asks himself “What would a more educated, better socialised Rush Limbaugh do?”

    • Don Cherry will give ’em anudder think to think about dat, but Ralph Klein won’t be available to play for the Senators, because he’s going to be the next Governor General.

      • is he taking French lessons yet? That’d pay to hear.

  4. Lillian Dyck is an impressive woman. And I’m glad to know that there are other Liberals in SK besides just me and Ralph.

    Why would the NDP not endorse her? Or are they just down on senators?

    • The NDP is just down on Senate, although I don’t know why they would like the PM to have even more power.

  5. Lillian who – never mind this one is just way and I mean way too easy!