The Brazeau & Galipeau show -

The Brazeau & Galipeau show


The Star reports that Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau and Conservative MP Royal Galipeau were the entertainment at a recent fundraiser for an Ontario PC candidate. First up, Senator Brazeau.

Sen. Patrick Brazeau referred to Spence’s “so-called hunger strike” in addressing about 80 people at a Legion hall in the Ottawa suburb of Orleans, and mocked her physical shape. “I was sick two weeks ago,” Brazeau said. “I had the flu and I lost five pounds.

“I look at Miss Spence, when she started her hunger strike, and now?” Brazeau added as a voice in the hall called out, “She’s fatter,” which drew laughter from much of the audience.

Mr. Galipeau then followed with his unique brand of makeup and social protest commentary.

“I stood in the circle around Chief Spence,” Galipeau said. “I noticed that manicure of hers. I tell you Anne can’t afford it,” he said, referring to his wife.

Galipeau said: “Most people in Idle No More are my skin colour and about my age. It reminded me of the 1960s and 1970s flower people who are now organizers for the NDP in Ottawa Centre. They are the same people I saw in the Occupy movement the previous summer.” “Whether it’s Idle No More or Occupy or the pots and pans in Quebec, the labour movement can’t finance those things anymore because we’ve passed legislation to shine the light of day on that,” said the MP.


The Brazeau & Galipeau show

  1. Well, Spence was right about Brazeau……’typical colonized Indian asshole’.

    Galipeau is just playing Chester to Brazeau’s Spike…and is pathetic

  2. Oh, forget the peanut gallery in comment fora like this one: how can it be acceptable for people of this stature to publicly mock a citizen. Surely there should be a public apology for these remarks! Shame shame shame. Patrick Brazeau is more attached to the public teat than most Canadians, shame on him.

  3. Shorter Brazeau: I’m First Nations and I don’t have any housing problems.

    • Shorter Brazeau: I’m a bully

  4. ““I stood in the circle around Chief Spence,” Galipeau said. “I noticed that manicure of hers. I tell you Anne can’t afford it,” he said, referring to his wife.”

    Wait a second… he makes $157K + per year and his wife can’t afford the $25 for a manicure?

    Ladies and gentlemen, your party of fiscal responsibility.

    • He said Anne couldn’t afford it. He clearly can. He’s just cheap with her allowance.

  5. Ah, 4 people that hold the left wing ideologies that have kept First Nations in poverty since the 30’s, now are acting offended and claim they are acting on their behalf.

    Let the average first First Nation’s person on reserves have access to private property you monsters. Then worry about what Patrick Brazeau said or didn’t say.

    • Removing First Nations from productive land so that it could be handed over to private farmers, forestry and mining companies is left wing? I thought that was fascism.

      • Not under the CONs rules.

  6. Brazeau is reported to have said, “I, as an Algonquin person, am living proof that no one will colonize me”, without any trace of irony.


  7. Oh, poor little Chief Spence. She called Brazeau a ‘colonized Indian asshole’, and people are going to feign outrage at a fat joke? That’s somewhat thin skinned overly delicate of them. I’d say Brazeau has the right to call her whatever he wants after that comment. Anyway, I’d rather they make fun of the fraud than give her credibility, like Bob Rae and Junior Trudeau have been doing.

  8. Sounds like quite a ‘smoker’ these fellas were enjoying. Were they also reeling some Super 8 ‘stag films’? Drinkin’ highballs?

    “Pour me another Rob Roy, Brazzman. And tell me about that sweater model again!”

    These guys party like it’s 1959.

    • Brazeau is on a rum and coke cleanse.

  9. Spence cant take a joke, she is a joke

    • Take a long walk off a short pier you racist goof.

      • How is calling her, “a joke”, racist? Nasty, but not racism.

  10. Same kind of disparaging remarks and tactics the Fascist used to discredit the Jews.

  11. “Sen. Brazeau mocks Chief Spence, Idle No More movement”

    How does someone who is a mockery to begin with mock someone else is the question on my mind?

  12. No shortage of Leftist Mental Disorder on this thread.