The (brief) Bob Rae Era begins


The Liberals have picked Bob Rae as their new interim leader.

It appeared Mr. Rae wanted to run for the permanent leadership, but his decision to seek the interim post took him out of that race. Was he disappointed? “This is a job that needs to be done now,” he told reporters before the caucus meeting. “This is my chance.

“… I think there will be a broader chance for renewal and the search for a new leader in a year and a half and two years. I think it’s important for the party to look very much to a new generation of leadership.”

Here is my slightly overtaken piece from last week’s magazine on Mr. Rae’s situation.


The (brief) Bob Rae Era begins

  1. Bob “the Embalmer” Rae.

    Here to preserve the Liberal party of Canada.

  2. I’m relieved he won’t be the permanent leader. I just hope they don’t change the rules.

  3. There’s been a lot of focus on the task, which Mr. Rae now has, of keeping the Liberal Party relevant as it goes through its period of tribulation. He’s probably the best man for this task, but there’s other ways he now has a chance to put a stamp on the party.

    He’s been handed a streamlined caucus, and two years to change the way it does things in Parliament. Rae has often been discribed as one of the ‘adults in the room’ when compared to his colleagues in the Liberal caucus (and even the House of Commons generally). One of my fond hopes is that he will imprint that demeanor onto the party itself.

  4. If he does a good job and the would-be permanent leaders are underwhelming I’m sure the rules would be bent to allow him to stay on.

    As I see it he’s probationary leader for two years.

  5. What is it Ontario folk see in this re-tread reject that we Vancouverites are missing? After Ignatieff is this all that is left?

    • Who says Ontarians see anything in the guy? He led an NDP majority a few years back. It was deemed a disaster, as was his legacy. I wonder if the Tories will remind us of the man’s actual record in office every time he stands up to ask a self-righteous question in Parliament.

      • Yes, did not the people in Ontario reject the dippers due to their dismal experience with Bob Rae and that party.  Why would the Liberal Party want a leader that cannot capture Ontario’s vote?

        • Which is why I think you can go farther back than the last election to see evidence of the decline of the once great Liberal Party of Canada. That someone like Bob Rae was always seen as one of their leaders-in-waiting says a lot, doesn’t it?

          For the record, I have little doubt that he’ll be a very good attack dog from the opposition benches for the next two years. So, maybe he’s finally found his niche. Who knows.

          I just wonder if he’ll use it as an opportunity to grab for more. We shall see.

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