‘The buck stops at the top’


Bob Rae continues to target the Prime Minister.

“You can’t get away with the fiction that a $10-billion mistake in calculating the cost of the F-35 stealth fighter … had nothing to do with the man in charge, with the man whose name and whose moniker is on every single publication of this government,” Rae told a special Liberal caucus meeting Wednesday. “He cannot now pretend that he was just the piano player in the brothel who didn’t have a clue as to what was really going on upstairs.”

While he expects a public servant or maybe even a cabinet minister or two might get “thrown under a bus,” Rae said: “A massive fraud of this kind can’t be ascribed to anyone other than the prime minister of Canada. This is Stephen Harper’s baby. … That’s why we say and I say without hesitation, Stephen Harper is not fit to be the prime minister of Canada.” Rae added: “I’ll tell you who I think should resign. Stephen Harper should resign. The buck stops at the top.”

The piano player at a brothel metaphor is one a young Bob Rae once used to taunt Allan MacEachen. (Mr. Rae and Mr. MacEachen are now close friends.)


‘The buck stops at the top’

  1. I agree, but we know that’s not going to happen.

    And I doubt Harp can eliminate McKay….so nothing will happen, beyond a lot of smoke and mirrors.

  2. PM should show some spine and admit direct involvement and mistake. Running around looking for scapegoats is just sad.

    I think Harper would be happy to get rid of McKay though, that would cement Reform wing grip on the Conservative party and unfortunately on Canada as the country.

    •  Harp might want to, but given the political machinations it took to put the party back together again, that may not be possible.

    • I suspect that, as a reward for selling out the Progressive Conservatives, McKay has a ‘no-trade’ clause.

  3. Yadda, yadda, yadda……..3+ more years of this spin and smear.   

    Wouldn’t of mattered which jets were being purchased, it is just going to be political fodder trying to get something to stick.

    •  If you can’t stand the heat…..

      • Those attack ads sure got under Bob Rae’s skin.

        Or maybe its Mulcair threatening to send his party into oblivion.

        •  Bob’s been around a long time.  I doubt anything gets under his skin.

    • Leo’s New Dictionary

      accountability = yadda, yadda, yadda

    • “Wouldn’t of mattered which jets were being purchased, it is just going to be political fodder trying to get something to stick.”

      Wouldn’t have mattered how egregious the deception by this bunch of inept cowboys, it’s just going to be trivialized by its blind partisans.

      If this kind of incompetence had been displayed by any of the opposition parties, you and your fellow travelers would be inarticulate with indignant rage. Accountability is only for others.

  4. Rae’s remarks overlaying the U tube video of Harper banging away and singing “I get  by with a little help from my friends”. What a wonderful ad.

  5. For a moment there it felt like the truth was keeping up with the cost of living.

    Wonder what’s in the news tomorrow.

  6. I can’t remember, did we actually buy any jets yet?
    Or is this another attempt to create a scandal from nothing?

    •  Oh it’s entirely fake….we haven’t wasted one nickel or two words on the F-35.

    • backpeddle a little faster and it won’t look like a dance

  7. I thought Liberals were supposed in favour of brothels and their employees these days.  Bob Rae is out-of-touch.   Trudeau’s TKO on the weekend seems to have unhinged the guy.

    And somebody should tell Bob to get some meds.  I thought Mr. Angry was supposed to be Tom Mulcair. 

    •  So now an Ont court decision is Bob Rae’s fault?

      What did you say about unhinged?

      PS…Harper has the patent on the Mr Angry title.

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