The case for and against Bev Oda

The House Speaker heard final arguments on Monday


The Speaker heard final arguments yesterday on the matter of Bev Oda and the inartfully edited paperwork. He has promised to return to the House with a decision in due course.

The original question of privilege was raised by John McKay in December. The Speaker ruled on that question in early February.

A few days later, Ms. Oda rose in the House to “clear up any misunderstandings that exist”—misunderstandings that might have resulted from what had previously been said and written.

In response to Ms. Oda’s statement, the foreign affairs committee—with a notable Conservative dissent—filed a report with the House. A new question of privilege was then raised with the Speaker. The next day, the government delivered its official response. Which brings us to yesterday’s interventions. Which brings us to the moment at which Peter Milliken must rule.

In addition to all that one can glean from the links above, there is the original Embassy story on the document in question.


The case for and against Bev Oda

  1. I know I'm not going to get a definitive answer, but does anyone know how long "in due course" is, roughly speaking? Two days? Two weeks? Two months?

  2. While I do like the turn of phrase “the matter of Bev Oda and the inartfully edited paperwork,” I thought that we were calling this affair “The Oda Ado [colon] Canada's First Palindromatic Political Scandal”

  3. But that's a Saturday!

  4. I like reinforcing the link to the PM – hence the PMOda

  5. I have in from an inside source that it will be released before the Leafs win the Cup.

  6. 'Odapocalypse Not' is catchy.

  7. So… sometime between now and when our sun uses up its nuclear fuel and burns itself out. That narrows it down.

  8. Surely this is just an administrative issue…

  9. Though you might be worried about freezing under a cold dark star… well cheer up.
    from http://www.nmm.ac.uk/explore/astronomy-and-time/a

    During the last 4,566 million years, the Sun has been converting hydrogen into helium. It has already converted half the hydrogen in its core into helium and is 30% brighter than when it started its life. It will continue to get brighter as its radius increases and in 3,000 million years time, may have evaporated the Earth's oceans.

  10. Thank you.

    So… the ruling will come down sometime between now and when our sun uses up its nuclear fuel and burns itself out OR when the sun gets too big and evaporates the oceans (and, presumably, the ice at the ACC). That narrows it down.

  11. See?! Manmade global warming is a sham! :)

  12. Stephen Harper questions how a simple story of a Minister exercising her right duty to deny funding to a special interest hate group, can be spun into this complicated web of journalistic lies.
    He calls it the Odapress Complex.
    He also dismisses outright, opposition claims of freud on Bev Oda's part.

  13. I hope this means I can get my denier decoder ring and the tinfoil headgear.

  14. My inside source says it's tentatively scheduled for December 22nd, 2012.

  15. Talk about your global warming.

  16. The speaker has already issued a preliminary ruling. He was waiting for a technicality to be cleared up. His next ruling should be soon, probably next week.

  17. to quote Oda today, " * "…

  18. I'll let you know in due course

  19. Odapress Rex

    Yah, yah….. I know…. another CBC Liberal shill……

  20. And there will be balloons, apparently.

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