The case of Dean Del Mastro and the cheques


Two weeks ago, Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher reported that three donors to Dean Del Mastro’s 2008 campaign had been reimbursed for their donations by a company owned by Mr. Del Mastro’s cousin. Today, McGregor and Maher report that two donors have produced cheques from Deltro Electric Ltd. of Mississauga, Ont in the amount of $1,050.

One of the cheques obtained by the Citizen is payable to a former Deltro employee who, earlier this month, signed a statutory declaration describing how Deltro staff were asked to enlist family and friends in the alleged reimbursement scheme. David Del Mastro “advised me at that time that he wanted to make a large monetary donation to the re-election campaign of his cousin, Dean Del Mastro Member of Parliament,” the statement said. “My employer assured me that if I would do so, my employer would cause his company, Deltro Electric Ltd. to reimburse me for the full sum of $1,000, plus a further bonus of $50, and that I would receive an income tax receipt for the donation.”

The alleged scheme was intended to circumvent the limit on political donations, the former employee said.


The case of Dean Del Mastro and the cheques

  1. Yeesh…doesn’t get much dodgier than this.

    TIme to kick this clown out of his Parliamentary Secretary role.

    • How about we kick him out of Parliament all the way into jail. That’s a revolting abuse of power and process.

      • Better to just banish him. We’ve already paid enough to Del Asstro.

      • I think I would actually be willing to get behind Dear Leader’s big-ticket megajail scheme, if only to see Dean I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I Del Mastro and Tony GazeboBoy Clement sent to do a few years of hard time.

      • Most likely he will end up in the senate before he ends up in jail. Tough on crime policy is just for the un-washed masses. Conservatives insiders have theire own policy for crime.

  2. So who else in the party is doing this? I always wondered how the Conservative became the juggernaut of donations that they have….given their underwhelming majority and two minorities, the numbers don’t seem to add up between the votes and the donations……keep digging.

    • They should audit all the anonymous donations – under $100 I think. From what I understand the names of the donors don’t go to Elections Canada but the parties are to keep records. I always thought that would be a way to flow some money in under the radar.

      • No, I don’t think so, Jan. Because the records are kept just as well as they are for over $200. And I think it is reported to Elections Canada, it just isn’t published. The real anonymous donations are under $20.

        • I’ll have to check it out. I read about it years ago when the question of how certain American churches could be funnelling money to support
          a certain political party. It was probably back in 2006 so i may be remembering incorrectly.

  3. I think people have to be reasonable here. After the alleged incidents in Guelph, the PM conducted an exhaustive review of Conservative electoral behaviour and found it exemplary.

    Surely if all these allegations against Dean had any merit what-so-ever, SH would never have made him point man in defending the Conservative robo-call parade. More-over, if Dean was guilty of such actions, he never would have gone on the attack accusing the Liberals and NDP of illegitimate actions.

    Isn’t it more likely that all of these allegations are fabrications from Liberal stooges and NDP cronies? Of course it is.

    • Surely… or we could call a duck a duck. The guy is as crooked as they come, sad.

      • If Del Mastro isn’t, his cousin certainly is.

    • Tell me you’re kidding.

      • No, he’s just a ConBot hack. Pay him no mind.

        • I think those who’ve read StewartSmith’s posts before would know there is more than a twinge of sarcasm going on here. Rest assured, I doubt he is thrilled with DelMastro’s actions.

          • Yup. He’s very good at this. The take away – do not buy a used car from DDM.

          • The interesting part about this is that people find it entirely reasonable to think that Stewart is serious. That CPC supporters maintain and spread that level of willful blindness.

            What’s worse is that I tend to think it’s probably a better line of defense than we’d normally get from the Harper Booster Squad, as evidenced by whyshouldIsellyourwheat up there.

        • Justin, you have been had, but good!

          Stewart will have to redeploy his tags

    • Harpo would make him point man, if he’s the cleanest one in the party. Just goes to so you how corrupt the Cons are. Not to mention you’re trusting the word of the worst of the lot, Harpo. If he had anything to do with any of the scandals going on, of course he would lie about it.

    • Whaah? Please tell me your comment is exceptional, almost too well-written satire or else your absolute lack of logic would have me believe that you are:
      a. Dean Delmastro
      b. The PM
      c. work in the PMO.
      d. are a tv personality for Fox-lite SunTV
      e. 10 years old

      If it is the latter or for those that didn’t catch the satire, your argument seems to be:1. SH is an unbiased observer and impartial judge of ethical campaign behaviour. If he thinks DDM is flawless, then that should be good enough for Canadians, regardless of the law, elections Canada or criminal investigations.2. SH is an all-seeing oracle, like the eye in LOTR, who is not only flawless in judgement but can look into the future and magically predict every little defect amongst his minions and who’s cabinet picks are all flawless (cough! bev oda)3. DDM is a pious, selfless soul who would never put his interests ahead of the party, or anyone else. 4. DDM guilty conscience would never let him do something, and the assumption that he would not get caught has no bearing on this.5. Liberals and NDippers have amazing skills at planting evidence to create these scandals.

      The weight of accumulated corruption is about to sink on the Harper govt.

    • Stewart, this IS Dean Del Mastro we’re talking about.

    • Disqus is mostly a dickish thingy … but we all hope that eventually
      it develops a sarcasm/irony “tone” function , don’t we, Mr. Smith.

      • I think Orson Bean crashed it.

    • Well Al Capone looked at his taxes and found them exemplary …

      And Richard Nixon reviewed the work of G. Gordon Liddy and found it exemplary …

      And King John said to the Sheriff of Nottingham “what a good man you are …”

      We all know how those stories ended …

    • I see a lot of people need their sarcasm meter checked.

    • THAT is the dryest humour I have read today. Either that or you are pulling the wool over your eyes so hard they must be bleeding.

  4. Psssst hey buddy wanna buy an election…got your banana republic special right here.

  5. I would like to know more about why William Corbett, chief enforcer of Canadian election law, decided it was time to retire? Interesting that the decision came in the middle of two major investigations, no?

    • In fairness, the advertisement for his replacement went up in.. I think it was February last year? Which puts it ahead of the first reports by McGregor and Maher. So it’s not like he suddenly decided to do this, or even that he only decided once the reports started coming out.

      • You mean he announced his retirement a year and a half ago, and they advertised to replace him that long ago too? That seems unusual process. Or are these term positions?

        • That would have during the In and Out case wouldn’t it? Needless to say they can’t be overly fond of him.

        • Like I said, I think that’s the case. I do know that the advertisement for his replacement was out quite some time ago.. but I may not be remembering the date very well.

      • Fair enough.

        Still, it appears his replacement may not have the same conviction as he had so I hold out hope that this is seen through to the end.

        Would be pretty disheartening if they got away with it.

    • Yes, absolutely. I smell a rat or two as well with that distinctive con odor.

  6. Burnt toast.

  7. You know what they say, the bigger they are, there harder they fall, and Del Asstro is big at so many things.

  8. Oh Dean….lord, I’ve missed you. This coupled with the Via cuts makes it a bad, bad week to be Dean.

  9. Dean Del Mastro is harper’s kinda guy – a pompous lying hypocrite.

  10. Why does Elections Canada try its cases in the Ottawa Citizen instead of the courts with actual legal charges?

    No actual charges with probable cause have been laid, and no evidence has been tested in court.

    Until then, I don’t see why Del Mastro has to do anything.

    • Perhaps you should ask Helena Guergis.

      Or perhaps you need a refresher in the concept that though the courts are the final arbiter of guilt, people can certainly make reasonable judgements based on the evidence in front of them.

      Do you see any reasonable case, with this type of evidence present, that suggests there is no problem here?

      • You forget to consider the evidence that Elections Canada certified his campaign as legitimate. You also forget to consider the “evidence” that no charges have been laid.

        • So here’s a question: If Del Grafto had actually provided EC with full and complete disclosure of all his campaign activities (you know, documentation of those $1050 cheques and all his other financial shenanigans), would they still have certified his campaign? Ditto for criminal charges: if the RCMP were given two or three file folders of evidence (or since we’re talking about a conservative MP, maybe two or three filing cabinets full) showing criminal wrongdoing back in 2008, would there still be no charges laid against Del Grafto? All your argument proves is that the cons run a first-rate coverup machine … and on that score I will agree 100%. They’ve taken secrecy and corruption to dazzling new heights in this country.

        • Certified? EC can always revisit a file if new information is forth coming.

        • Because no crime is ever committed until the charges are laid?

    • My guess is that it is because every time they try to do it through official channels it gets bogged down, someone retires or gets moved at a key time or they get bullied into letting it drop. It was the same way under Mulroney and only slightly better under Chretien. Until we fix our electoral system with some type of truly representative democracy we will be doomed to have amoral swine running the country because all they have to do is convince 39.6% of the voters who show up that they are in need of a majority.

  11. The lowest of the low, worst scum-bag of the lot of these cons. And such a pathetic liar to boot. Wouldn’t even make a decent used car salesman but good enough for your PM to serve as Parliamentary Secretary. That’s about all you need to know about this breed of cons: Canada’s Republican Party.

  12. This guy IS Pussy Malanga from the Sopranos! I’m telling you. Harper should take him out for a ride on the Stugots.

  13. According to media sources, Elections Canada started their investigation of Del MAstro in April, 2011 and obtained a court order for Del Mastros bank records in December 2011. They also spoke to some of his campaign staff back in Dec. 20011. One of them was quoted as saying that Del MAstro told him he would “take care of it” when he told Del mastro last December that there was an investigation happening.The Cons knew about this investigation last year and the retirement was announced this past spring. No, it doesn’t look good at all. Me thinks Dean is just the tip of a very big election fraud iceburg.

    • So what you’re saying is that after a year of “investigating”, they haven’t even been able to come up with enough evidence to file charges?

      • No, what i think he is saying is that Del Mastro lied to Canadians when he said he did not know anything about the investigation.

        But continue posting what you think people are saying or trying to say, it’s pretty impressive to see such cognitive dissonance.

      • Patience grasshopper, justice should never be rushed..

        • You might want to share that advice with the boatloads of reactionary idiots here calling for him to be jailed before charges are even laid.

          • Oh for God’s sake suck it up, your side does it all the time. You’re still claiming Liberals who have never been charged should be jailed. It’s politics as usual.

          • Oh? When did I “claim” any Liberals should be jailed? Or are you just making stuff up again?

          • Oh Jan, you’ve got not-rick all wrong. He can cite numerous instances where he scolded commenters for calling for Liberals to be jailed despite a lack of charges against them.
            Integrity is not-rick’s middle name. Remember, this is the guy who falsely listed his employer as CIBC so that CIBC, rather than his real employer, would suffer any unwanted attention from his comments.

    • If they can get Del Mastro for overspending, they might just find that the reason it was so carefully covered was because the money was used to pay “Pierre Poutine”. I don’t think thats to far to stretch.

  14. I can’t believe I’m doing this but..

    ..has it occurred to anybody that perhaps Dean Del Mastro actually had nothing to do with this, and that his cousin David did it while leaving Dean unawares?

    I realize it seems a long shot, especially when taken in context with the unreported 21,000 that his campaign manager supposedly signed over “by mistake” but it could be that his grandparents simply didn’t bother teaching morals to any of their kids — and that got passed down.

    • With the right legal team, this just might work.

  15. Can anyone say JAIL? Or are we to pay this bastard’s gold-plated pension for the rest of his God-given days?

    • Jean Chretien didn’t go to jail for stealing millions for taxpayers. And he’s still collecting his pension.

  16. I have warned in the past… that this is the typical conservative “donation” style…time for the CRA to step in and investigate, better yet lets get the IRS from the US to do an independant audit of all federal conservatives…or go to http://www.deandelmastrobrokeelectionlaws.com for more info

    • Haha. Your website’s broken! #TangoDown #Anonymous

  17. Tough on Crime.. time for Dean to do the TIME.. 5 years in Jail for breaking election laws is the max. and when you preach to the masses.. examples need to be made, conservative have to stand by their tough on crime mantra even if it means one of their own has to be sacrificed… after all average Canadians are facing tougher penalties so the people making the laws should be held accountable and give NO MERCY, maximum penalty

    • Ya, who cares about an actual trial, evidence, or any kind of due process. Two reporters with a grudge, rumours and innuendo are all one needs to convict.

      • Who cares about due process and evidence? Not Harper ( see: Guergis, Helena).

  18. Any Conservative MP with an iota of respect for Canada will cross the line ASAP and help to take this most unCanadian of all governments down.

  19. I predict that Dean will blame it on his cousin David and say he (Dean) didn’t kow anything about it. And there won’t be anything to prove he did know.

    • I agree. But he does risk losing the Del Mastro vote that way.

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