The circle of life


After speculating extensively about the possibility that an election might be called this spring, the Globe and Mail reports that MPs are tired of election speculation.


The circle of life

  1. Given the number of Canadians even paying attention to federal politics, I would say the people share the MPs' fatigue.

  2. Nothing to report so Wherry is attacking another media outlet. Desperation Wherry. I think so.

  3. Nothing to criticize, so hollinm is attacking Wherry for attacking another media outlet. Desperation squared.

  4. Not nearly as tired of it as I am.

  5. What I find most amusing is that the real news is just under the surface whereas all the usual suspects in the media keep up the same ol song and dance .. personally I think it is a form of intellectual laziness rather than anything else. Here is a nice little tidbit for those of you after any real news here. Harper has just finished most of his agenda for legislation and the first order of business after the budget will be Crime and Order Bills and get this = hahahahahah = the LPT are already signalling that they are rolling over and throwing their tiny little paws into the air as usual – this is too perfect as it feeds right into Jack's hands so we end up with Steven on one side and Jack on the other and guess who rolls over in the middle again due to political cowardice – ROFL!!!!!

  6. Just an observation. When Wherry has to start criticizing other media outlets things must be pretty good in the country. They are now turning on their own. Usually the media stick together and operate in a pack mentality like a bunch of wolves. Wait till Sun TV hits the ariwaves in December.

  7. I think we are all tired of the torqued headlines and the faux outrage of the opposition parties. The recent polls should reduce the appetite for an election. Watch Ignatieff swallow himself whole trying to find a way to support the budget.

  8. No, I'm tired of the constant campaigning and attack ads and the faux fears of the Cons.

    The polls haven't changed in 5 years….which indicates others are tired of this nonsense as well.

  9. I do wish you'd keep up.

  10. It would appear that the media's "intellectual laziness" is surpassed by your intellectual hubris.

  11. For a guy whose spends everyday shilling for the Liberals, I thought you'd be saddened by the prospect of no spring election Aaron.

    Don't you want to see the insufferable Conservatives and the malicious Harper finally defeated by the fabulous Liberals and the gallant Ignatieff?

    Where is the zeal for the change you so desperately want?

    Never forget the words of your hero, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Oui!”

  12. “All three parties voting against a budget that clearly sets the government on a path to fiscal balance that further contains measures and investments that Canadians broadly support is hardly the election backdrop that the opposition wants,” Mr. Del Mastro added"

    I thought i saw a couple of polls showing a few people agreed with the proposition that our CIT rates are competitive right now and maybe we shouldn't finance future cuts on margin…must have dreamt it…thanks for the reassurance Del.

  13. And after the constant politicking, attack ads, and faux fears of the Liberals, they still remain 5-7 points behind in the polls. I guess more Canadians are tired of the Liberals then they are of the Conservatives.

  14. Does doing things like this make you feel proud?

  15. Seconded.

  16. probably!

  17. Harp isn't doing any better in the polls than he's done in 5 years…and nowhere close to a majority.

    Nope, people don't like him.

  18. No election = no coalition fear mongering. You'll have to take up knitting h.

  19. 'Path to fiscal balance'? Groan.

  20. Maybe not but it implies we don't much care for any of them at this point.

  21. I think Giorno back (did he really leave/) and that last sentence, tell the story. It's Mad Ludwig – full speed ahead.

  22. Well *I* certainly don't care much for any of them, and apparently most Canadians feel the same way.

  23. What part of his post at all infers he's attacking the Globe?

  24. How is this a criticism of the Globe exactly? I don't see that.

    Isn't this a criticism of MPs for creating the very thing they now claim to be tired of???

  25. Yeah, I don't see that either.

  26. the first order of business after the budget will be Crime and Order Bills

    Yeah, I've heard that one before.

    I stopped believing the Tories had any intention of passing any of that "law and order" stuff over a year ago. It's much more useful to them unpassed than it ever will be once its passed.

  27. Shush Lord K, don't interfere with a good messenger shooting!

  28. Seriously? I mean we aren't just taking dear Wayne's word for it–we have a second source, right?

    But, if true, why are they waiting for after the budget? In case the government falls and they can use the very same bills as a call to supporters for another five years? Is there some reason they can't introduce the bills NOW?

  29. Didn't you hear? Your name should be Voluntary-but-less-accurate-Jedi now.

  30. Haha, who puts out that site? The unclickable side bar mention of Rex Murphy made me LOL ;^)

  31. Yes, and wasn't there an Abacus poll showing approval of this concept here on Macleans a day or so ago?

  32. “It's lonely being a top at 24 Sussex”.

    Indeed. One ought to head to the area between Somerset Street West and Gladstone Avenue.

  33. I don't think that was Wherry's intent at all. Look at his posting again. He was not so subtely complaining that the Globe keeps yakking about a Spring election. If the MPs are complaining about too much speculation about an election it is because they are seeing the latest polls that say Canadians do not want an election and if an election were held Ignatieff would probably experience a significant defeat given he is polling in leadeship numbers behind Duceppe. So time to rejig the talking points I guess.

  34. No worry….there will be plenty of time to talk about the coalition. I know it scares you and the rest of the anti Harper crowd to death. History is a great teacher and has a tendency to repeat itself. I may have to take up knitting because the anti Harper rhetoric is getting old and tired and as recent polls suggest most Canadians are not listening. Can you imagine Ignatieff polling below Duceppe It makes the heart warm and fuzzy doesn't it?

  35. Wherry's sense of humour is often underappreciated, but I chuckled. Circle of life, indeed. Canada's newspaper of record stirs up a frothing frenzy of election speculation, then reports on the "fatigue" caused by all this excessive speculation.

    An analogy would be a TMZ special report on the disastrous impact of paparazzi on the lives of celebrities. When a media outlet reports on a problem that it played a large role in creating, it's all very meta.

    The Globe's Ottawa Notebook has the tagline: "Setting the agenda on Parliament Hill", and they obviously interpret this slogan quite literally.

  36. hmmm, i thought it had something to do with the Lion King.

  37. Jane Taber wrote the story. Talk about an irony. Her last four QPs have been dedicated to "election" speculation. In fact, has Taber ever written or talked about anything that's not "speculative" in nature?

  38. Why are elections considered bad? I quite look forward to them- it's part of my civic duty. This year I'll be voting from afar too!

  39. It's much more useful to them unpassed than it ever will be once its passed.

    Of course, whether those bills will be better for the country in their "passed" or "un-passed" form is a completely different calculation.

  40. I'm pretty sure I speak for all Canadians when I say that we're all tired of Emily.

  41. Vote early, vote often, eh?

  42. Actually I would appreciate it if you wouldn't "speak for me" as a Canadian…..and although I don't always agree with Emily…she has just as much right to post here as anyone else. I am tired of the pile-on…Even when people agree with her/him they thumb her down anyway…..If I agree with a comment I thumb it up or down…regardless of the posters political leanings…I have agreed with Hollinm and Emily at differant points….and now we have someone who is using her screen name as a personal attack…..

  43. It does. Except I can't decide if Monte Solberg or Stephane Dion would be Timon. And then there's Pumba– Baird or Kenney? Oh wait, Baird is Scar. Wow, one could really go on with this… nevertheless, Justin Trudeau is clearly Simba ;^)

  44. Will there be an election this spring?

  45. I'm pretty sure you don't.

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