The CMHC’s legislative analysis

Still searching for a precedent


Following the CMHC’s decision last week to publish analysis of an NDP MP’s private member’s bill, I asked about the corporation’s history of analyzing and costing legislation: specifically, how often has the CMHC published such analysis? So far, I’ve yet to receive a response.

On Friday morning, the NDP pursued the matter during Question Period. Kellie Leitch, parliamentary secretary to Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, offered the following explanation.

Mr. Speaker, with respect to CMHC and this issue with regard to website postings, it is entirely appropriate for a crown corporation to post its costing of a legislative item before the House of Commons. We see that regularly here. In fact, opposition members often ask for these items in order to make sure they know what is occurring. That is exactly what CMHC is doing.

I emailed Ms. Finley’s office to inquire about those other examples. I’ve yet to receive a response. I have also emailed the question directly to Ms. Leitch’s office and will post any response I receive.


The CMHC’s legislative analysis

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