The Commons: ‘She could not be clearer’

The Commons: Bev Oda has certainly brought about
a certain kind of transparency


The Scene. The Speaker called for oral questions and Michael Ignatieff stood, rubbing his hands together. This likely had something to with the temperature, it being frightfully cold in the capital today.

But if it was a gesture—albeit a rather cartoonish gesture—of glee, it would not be without warrant. Here the opposition was once more presented with a minister of exceeding clumsiness. The Liberal leader had not so much to formulate an interrogation than relay the official record of events and then throw his hands up in the air.

“Mr. Speaker, the Minister of International Cooperation cut funding to a reputable church organization, then doctored a document from her officials to make it look as if they agreed with her judgment when they did not and then she misled the House,” he recalled.

“This is conduct unworthy of a minister,” he ventured. “The question to the Prime Minister is, what consequence will the minister face for misleading the House and the Canadian people?”

Here the Prime Minister stood to impose his authority upon the situation. “On the contrary, Mr. Speaker,” he said.

Indeed. A senior government official with some insight into Mr. Harper’s soul told the evening news last night that Ms. Oda maintained the full confidence of the Prime Minister. And no doubt that is true. How could it not be? If making a spectacle of oneself were a fireable offence, Mr. Harper would be without much of his cabinet. Indeed, a quick review of the frontbench would seem to indicate that by doing so so spectacularly, Ms. Oda might be in line for a promotion. If she’d somehow worked a pirate metaphor into yesterday’s explanation, she might already be Finance Minister.

“The Minister of International Cooperation has been very clear that she took this decision,” Mr. Harper continued. “These kinds of decisions are the responsibility of ministers. When we spend money on foreign aid, we expect it to be used effectively for foreign aid and that is the decision the minister took.”

This was a fine explanation, though for what, exactly, it was unclear.

“Mr. Speaker, I didn’t get an answer,” Mr. Ignatieff astutely pointed out. “How can she continue in cabinet?”

Mr. Harper repeated himself.

Apparently tired of the foreplay, Mr. Ignatieff proceeded to question he’d been waiting to ask. “Mr. Speaker, the minister is tied up in ‘nots.’ She did not listen to her officials. She did not take responsibility. She did not tell the truth. She did not have the integrity to resign,” he reviewed. “How can the Prime Minister not demand her resignation?”

“Mr. Speaker, as I have said, the minister has been clear here and in committee repeatedly that this was her decision, as it is supposed to be,” Mr. Harper ventured in response. “It is a decision of the minister to make sure that taxpayers’ dollars are used effectively for foreign aid and that is what she has done.”

The government side is quite adept at this stuff: concede nothing, explain nothing, claim exactly the opposite of what you are accused of doing. It is never not remarkable to behold.

Here Ms. Oda is accused of not being clear, of not taking responsibility, of not explaining herself, indeed of contradicting herself and of misleading the House. And so here the government claims that she has been clear and she has taken responsibility. There is even the hint of an explanation, however snide and winking. The rejected expenditure in this case would have apparently helped educate 5.4-million poor people at a cost of $7.1-million. But here the Prime Minister seems to suggest that that’s not an effective use of government funds. Not that he’s necessarily saying that. But not that he’s not.

John McKay, the Liberal backbencher whose pursuit of this matter has gotten us to now, stood next with a question for Ms. Oda. But here stood John Baird instead. Mr. McKay tried again. Here again came Mr. Baird. “Mr. Speaker, the minister could not have been clearer,” he enthused on Ms. Oda’s behalf.

Indeed. But whatever her enduring clarity, Ms. Oda would not be allowed to stand a single time this afternoon. Whatever her decisiveness, whatever her responsibility, whatever her unimpeachable efforts in respect of public money, Ms. Oda could apparently not be counted upon to speak today for herself.

Similarly quiet, in fact appearing quite disinterested by the whole matter as he fiddled with his Blackberry and flipped through the newspaper, was Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. To date he is perhaps the only cabinet minister to have offered an explanation, however briefly, for the decision to reject funding for KAIROS. Some months ago he linked the decision to KAIROS’ position on Israel. A few weeks later, he disavowed any suggestion that the group’s position on Israel, or himself for that matter, had anything to do with it.

As the questions persisted, Ms. Oda’s spokesman grew obstinate.

Liberal Raymonde Folco suggested the Prime Minister was responsible for the decision. “Mr. Speaker,” Mr. Baird demurred, “it will not come as a surprise to the member or anyone in the House that I completely reject the premise of the honourable member’s question.”

Bob Rae begged Ms. Oda to explain her “subterfuge.” “Mr. Speaker, that was certainly a lot of bluster,” Mr. Baird sighed before launching into a tribute to the still-silent minister. “She has done a fantastic job. Canada is awfully lucky to have her.”

Mr. Rae would have none of it. “Mr. Speaker, the minister takes so much responsibility for her decisions that she is apparently incapable today of standing in her place and telling us why the story that is being told on her behalf, not by her, is a completely different story than the one she was perpetrating around the House of Commons for a full year,” he charged. “The minister did not have the courage to tell the committee when she met with us in December that in fact she is the one who authorized the ‘not.’ She is telling us now. Why did the minister not tell the truth to the committee in December when she appeared before it?”

Mr. Baird ignored this entirely. “The minister is the one who made the decision,” he reaffirmed. “She has always been incredibly clear on that.”

Some time later, the NDP’s Paul Dewar attempted to clarify matters.

“Mr. Speaker, we are talking about when one is telling the truth or not,” he explained.

“Yesterday the minister said she directed someone to insert that word to kill a grant for KAIROS,” he continued. This is what she said on December 9. When asked, ‘Did you put that word in there?,’ she said ‘No.’ ‘Do you know who did it?’ She said: ‘I do not know.'”

In case anyone hadn’t followed that, Mr. Dewar ventured a conclusion. “Where I come from, that is misleading. That is not telling the truth. That is a premise for this Prime Minister to ask this minister to leave cabinet,” he testified. “Is he going to do it, yes or no?”

Here Mr. Baird stood to ignore the question on Mr. Harper’s behalf.

“Mr. Speaker, the minister clearly made the decision not to provide financial support to this organization,” he said. “She could not be clearer.”

Indeed. However unclarified and contested the various details, Ms. Oda has certainly brought about a certain kind of transparency.

The Stats. KAIROS, 13 questions. Tunisia and immigration, four questions each. Foreign investment and crime, three questions each. Quebec City arena, the courts, securities regulation, public services and infrastructure, two questions each. Mexico, taxation and nuclear waste, one question each.

John Baird, nine answers. Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney, five answers each. Lawrence Cannon, four answers. Tony Clement and Vic Toews, three answers each. Ted Menzies, Diane Finley and Rob Merrifield, two answers each. Josee Verner, Rob Nicholson, Lisa Raitt, Peter Van Loan and Christian Paradis, one answer each.


The Commons: ‘She could not be clearer’

  1. I see the new era of Accountability and Transparency has come to fruition.

    Pure pantload

  2. Well at least the PM's position is entirely consistent the Guergis case, is it NOT?

  3. "The government side is quite adept at this stuff: concede nothing, explain nothing, claim exactly the opposite of what you are accused of doing. It is never not remarkable to behold."

    Ain't that the truth. It's also never not nauseating.

    Anyway, way to show integrity, Conservatives. You've set the bar high.

  4. With the unbearable Baird it is now hard to know who is the monkey and who is the organ grinder. It matters not, bring on the election.

  5. Who cares ?

    Ipsos. EKOS, HD, Leger, NTV in Newfoundland.

    Harper mania has broken out across the land !!

    Cats away.

  6. Can't defend it, so change the channel.

    Principles Cats.

  7. I don`t think Bev Oda will resign, nor will she be fired, however, she probably won`t run in the next election.
    She will be 67 this summer and with these recent events she probably has that " why bother " feeling.
    She may have planned to retire soon anyway, but with this recent blitz against her, the impression will be that Ottawa is no place for a woman with her relatively quiet demeanour.
    That is unfortunate—her presence represented two minorities in Parliament—women and visible minorities.
    You wanted the white male lawyers and suspender-snappers—you got `em.

  8. Culture of deceit.

    I was disappointed when the Liberals cowered and backed off using that very apt description of this particular government, at least on appropriate occasions.

    So I'm pleased to see it so deservedly return.

  9. Either women and minorities should be allowed to lie to Parliament or we going to have a heck of a time getting any women or minorities in to politics, eh?

  10. Did anyone else hear a plaintive, mournful violin playing in the background when they read Blue's comment?

    This is worse than the governments "defense".

  11. Also lying Cats…but no matter.

  12. Not really.

  13. It was hard to hear the violin over my barfing noises. LOL

  14. That horse died a couple of miles back, blue. If you care about women go donate some money to your nearest Transition House.

  15. Yeah, the whole nation was heartbroken when they stopped using such a witty phrase.

    The unmitigated joy of seeing it return is indescribable.

  16. You still going with your initial view that EKOS was a fluke ??

    LOL LOL LOL. So sad. Poor Emils. Shameful. Egg on you.

    Victory lap Cats. Fact Checking Cats. Just the facts Cats!

  17. It would be difficult for Mr. Haper to fire her if he was the one who ordered the "NOT". We'll never know though because it will be classified as national security.

  18. Meow…

    ( That's what cats actually say)

  19. Add Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes to the list of Oda's (we'll pretend she makes the decisions like Harps does) atttacks on women's funding.

  20. Have some dignity and quit while you are ahead

  21. Cats never does though. S/he just goes from one wacko comment to another.

  22. Cats use a variety of vocalizations, pheromones and types of body language for communication. These include meowing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling, and grunting.

    Moelk, Mildred (1944-04). "Vocalizing in the House-Cat; A Phonetic and Functional Study". The American Journal of Psychology (The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 57, No. 2) 57 (2): 184–205. doi:10.2307/1416947

  23. Just a thought here folks, but Iran may be looking for some new Opposition leaders soon, you know right after they get executed. I am sure our boys are up to the task and would have many real and legitimate reasons to chastize the government of the day over there.

  24. Is there not a protocol prohibiting gratuitous vulgarity like this on this site?

  25. Is that a threat? Or are you lost?

  26. "If making a spectacle of oneself were a fireable offence, Mr. Harper would be without much of his cabinet."

    Sneering anger.

    That's what passes for "analysis".

    Well it passes if the target is a conservative, on this blog, which notwithstanding the fact that it still refuses to carry the Liblogs banner, spews anti-conservative propaganda moreso than most members of Liblogs.

    A twelve pack to the commenter who picks out a Wherry post which genuinely (not in a sarcastic sneering way) points out a Harper accomplishment or approvingly supports a Harper position.

    Out of the hundreds and hundreds of posts, could there be one?

    One in a hundred?

    One in a thousand?


    I'm thinking never.

  27. Well….not until Harper actually HAS one, at least.

  28. You mean an American commenting on Canadian affairs?

  29. Are you suggesting the Cons will be needing jobs soon?

  30. Are you suggesting Wherry start writing fiction?

  31. This is a blog, not a column. While it is evident AW is hard on the GoTD i'm pretty sure if we did see a future liberal govt , then you could expect AW to be as caustic there too – if they were even half as deserving as this govt is of mockery.

  32. If she'd somehow worked a pirate metaphor into yesterday's explanation, she might already be Finance Minister.

    My prize for the observation of the year. I think Bev Oda is the next Ambassador to …… or the next CRTC Commissioner. This kind of self humiliation before an entire nation — and Bev Oda seems like the person who cares about integrity and honesty — deserves a just reward.

  33. Didn't know this was "analysis". I thought it was just a guy writing a blog.

    Don't like it? Start your own blog. Perhaps you will draw away Wherry's readership.

  34. According to Wikipedia (Knot Theory):

    A knot is created by beginning with a one-dimensional line segment, wrapping it around itself arbitrarily, and then fusing its two free ends together to form a closed loop

    This pretty much sounds like the PMOda defense pact.

  35. Bev Oda is the first Canadian of Japanese descent to become a federal Cabinet minister. That was a welcome breakthrough. In my personal view, I expect her to run in the next election if it takes place this year and bow out of politics within two years. If the election is delayed until Oct 2012 as many believe you may be right. She may leave next spring so a new candidate can replace her.

  36. Are you referring to excanuck or Ignatieff?

  37. Harper said wait and see.

    Then IR came out. Then HD came out.

    Pollsters warned about movements within the margin of error.

    Except the polls showed movement towards Harper outside the MOE.

    Emily I honestly feel bad for you. You're making yourself look really silly with these errors.

    Shocked Cats.

  38. Sorry….the polls are hokum, and you've been told about it

    So no more pretending, K?

  39. Are you being dumb or obnoxious?

  40. Well….. There really is no defending the Oda-bacle. Even the National Post is calling for her head. Defending this can exact a toll on a government, especially given the optics during an election. Are you sure PMSH is making the right call here?
    I've read analyses that likened some of PMSH's behavioural traits, especially his dislike of opponents, to that of Richard Nixon. While it is conceded that Tricky Dick was a brilliant and cunning politician, ultimately, his character defects sowed the seeds of his downfall. PMSH's behaviour does get erratic at times, doesn't it? Could this be another stumble on the road to a Nixonian slide; a clear vision obscured only by it's own faults?
    This KAIROS issue could have been ethically sidestepped with some straight talk from the get go. But once again, the man with the plan has not proven to be flawless in the execution.
    Missteps can turn into stumbles, which can turn into trips, which can turn into falls. His legendary good luck can't last forever.

  41. Why would you expect that? There is no evidence on the record that Wherry is anything other than a Liberal partisan. Why do you think that popwherry.blogspot.com is kept private from the general population?

  42. Yesterday Liberals were accusing Oda of "doctoring" documents, and suggesting she be charged with fraud. My, how the Liberals change their stories after only 24 hours.

  43. Dude. What is up with with the "liars are awesome people"campaign you have been waging on this issue?

  44. Chet, don't come here looking for fairness or evenhandedness. I used to think surely there will be fairness once in a while in Wherry's blog, but there isn't. His is an opposition blog, totally, and rabid anti-Harperites are drawn to it. Here, they can spew their venom. Of course Wherry is free to have a blog, and to say whatever he wants on it, but he should be on Liblogs and not doing it through Maclean's.

  45. Yeah and the accusations prompted Mrs. Oda to confess that she had ordered the doctoring. Which changed the focus of the story to the fact that Mrs. Oda had previously said she had no idea who doctored the documents.

    One event preceded another? Isn't that how news stories, political controversies, novels, life or pretty much anything else generally progresses?

  46. Yeah, for example Canadians elected Stephen Harper, Canada returned to deficit, the unemployment rate jumped 25%, and average Canadian wages began to stagnate. One event preceded the others. But all were inevitable after the first event.

  47. I'd point out that all of Oda's questions were taken by Mr. Harper and Mr. Baird – two white men who have never held a job outside of politics.

  48. I don`t know Oda and like the rest of you, I don`t know the inside story about how the Kairos funding was rejected, however I get the impression that Oda is a decent, unpretentious person who was bullied into making mistakes in the Committee hearings and is paying the price for it now.

    I also know that there is a slimy element to the Liberal Party that seems to permit people like yourself to recklessly toss out nasty names when referring to Oda.

    So I will have no problem in continuing to defend Oda as I`m sure you and Wherry and other Liberals will continue to attack her. I wonder how the electorate will look on the new-found courage of the Liberals as they watch them attack a 66 year old woman.

  49. “She could not be clearer.”

    In the original QP briefing book, the suggested answer was “She could be clearer.” Someone scratched in the “NOT” by hand.

  50. LOL WUT?

  51. More like she was bullied by Harper into misleading the House.

  52. Yeah, on an equally relevant note, February is the shortest month of the year, but some days are also the coldest of the year.


  54. The only qualification required to run for the Federal Conservative Party is to be willing to fall on your sword for King Stevie.

  55. "Doctoring" implies she was trying to hide something, which clearly wasn't the case. There was a circle around the change, the change was written above the rest of the line, and it was hand printed onto a typed document. If that's "doctoring" a paper, then everyone of my high school essays were "doctored" by my teachers.

  56. Yes, Canada is the only country in the world that saw economic decline in the last few years, and it's entirely Stephen Harper's fault. Brilliant observation.

  57. You're right. Other than all those times she lied about it, she wasn't hiding anything at all.

  58. Another Liberal tempest in a teapot. Anything to distract from those polls!

  59. Ahhh, now it's her AGE that should get our sympathy?

    Sorry, 66 isn't elderly and decrepit in politics.

  60. Well, since anyone can sign into it, I'd hardly say it was 'secret'. LOL

  61. 'Tory times are tough times'.

  62. Oh, really? REALLY? Then please do login and tell me what's posted there.

    You obviously have no damn idea what you're talking about. It's invite only.

    Do you even look into things before you start spouting your lies?

  63. She never lied. The Liberals are too dense to understand what she said maybe, but she didn't lie.

  64. Riiiiiight. That's why Canada's economy is performing better than any other country in the G8. If those are tough times, I say bring it on!

  65. Without polls, the Liberals wouldn't be able to take a position on anything.

  66. In your worldview [developed just this week strangely enough] they were doing the chivalrous thing in 'protecting' an elderly Japanese woman

  67. Without polls Cons would actually think they're getting somewhere.

  68. You do not get this impression at all. YOu are lying in the pathetic hope it will fool others into taking your ridiculous side.

    You are no better than Oda herself in this respect. Worse even!

  69. Tempered by the ugly actions of CPC which have made the description applicable, no doubt!

  70. That doesn't even make any sense. Every poll shows the Liberals getting slaughtered in any upcoming election. But I'll chalk it up to you just being drunk again.

  71. Can we take that to mean you'll never comment on American affairs again? Or is this another one of your rules that applies to everyone but you?

  72. Actually it's not, but I realize it's the koolaid talking….

  73. All those Libs at the NatPost?

  74. And the pollsters just told you to ignore those polls because they're not accurate

    So did Harper.

    Sorry, I'm not the one into koolaid

  75. Yes, all Liberals lie.

  76. No, Harper said the CPC internal polling showed different results. That's not saying that all polls are not accurate. But I do understand you're disdain for polls that show your party is becoming irrelevant to Canadians.

  77. Yes, and not to believe it or any of the ones coming out.

    I've said polls haven't changed in 5 years….they go up a bit, and come down a bit….but neither of them are getting anywhere…it's still 50/50

    And it will be in the coming weeks too, as the 'lead' vanishes like it always does.

  78. ex-canuck made his choice, he just has trouble living with it.

  79. sourstud – either follow this or stifle yourself. Her story has changed at least once a day. This is not our fault.

  80. Your article is from 2010, so I don't need to say anything….LOL

  81. Well, Libs are most of the population of the country. LOL

  82. Wow, what incredible insight. Next, you're going to tell us that the stock market goes up and down too?!?! My mind is totally blown!!!!!

    And no, they're not 50/50, and they haven't been 50/50 in years. The CPC has been leading in the polls for years. Those elections kinda prove it. Or are you going to tell us that elections are pointless because the results of elections change from year to year?

  83. Which country? Certainly not Canada. Are you even aware of the results from the last two elections?

  84. So I'll take that to mean you have nothing. Nothing but lies. If you're going to lie about being an economist, you might at least TRY to provide relevant data. But of course you won't because you're just making crap up and making yourself and your Liberal party look like idiots. Keep up the good work, those irrelevant polls will continue swinging in the CPCs favour.

  85. So Americans can't comment on Canadian affairs, but it's A-OK for Canadians to comment on American affairs? Your a beacon of consistency.

    And I don't think he has any trouble living with his decision. What would give you that idea?

  86. Your mind was blown years ago when you bought into Libertarianism.

    Yes, they're 50/50. I don't care how much koolaid you drink, Harper isn't anymore popular now than he was 5 years ago. Fingernail minorities have been the result.

  87. No dear, it means YOU have nothing.

    I never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  88. It's a Canadian site.

    And ex-canuck…is an ex-canuck

    He gave up his privileges long ago. He just can't get over not being Canadian anymore.

  89. And are you saying that most Canadians are liars then? Because I would say that most Canadians, Americans, Iranians, and every other nationality on the planet are predominantly honest people. But I guess this explains why you feel you can be a pathological liar and still live with yourself.

  90. Whatever. You're clearly an idiot and I'm done with you.

  91. It is difficult to find something to cheer about. It says something about the integrity of a nation when it appears to support the untoward Machavellian behaviour of its elected officials. And the press with its decidedly monopolistic voice is complicit in this support. So a whimper of criticism is really an attempt, pitiful attempt really, to thwart that impression, however unsuccessful.

  92. Really? Is that a promise?

  93. So, will this be enough to finally cause Ignatieff and the chicken little Liberals to force an election?

    Nope…prepare yourselves for some serious tail tucking and excuses.

  94. LOL What did your last slave die of?

  95. Fingernail?

    Longest serving minority in history is fingernail?

    Wow, you seriously live a delusional world. What happens when the Conservatives win a majority? Will you finally do fully libtarded?

  96. I am quite confident you have never been involved in a battle of wits. And fear not, I'm well armed.

  97. You make me want to punch things. I really need to quite reading Mcleans blogs, far to many libtard posters.

  98. Yes, Harp's worst fear is that they take him out. They could do so at any time, and he's aware of it.

    The Cons aren't likely to win a majority, so don't worry about me.

    You'll have to translate that last sentence….it doesn't appear to be in English.

  99. Only with arms dude, only with arms. LOL

  100. Well your age and koolaid will do that to you.

  101. So why don't they?

    Bring it on I say, send Ignatieff packing and the Liberals running.

    Also, I'd enjoy rubbing your face in another Liberal defeat.

  102. So Canadians aren't allowed to comment on American sites? Because, I'm pretty sure that when Al Gore invented the Tubes, they were designed to cross borders… oceans even too! Did you know that sites like WikiLeaks, Twitter, and Facebook are in fact American websites? You've never used any of those?

    And what privileges did ex-Canuck give up by leaving Canada? How long do yo have to leave the country for to lose these privileges? If I travel abroad for a weekend, do I lose these privileges? What if I just take a boat trip to international waters, do the same rules apply? Oh, and outer space! Does the international space station count as part of Canada? The Moon? Do these same rules not apply to Michael Ignatieff? If not, why not? Do Russian czars get Canadian "privileges" regardless of where they live?

  103. Liberals have been govt for 79 of the past 115 years, and they will be again.

    They've been down before, they will be again….but they've always come back to form a govt.

    So as much as you'd like to believe you're the only party in Canada…it's just not true.

  104. No, I believe it was you that said that.

  105. LOL why would they bother?

    Harper is taking himself out.

    And since I'm not a Lib, you won't get the chance I'm afraid.

  106. Yes, I promise you're an idiot.

  107. I'm afraid I'm not elderly…but to a couple of wannabee hotshot kids like you, I'm sure it appears that way sonny.

    Now if you were intelligent…or at least not deaf, you'd know I'm not a Liberal….so you're wasting all your best schoolyard insults on me.

  108. And you're a kid….go to bed. LOL

  109. And I'm the Easter Bunny!!!

    Prepare for some face rubbing you Liberal shill.

  110. Some say that Liberalism is a mental disorder. I don't agree with that, but I do think you have a mental disorder.

  111. Nothing more sad then an elderly Liberal stuck in the nursing home alone, shilling all hours of the night.

  112. You need your sleep, the confusion has long since set in….so off to bed with you.

    I have work to do, sonny

  113. LOL and some say kids will be kids. They're right.

    Tuck yourself in.

  114. ROFL!!!!!!! Couldn't quite get "logged in" there, could you? Don't worry Em, there are lots of kids in the local kindergarten that could show you how the InterTubes work, though I'm sure they'll be much more advanced in it's usage than you could ever dream of.

    I'm not sure why you're bringing up your history of owning slaves. I know you were alive in the early 1800's, but I wasn't, and personally I wouldn't ever own a slave, not even if it was you.

    But please, I've got nothing better to do tonight than laugh at you displaying your ignorance to the world.

  115. You've been in a battle of wits with arms? Who's arms? Hulk Hogan's? Cause that guy has some serious arms.

  116. Um, I didn't say I was the only party in Canada. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm not a party at all (except on weekends, BA-DA-BING!!)

    You're predictions continue to be insightful. Will you next tell me how the sun will rise again tomorrow? Cause that would be SHOCKING!

  117. No, I said all Liberals lie. Can you not even read?

  118. I suppose I would be a kid in comparison to you. I'm not as fortunate as you to have hit that century mark already. But I'm glad the nurses at the care home don't medicate you at night. It provides hilarious entertainment for the rest of us.

  119. Awwwww, are your meds kicking in finally? Good for you!

  120. Au contraire… just ask the speech writer, Grewal Germant (sic) and a whole swatch of disappeared Tory toadies…

  121. Another "Liberal" led, media driven witch hunt with AW at the front of the pack with a pitchfork in one hand and a burning torch in the other. I think the symptoms that AW and other "Liberal" activists are currently exhibiting is a frothing at the mouth, impotence at NOT being able to set the narrative, and lynch whomever the "Liberals" target for lynching. The tone of frustration as witnessed in AW's hysterical rantings is probably the same tone of frustration one would find in the back-rooms and corridors of the "Liberal" party war room, where these "scandals" are dreamed up. "Odagate" is most likely nothing more than "Liberal" bureaucrats policy decisions being over ruled, anger at losing their entitlements and resorting to specious, contrived, smear campaigns.

  122. Age, gender, and ethnicity are not the issues. Did she deliberately lie or not, that's the issue. And as the minister responsible, she is the one who should answer.

  123. Oh c'mon Sourstud. The Conservatives has commissioned more polls, and use more polling in their decision making than any federal government in Canadian history. I bet the reason Bev Oda was instructed to doctor the KAIROS document in the first place was because the PMO polls showed unfavourable optics towards cutting such long standing funding.
    Surely you were being sarcastic?

  124. No. Perhaps this will be enough for you to finally admit that the pledge of Ministerial accountability, that the pledge of transparency and accountability has been nothing short of an outright sham.
    The only lame excuses are the ones emanating from the PMO. Now that the National Post is calling for her resignation, will PMSH be tucking his tail and running?
    Bring on the election; polls be damned.

  125. Methinks "somebody" needs a "primer" on the proper use of quotation marks.

  126. Oh come on Cats

    Even the National Post is calling for her resignation

    Even the National Post is calling this an affront to democracy

    Who cares? Everyone who values what Canada stands for should care. Why don't you?

  127. I took that comment from Baird to be an acknowledgement that Ms. Oda was incapable of providing a better, truthful recitation of the facts. Mr. Baird is admitting that Ms. Oda is, indeed, incompetent.

  128. It seems to me that Oda's main problem is her incompetence in her position as Minister.

    It is certainly within her rights (and obligations) as a Minister to have final say on the funding application….however the way she went about it denying it illustrates a complete lack of understanding of protocol, procedures and common sense.

    For those reasons alone she should be booted from cabinet if Harper wants to project any sort of semblance of "competent government."

  129. Stephen Harper

  130. Quite true.

    Honesty, integrity and competence are mutually exclusive from age, gender and ethnicity.

    (Well…maybe not age…I'd probably have more sympathy for Oda in her current situation if she was…oh…about 6.)

  131. Lets see how long this comment lives for.

  132. If a bunch of you could reply to this comment with 'Stephen Harper' it would help me debug this.

  133. Let's see how long it takes for people to decipher it.

  134. Funny!

    Now, please type in Stephen Harper. I don't think it will delete mine because I'm a mod.

  135. Unfortunately, the more that people call for Bev Oda's resignation, the less likely it is that Harper will demand it of her. There are two basic Conservative principles at work here:

    – The Conservatives never admit error. Never. To do so would be to hand a victory to the Liberals/liberals/elitists/socialists/separatists/traitors/enemies/Them.

    – No one ever tells Stephen Joseph Harper what to do.

  136. Stephen Harper

  137. You're angry because Wherry won't invite you into his private blog?

    I'm annoyed because I can't sit in on meetings of the Privy Council Office. But I'm not dumb enough to expect to be invited in…

  138. Thank you sourstud. Emily is just a little disenchanted these days. Cant blame her really. She has trapped herself into supporting a losing cause. Besides she does not do anything else all day except troll for the Libs!

  139. Stephen Harper

    So far, so good…

  140. I'd agree with you, but then there's the whole Guergis thing…

  141. Fine.. but don't say I didn't warn you. The myth goes that if you hold a vinyl copy of Abbey Road and chant Stephen Harper's name 5 times, he will magically appear behind you and devour you. Leaving behind a copy that is physically identical, but under the direct control of Harper. Stephen Taylor can attest to this, or at least, he could have. Then he tried it.

    The other part of the myth goes that a heterosexual couple with a child can summon Stephen Harper together if they both hold the album, and Stephen Harper will devour the child instead. I'd repressed that horrible memory, used as a threat against me when I was disobedient as a young one, until Stewart brought it back by telling us to type Stephen Harper's name.

    But surely, it must be safe.
    After all, it's only a childhood superstition, right?
    Maybe I'll see about picking up a copy of Abbey Road.

    .. or maybe not.

  142. Do we need an ambassador in Denmark???

  143. Thanks Everybody, looks like our comment system is no longer removing 'Stephen Harper'. Was probably a result of a Spam comment that made mention to him we had a while back.

    You're free to use his name again! (For better or worse)

  144. Uhh.. you may want to reconsider that "mutually exclusive" there. I don't think it means what you think it means.

  145. The Conservatives didn't admit error here – quite the contrary. They kicked Guergis out of the party and sent the RCMP after her.

  146. Heh. Okay, that makes perfect sense. All those cr*sh tr*cks that came through and got flagged as spam had Stephen Harper in them as a common term, so the system started auto-deleting any messages wtih his name as spam.

    Incidentally, as you can probably figure out from this message, there's a couple of other words that have been similarly flagged. I'm not sure if it's one of the two words, or both, or both in that configuration, but the first time I wrote this comment, it got deleted as well.

    Now to put this to evil use.. :)

  147. Sure, and why wouldn't they do the same with Oda, given that she appears to have committed perjury and or participated in forging documents?

  148. Is that a reference to the stench emanating from the Minister's office?

  149. Guergis crossed The Leader. Oda is doing what The Leader tells her to do.

    In the Conservative party, obedience is valued more than competence.

  150. I'd been thinking the same thing. On the one hand, it might hamper our engagement with Copenhagen on our Arctic maritime boundary, Hans Island, resource rights, responsibilities, etc… on the other hand, it would be fairly consistent with the role and value of diplomats in this government's foreign policy making.

  151. Gotcha, that makes sense. I felt we were talking past each other there.

    But I still think that Oda is being led in for slaughter. Nothing in the Hansard indicates that they are giving her any more support than absolutely necessary and, in fact, appear to be distancing themselves from her actions by repeating, ad nauseum, that this was "her decision".

  152. Something tells me the reason Bev Oda was not thrown under the bus like Guergis, is because Harper did order the "NOT" and knows Oda will testify to this when and if she is removed from Cabinet. If the Speaker finds Oda is in contempt of Parliament, she automatically is removed from her seat and will have no longer have any reason to keep silent.

    I think it is too ealry to say we will never know who ordered the "NOT".

  153. Back-room staff are easy to dump. The first thing sacrificed in a game of chess is the pawn.

    But this is different. Oda, Clement, and others saw what happened to Guergis, and will toe the line in order to be protected by the Godfather. But if Harper hangs Oda out to dry, it'll be a damned if you do and damned if you don't proposition for them, and then you'll start seeing some real behind-the-scenes wrangling to evict Harper.

  154. I don't always make sense :-)

    One of the many things that I dislike about Harper is his apparent willingness to throw others under the bus in order to save himself.

    Whatever it takes.

  155. Does the Speaker of the House not have responsibility for ensuring the Government at least pretends to answer the questions asked?

    Might as well abolish Parliament and give the money saved to KAIROS for all the good Parliament does if the Government simply ignore the questions they are asked.

  156. You made a swear!

  157. Not annoyed at all. I'm sure there's nothing there that I'd want to read.

    I'm suspicious of a so-called professional writer who hides his personal musings from the general public, and selectively allows access. He's obviously trying to hide something that he believes would reflect poorly on his "professional" image.

    Really, name me another "professional" writer who hides material from readers?

  158. So you're saying if a person writes for a living, they should not be afforded any privacy? Didn't you support the maiming of the census for privacy reasons?

    At any rate, every professional writer I've met has scads of material that most readers never see. Half fleshed out ideas, articles that went nowhere, stuff that just wasn't gelling, and that's not even getting into the idea that people might be happy sharing their political views but not the personal goings on of their life.. or vice versa.

    And it's not at all uncommon to share this stuff with friends, mentors, editors, and the like for feedback before deciding if you want to move any particular piece of it public.

  159. The Speaker of the House has a lot of responsibilities.. unfortunately, many of them require some semblance of a spine. Peter Milliken is sadly lacking.

  160. I didn't say he shouldn't be allowed any privacy! I just said it's highly suspicious, and it is.

    Having worked with the WordPress platform extensively, I can tell you that it allows for "half fleshed out ideas, articles that went nowhere, stuff that just wasn't gelling" being drafted without being published. So that's not what he's using it for.

  161. I understand three paragraphs is longer than your typical attention span, but do try to read the whole thing before commenting.

  162. He is learning.

    "If there is any one thing that has struck me for the short time I have been in this job, it is how critically important foreign affairs has become in everything that we do.

    The globe is becoming a village. And virtually every significant challenge we face — economic, environmental, demographic, security, health, energy, you name it — contains an important, if not critical, international dimension."

  163. I'm not even sure what the hell you're talking about here.

    Whatever. I'm pretty sure the site is probably just his old TMZ-style crap from the National Post. I'm just saying it's suspicious for a professional writer to keep any writing private. They do, after all, usually write to be read by as wide an audience as possible.

    Third paragraph, I'm lost now….

  164. Ummm….it's a blog guys….look for fairness and balance elsewhere….

  165. He's got a bad case of Wherry Derangement Syndrome. The bad news is that the symptoms don't really abate. The good news is the sufferers are easy to spot — they start saying utterly incomprehensible things, like "Bev Oda never lied about the document".

  166. Maybe i simply don't know what i'm talking about here, but it's the only sensible answer that i can see. Clearly he's harder on the cons than the libs in particular – why? Because they are the Gotd. I'm not aware of a previous history in which he was an established liberal shill – neither i think are you. I suggest you ask him why that blog is private or restricted; it's not like he's a member of a secret star chamber.

  167. On this count, unfortunately, I think you're quite possibly correct. Everything else you've posted on this thread, however, is sycophantic to the point of derangement. Might be time for a midichlorian transfusion — your Force is getting low and you seem pretty easy to fool.

  168. She's already "admitted" to changing the document. The other "conservative" "parliamentarians" are "circling the wagons" so she doesn't have to "speak".

    It's only either "corruption" or "incompetence", plenty of which we've already seen from this "government". So no need to get so "defensive" over a problem with such an easy fix.

    She needs to "be fired", or "resign".

  169. About the GoTD, I certainly hope you're right. And I used to honestly believe that would be the case with Jon Stewart, but I was clearly wrong there. Which gets me a little angry because Stewart is hilarious, but I can barely stand watching him because he's such a partisan shill. I think the coverage of the election campaigns is very telling, and during the last campaign Wherry was still attacking the CPC, and defending the Libs on occasion.

    But as I stated above, I'm pretty sure that blog just contains his past pop culture writings (judging by the pages that have linked there in the past). I think he probably has made it private because he doesn't want to get smeared by the same folks who disregard Olbermann as a "former sports guy", or O'Reilly as "the Inside Edition guy" (as if being multi-talented somehow detracts from their current opinions).

    Is there a place where they have e-mail addy's for the staff? Or do I have to check in the magazine (ink… ewww!), or are they on here somewhere and I'm just as blind as a bat?

  170. I stand corrected…thank you.

    Should be "independent."

    That sounds much gooder:)

  171. Your second paragraph is a total contradiction to your first sentence in your post above.

    Are we to believe you are not joking in your first and third paragraphs ?

  172. Thanks for the reference to Alfonso Gagliano, the Public Works Minister under Chretien who was responsible for millions of dollars in public funds being directed to Liberal friends in Quebec. As a reward for service to the Liberal Party Gags was given the reward to Denmark.

    Bev Oda decided not to fund Kairos with 7 million dollars in public funds. She was doing her job and will receive no extra reward for that.

  173. Actually.. professional writers usually write to be paid.
    Bloggers write to be read.

    There's a difference.

  174. Bloggers are writers. Some writers are bloggers. Wherry gets paid to blog, thus he blogs to get read. I'm not sure I understand the distinction, other than the platform.

  175. Harper defends a blatant forgery and deception of the house. He does so with a straight face. To call him slime would be a compliment

  176. Have a nice day.

  177. It may well be that there's stuff in there he's working on and hoping to sell elsewhere, in which case he's keeping it private.
    Maybe it's the spot he collects the funniest responses to his blog posts that he's hoping to turn into a book someday.

    Using your logic, it's "suspicious" that he doesn't give us all his email password.

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