The Commons: Stephen Harper decides to play poker

The PM thinks there simply isn’t much to say about the mysterious phone calls to voters


The Scene. Rising just before Question Period, the NDP’s David Christopherson read aloud from the official opposition’s indictment.

“Canadians demand answers. They deserve better than another five-year runaround by the Prime Minister before their next inevitable guilty plea. The Prime Minister has it within his power to get to the bottom of this today, to identify the guilty parties and to ensure that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” he ventured, “or the Prime Minister will have proven that in no time at all he has become exactly that which he used to loathe.”

He stretched the vowel sound of this last word for the sake of indignation. Seated across the way, making a rare Monday appearance, the Prime Minister noticeably bounced in his spot with a guffaw. He chuckled again a moment later when Nycole Turmel suggested special by-elections might soon be in order.

The opposition members, their outrage pent up after four days of allegation and accusation, could not contain themselves.

“What is the Prime Minister doing to prevent these fraudulent tactics?” Ms. Turmel begged with her first opportunity. “What will he do to really restore people’s confidence and improve rather than reduce the voter turnout? That’s the question: the rate of people’s trust in the electoral process.”

“Mr. Speaker, it is more in sadness than in anger that Canadians watch what could be the most comprehensive election fraud in Canadian history and there is not a person in the country that is buying the lone gunman on the sixth floor of the book depository theory,” Pat Martin fumed awhile later. “This took big money and sophistication to execute.”

Dean Del Mastro, the Prime Minister’s parliamentary secretary, stood and gasped that this was “patently false.” Mr. Del Mastro apparently being quite a stickler for truth in analogy.

“Mr. Speaker, it is hard to understand or believe the government’s answers,” Bob Rae lamented. “The party that has control of the information with respect to Crestview, with respect to RackNine, with respect to campaign research, with respect to in-person calls, robocalls, at midnight, during the day, the party and the government that understands that and knows that and has control of that information is over there. They are the ones who have to come forward with the information.”

He raised his voice and jabbed his finger. “When,” he begged, “is the Prime Minister of Canada going to take some degree of personal responsibility for what is taking place in this country?”

As much as the government was desperate to say everything, the government side was eager to say nothing. Or at least to say that there was nothing much here to say.

Mr. Del Mastro, for instance, ventured that allegations of voter suppression were unfounded because, in fact, total voter turnout in 2011 was improved over 2008. (The Liberal party might beg to differ with his math.)

Mr. Harper was mostly upturned palms and shrugs. He castigated the Liberal corner for its willingness to make “broad, sweeping allegations.” And he seemed to not quite believe any of what he was hearing was substantial enough to worry about as yet. Indeed, he very nearly dared the other parties in this regard.

“If the NDP has any information that inappropriate calls were placed, and we certainly have information in some cases and we have given that to Elections Canada,” he said, “then I challenge that party to produce that information and give it to Elections Canada.”

Here then, it seems, a sort of gamble. That the other parties around the table don’t have much. Or, at the very least, they don’t have enough to beat him. That for all that is being reported and alleged, everything that may or may not mean about our politics and the last election, it all doesn’t—or won’t—amount to anything.

“I can certainly assure the member that on this side we can produce all the documentation necessary on our own activities,” he chided Mr. Rae, “but we are interested to see what information the members opposite actually claim to have.”

So the state of our democracy is now a matter of who’s bluffing.

The Stats. Ethics, 18 questions. Military procurement, three questions. Online surveillance, government spending, Saudi Arabia and immigration, two questions each. The Canadian Wheat Board, Iran, aboriginal affairs, telecommunications, crime, pharmaceuticals, Africa and bilingualism, one question each.

Dean Del Mastro, eight answers. Stephen Harper, six answers. Pierre Poilievre, four answers. John Baird, Diane Finley and Julian Fantino, three answers each. Vic Toews and Jason Kenney, two answers each. Denis Lebel, Dave Anderson, John Duncan, Mike Lake, Rob Nicholson, Leona Aglukkaq and Bev Oda, one answer.


The Commons: Stephen Harper decides to play poker

  1. Rhinoceros? What rhinoceros?

  2. What else can he do at this point but bluff….

  3. A few questions to those who comment Liberally on these pages:

    Before we sweep this Vikileak dirty trick story under the rug, can we spend a little time on it to determine if there may be more staffers or even elected members who may have a story to tell?Should Liberal MP`s spend a little time to caution their staffers not to follow the example of the former staffer of Bonnie Crombie?One of the Liberals earlier today mentioned the threatening tone of the Twitter account called Anonymous. Is it possible that it also originated from a disgruntled former employee?

    • “Before we sweep this Vikileak dirty trick story under the rug, can we
      spend a little time on it to determine if there may be more staffers or
      even elected members who may have a story to tell?”

      So, by all means, spend all the time you need, if it makes you feel better. But, in keeping with Harper’s stance on the robocall allegations, it’s incumbent on the Cons (not the Liberals) to come forward with what they know about it.

      And then, when we’re done, can we spend a little time on the fact that what this Liberal staffer did (with or without accomplices or knowledge of superiors) was merely “exercise his right of free speech”, just as the Cons insisted they were doing when they spawned a nasty little telecampaign of rumours about Irwin Cotler?

      And then, when we’re done that, can we spend a little time on the fact that what this Liberal staffer did (with or without accomplices or knowledge of superiors) was merely slimy while what the robocall facilitators did was both slimy and (in all probability) criminal?

      Busy agenda. Let’s get started.

      • Great!
        The above blogger has posted 23 entries in the past 4 days trying to implicate the Tories into the Robocall story.

        I would expect at least that many in his effort to get to the bottom of the Liberal Vikileak story and the still unsolved Anonymous story.

        • First of all, “trying to implicate” is your spin. The old journalistic phrase “who benefits?” causes most to look at the information available to this point and say “looks like the Conservative party is the most likely to benefit”. As such, suspicion is understandable. That’s not implication.

          Secondly, trying to link Anonymous to the Liberal Party of Canada is a non-starter. Police agencies around the world have spent a lot of time and money trying to solve the Anonymous issue. To even suggest that Anonymous is some Liberal beggars belief.

          • Yes indeed, who benefits is a good question.  Stories today in The National Post and The Toronto Star claim that a call centre in Thunder Bay had callers giving out incorrect information to CONSERVATIVE VOTERS.  Supposedly, these callers were hired by the CONSERVATIVE PARTY.  Now, how in any shape or form would the Conservative Party benefit by calling their own voters and giving them inaccurate information within a week of the election?
            To solve the mystery, you at least must have an open mind….

          • “The Toronto Star claim that a call centre in Thunder Bay had callers giving out incorrect information to CONSERVATIVE VOTERS”

            No, the story DOES NOT SAY that.

          • Indeed. And as we follow the “who benefits” logic, so far, by all media accounts of those who claim these sorts of calls, the majority of reports come from close ridings in Liberal/Conservative contests, and most have been indicated to be aimed at Liberal voters. Not all, of course. But having an open mind, you’ve considered that.

            Besides, the “mystery” you speak of ill be easily solved by following the other journalistic principle, “who pays”. No doubt the call centre will have to provide the script and billing info. I look forward to that data.

            And you seem to have dropped the “Anonymos” tack. That would be wise, as it was really not a strong argument.

          • NO THEY DID NOT. 

        • How many have I posted – I haven’t been keeping track?  I guess once Vic’s bill gets passed you can find out who we are.

          • The Libs had already passed the law which allows the police to get the online information but it was voluntary whether the ISP had to provide the information. The new legislation would simply have made that request mandatory.

            Once again Jan try to keep up. I know its tough when there is such “misinformation” being spread on your beloved party. Check it out..

            You would think you guys had learned a lesson after five years of trying to invent scandals. The hyper rhetoric etc. etc. coming from poster like you , opposition parties was a sight to behold. What did Canadians do? They gave the Conservatives a majority government whether you want to accept it or not.

            Once again this will turn into much ado about nothing. However, it keeps you guys excited and that is a good thing for our system.

      • Congratulations.  At least you admitted a Liberal staffer can be slimy, although Bob Rae called him a “really nice guy”.
        Further, it is incumbant on everyone to come forward with what they know about the robocalls because afterall this is an investigation being done by the RCMP and elections Canada.  I would really hope that prior to making a whole lot of allegations of illegal conduct by the the opposition parties toward the Conservative Party of Canada and the that the prime minister that the opposition parties have at least a shred of evidence of such conduct. 

        • I concur.

          I based my analysis above on Harper’s comments in the House today, in which he seemed to place the burden of proof entirely on the opposition regarding the robocall campaign. In law, that stance is, no doubt, totally appropriate.

          Having said that, unlike Rae in the Vikileaks affair, Harper has yet to reveal even a tiny shred of contrition, let alone moral culpability, for widespread fraudulent activity (based on pretty conclusive empirical and circumstantial evidence that grows by the day), activity that was conducted on his watch for the benefit, if not at the hands of, his political organization.

          • I agree… “Harper” should apologize for the “Liberal” dirty tricks campaign… he should also apologize for the spurious unfounded allegations and circumstantial evidence leveled at him by the adscamming “Liberals” and regurgitated by their media… “Liberal” leader NDP Bob has shown the way… if you are proven to be guilty of sleazy underhanded affronts to democracy and decency like the “Liberals” you should apologize, and even if you’re just a victim of a sleazy underhanded smear campaign orchestrated by NDP Bob and the “Liberals” you should still apologize.   

          • If I were Harper, I don’t think I’d want you in my corner but carry on. Your odd, rambling, illogical ruminations do not reflect well on the Con gene pool.

          • Would you apologize for something if you didn’t do it and you had serious doubts that anyone you knew or trusted did it…knowing that would mean that you were accepting culpability and someone would demand you resign? 
            The problem is that everytime something the gay marriage issue…Bob Rae rants and raves that the prime minister is corrupt and he knowlingly failed the country.  Had Harper apologized for that debacle before it played out, he would have taken the blame for something Paul Martin left hanging.  Even though you might think, the “circumstantial evidence” is overwhelming, there is no smoking gun here and if there was, Bob Rae and Pat Martin would have happily trotted it out today.  
            As for the “pretty conclusive evidence”, if what was printed in the Toronto Star and the National Post is right and Conservative voters were purposely given incorrect voting information, the culprit doesn’t look to be a big fan of the Conservative party.  How would giving Conservative voters bad polling information help the Conservative win an election?  I think we have to let this investigation play out and enough of the partisan rhetoric. 

          • Except the problem wasn’t with the law as Paul Martin left it. The problem was with the way the legislative folks at the CPC decided to enforce it, by declaring the marriage null and void in the first place.

            But you keep trying to revise that history there. Who knows, you might even get a gullible moron or two to believe you.

          • If the CPC blew it then why is new legislation required.

          • I don’t think it is. That’s just a bill of goods that the CPC tried to sell you to deflect blame.

      • I would say neuroticdog,your on the right track..Get all those cowardly Liberals who are spreading these lies out of our Parliament.And we will find who the slimy Liberals are who started this robocalling.Thank goodness there are no more BROWN ENVELOPES EH!

    • Anonymous is world-wide….in fact it just helped Wikileaks post 5 million confidential emails involving wrong-doing by Stratfor.  It’s causing a major freakout.

      Not everything is local ya know.

    • As your dear leader is want to say, if you have any information, bring it forward.

    •  Well let’s for one instance forget that an apology about the LPC staffer’s behaviour was issued and accepted by Vic Toews. Furthermore, Dean Del Mastro made a statement in the house today regarding the CPC’s intention to call the Liberal staffer to a committee hearing to look at this issue, all the more redundant is the fact the conservatives have made it so that these exact same types of employees shouldn’t be called to committee.


  4. The former Chief Electoral Officer has said by-elections are quite possible. An elector in an affected riding need only show a federal judge that the number of electors affected is larger than the difference in votes.

    • I think the onus, in all fairness, needs to be reversed. It’s not up to the public to prove harm, it’s up to the perpetrators to disprove it.

      Since it’s clear that attempts were made to suppress the vote in a certain number of ridings, and since the Conservatives have pledged to release all of their internal documentation regarding the calls. Then it seems a simple matter to compare the number of calls made in a particular riding against the results. Where the number of calls exceeds the margin of victory, the result should be nullifed and a by-election should be called immediately.

      The cost of the by-elections should be paid entirely by the party who made the fraudulent calls. In addition to any fines and jail sentences, of course.   

      •  Add to that $50 million per riding in “government” spending which will appear as gazebos begin to dot the land.

        • Yeah, but they double as pillboxes. Just wait until the invading forces teeming at the border make their way into the thick of the land! We’ll be quite thankful for the foresight displayed by locating them away from population centres.

    • Good luck with that!

    • Thank science for “ex”-Liberals like Kingsley.

  5. I’m beginning to worry that our pre-conceived smear campaign without evidence against the Cons with “robogate” is failing… “Liberal” dirty tricks like vikileaks was a great idea, and thankfully will be ignored by our media, but it just reminds Canadians of our adscamming past ( 250 million stolen-woo-hoo!!! ) and our “culture of corruption”, and our propensity for “dirty tricks”. If we’re going to make hay with our latest dirty trick we “Liberals” and our media, have to keep throwing around unsubstantiated accusations based on nothing, before an investigation finds out we were behind “robogate”. We have to seize power at any cost!   

    • “thankfully will be ignored by our media”

      Which is why I just heard it leading the news on  CBC radio 5 minutes ago.  Fascinating, Apparently embarrassing Vik Toews by republishing material that’s already available and on the public record is more important than election fraud.

      • You’re right, “Liberal” electoral fraud is a very serious issue and much more important then the “Liberal” dirty tricks campaign against Toews. My main concern is that our “Liberal” culture of corruption has been exposed… again. I appreciate our media’s hysteria over our accusations of electoral fraud without proof against the Cons, but I’m worried it will backfire on us, when we “Liberals” are found to be the ones behind “robogate”.

        • You know, you do Harper a disservice.  Why, Paul Wells has just re-published a post of his from 2006.  In it, Harper talks about the tens of millions of dollars in the sponsorship scandal–which, I remind you, made Liberals lose that election.  And yet, all by yourself it seems, you’ve found over 200 million more stolen dollars.  You really should tell Harper about it.

          Okay, now we can go back to you accusing Liberals of making accusations without proof.

          • Well, as you know, there is no accounting of the exact amounts of taxpayer millions looted by the “Liberals” from the treasury… “never leave a paper trail”… tens of millions of dollars could in fact add up to 100’s of millions over the decades of theft, but I guess we’ll never know the exact amount, seeing as the “Liberals” will never tell… and their supporters, including the media, don’t care… Okay, now lets get back to you and the “Liberals”/NDP making spurious, unfounded accusations against the elected Conservative Government without proof.

          • Well, as you know, there is no accounting of the exact number of votes suppressed … “never leave a recording”…19 ridings could in fact add up to 150 over the weeks of campaigning, but I guess we’ll never know the exact number, seeing as the “Conservatives” will never tell…and their supporters, including the media, don’t care (media didn’t care at the time, anyway)…Okay, now lets get back to you and the “Conservatives” making spurious, unfounded accusations against the (sorry, got to throw up a little bit here at this word–I’ll just replace that one) former Liberal Government without proof.

          • Compound interest?

        • If you weren’t so pathetically inept in your dissembling, I’d recommend you for a position at RackNine.

          On re-considering, you’re so pathetically inept in your dissembling, maybe you work there already.

          • Speaking of pathetic and inept… Pat (“F U” ) Martin is that you? Isn’t Racknine already suing you for slander Pat? 

          • You know I’m not Pat Martin. There are no vulgarities in my comments. Wise up.

    • Does your conscience even twinge when you lie these days? Or has it given up entirely and gone off into a dark corner to rot?

      • Well, you’re the expert on lying and rotting in dark corners, so why don’t you tell me

  6. It is the opposition, as usual, who are bluffing. We put up with five years of faux scandals ending with the arrogant Liberal party contriving a contempt charge to bring down the government. All those faux scandals pepetuated by the media each one threatening that this or that particular scandal was the tipping point and the Conservatives would be defeated. Well we all know what happened and as a result the Liberals sit with 34 members in the House.

    While no one supports fraud the reality is it is going to be very difficult to actually obtain proof beyond a reasonable doubt that there was voter suppression. However, I am sure Elections Canada will try their best. None of the investigations will prove that the results in a particular riding were affected sufficient to force a by election.

    So the media and the opposition will scream and yell for the next week until the next shiny bobble shows up.

    Thanks to the Speakers Office investigation the Liberal party’s outrage has now been tempered now that one of their own has been discovered to be behind the Anonymous postings. It is quite possible the Libs weill be held in contempt of  Parliament.

    Let the outrage begin.

    •  Whoah! When have hollimn AND Dennis F. been deployed within a week of each other since the 2011 election?

      Somebody is really serious about this.  Maybe because out of all the times they’ve deep-sixed democratic principles, this is the easiest to understand?

      • Glad you agreed with my commentary.

        • So where has Calvin been transfered to – the Star, Post?

          • Thankfully knifer doesn’t stray to far from the G&M. I suspect hollinm spends the odd numbered days here and the even numbered days with knifer. 

          • I see I am irritating a few of my leftist friends on this blog. Good. That is my intent. Someone needs to break up the group think that goes on here.

    • The Speaker’s investigation revealed that a Liberal staffer was responsible for the Vikileaks site. No one has been “discovered to be behind” the Anonymous upload (singular, so far) to YouTube.

      And where (beyond your own febrile imagination) did you find any grounds for holding the  Liberals in contempt of Parliament?

      Glad to see you’ve checked in but get your facts straight.

      • I was quoting a headline that appeared I think it was on CBC that suggested the source of Anonymous had been discovered as well as Wikileaks30. How do you know that the Liberal staffer was not behind Anonymous?

        Before calling someone names you should check your facts. Listen to Vic Toews statement. He suggested that a Liberal was encouraging people to participate in Vikileaks30 smear and that person is Justin Trudeau; although he didn’t name Trudeau directly. He wanted it to be considered a contempt of Parliament.

        He also wants the actions of the Liberal party to have infringed on his priviledges as an MP in carrying out his duties. I am sure you can find video of his statement if you look hard enough. I know you would want to be fair :-)

        • 1) I try not to engage in name-calling. Where have I done so here?

          2) Toews may have alleged that a Liberal is behind the Anonymous upload in question, but on the available evidence, Anonymous has a dispersed international network and Toews’ allegation is as groundless as the Cons insist the robocall accusations are. Meaning, by Con rules of evidence, it’s incumbent on Toews to produce proof.

          3) I concede it’s Toews’ right to claim infringement of privilege but I fail to see how the Speaker can make such a ruling, having previously dismissed Cotler’s case under remarkably similar circumstances. 

          Thank you for acknowledging my desire to be fair.

    • Not the Anonymous, the vikleaks,  never can tell if you guys are dumb or just spreading doo doo.

      • No deed to be insulting but if the shoe fits you can wear it as well. Some of your comments are pretty dumb.

        There was a report he was also behind Anonymous. Perhaps you should read more carefully before you cast aspersions on other people.

        The Liberal party may be held in contempt of parliament over the Vikileaks30 shenangin. You can bet that Toews is going to push it to the limit.

        The Speakers Office found the author of the site and Rae did the right thing by announcing it in the House and apologizing to Toews in a fullsome manner. However, the Dauphin (Trudeau) may be in trouble since he was encouraging people to use the Vikileaks30 site.

        • Well then post the link to the alleged report.  And do proceed with a contempt of parliament charge against the Liberals – if you can’t see the problem with your side accusing anyone else of contempt at this point, I wish you good luck with that move.

    • “So the media and the opposition will scream and yell for the next week until the next shiny bobble shows up.”

      Ladies and gentlemen, the Amnesia Gambit in all its regal splendor.

      • It’s the backup for ‘nobody cares’.

      • Trouble is you know its true. You guys and your friends in the media have tried to create faux scandals for the last five years. The Libs ended up with 34 seats in the House. Their worse showing ever.

        So continue with the hyperbolic rhetoric and the over the top accusations because that is all you got. However, at the end of the day I suspect most Canadians are interested in how the government is managing the economy, reducing the size of government and getting rid of useless bureacrats and hopefully reducing their taxes.

  7. They have all the money and all the power. I get one little vote every few years. And now they want to steal that too. I am mad.

    • And the Globe. And the National Post. And the London Free Press. And the Otawa Citizen. And the Toronto Sun. 

      This story has legs, whatever the outcome.

      • Check the papers west of Ontario and east of Quebec; there is nada.

        Do I think the Conservatives are behind this. Yes, but I see that the story is not even on the radar in most of Canada. Harper knows this too; hence the bluff.

        • the papers out west are owned and operated by Cons. The Winnipeg Free Press sometimes takes the cons to task

        • Wishful thinking.  Plenty of attention here in B.C. as we find out more ridings were targetted. 
          Especially here in Saanich and the Islands – we’ve been hit  in two elections now.

      • Yes just like all the other faux scandals that the opposition and the media created. Remember the long form census? Remember the prorogation? Remember the wafergate story? Remember the so called contempt charge?

        All of these stories were beaten to death by the oppostion and the media. What happened? Canadians decided that the Conservatives should have a majority government. Nough said.

        What will give the story legs? The Speaker declined an emergency debate. There is no ability for the opposition to set up a kangaroo committee to “get to the bottom” of this terrible situation.

        So now that the media and the opposition have expressed their faux outrage at robocalls which all parties do what will drive the story?

  8. I would like to see the allegators’ evidence before making a decision on this—people are innocent until proven guilty according to our laws—I however had a computer phone message from the former Liberal leader which had incorrect allegations about the Conservative Party 2 elections ago in his riding the night before the election which probably scared uninformed voters swaying them to vote for him.

    • And now, you too are an “allegator”. Difference being, of course, they have recorded evidence.

      • As did I

        • …it was left in my voice mail for 3 years

    • “I would like to see the allegators’ evidence”

      Great line! Perhaps we should drain the fetid swampland that the opposition parties and the rest of Canada inhabit to get to the bottom of this. After this is done, a couple of nice Gazebos could be constructed, probably for less than $50 million, because the more we build, the less it costs – kind of like the F35 fighter planes.

      Or maybe the PMO office should test for basic literacy skills before they hire someone (even as a volunteer) to post TROLL messages on leftish media websites.

      Entertaining post Joannjoo… Keep it up!

      Simple question – do you get paid for posting this drivel, or do you simply hope someday to get paid?  A senate seat may be beyond your reach. Read the third paragraph (if, indeed, you can read) for a clue.

      • no need to reply really although I will—-I know what happened to me—you can go back and stick your head in the sand…this is why our province is now going down the tubes—Liberal ideas—hand out coins in one hand and take dollar bills with the other….and FYI  I am not a TROLL just someone who thinks independently

    • I hope you reported that to Elections Canada.

      • Unfortunately I did not report it as much as I thought it to be underhanded—because I thought nothing would be done about it as “He” was the Liberals knight in shining armor and they were in power at the time….”He” is no longer their knight.

  9. Politics is not a clean sport—-you need to dig in the corners to find out which party made those calls —words without evidence is just hearsay

    • Calls were made from Racknine.
      To make calls from Racknine, you need an account on Racknine.
      The Conservative have an account on Racknine.
      The other parties do not.

      Now, given that Peter MacKay has said it looks like a CPC member made the calls, I don’t think there’s much digging left to do to figure out which party made the calls.

      Unless you’re stupid.

      • I’m not sure how Racknine works but are you sure who all had access to the knowledge that the Conservatives had an account and who was given the right to use the account?  Why would someone use the name “Pierre Poutine” and a throw away cell phone?  This is not exactly high tech stuff here… you honestly think the account information was a well protected secret?

        • Someone would use that name because they know the action is criminal, and if it ever did get discovered they would be facing jail time. Seems pretty simple.

          As to your second point, really? You’re really going to reach so far as to say that the CPC is so incredibly incompetent that they allow random people to access their phone list, which not only has their contact database included, but also costs them money to use?

          I mean come on, there’s the benefit of the doubt, but the benefit of the dumb? Is that what you’re arguing here?

  10. The same smug Stephen Harper who apparently doesn’t find the possibility of voter suppression and impersonating an Elections Canada are serious assaults on our democracy.  The Conservatives have been very quick to blame a lone wolf for the robo calls, at least in Guelph even though the investigation has barely begun.

    There are some serious questions which need answering.  Why was Michael Sona, just a week ago hired in the office of an MP after being caught red-handed interfering with a ballot box?  When the story broke the Campaign Manager for whom he worked suggested that the robocalls may have been made by one of his workers and the next thing you know an announcement was made that Mr. Sona had resigned. Coincidence?  That would be a stretch.

    Where is Mr Sona now?  If he is in the US, can he be compelled to return to Canada to answer questions in an inquiry?  Can someone be extradited to Canada from the US for engaging in voter suppression and impersonating an Elections Canada official?

    • You sound like a hysterical school girl (no offense to school girls). Just relax. I am sure Elections Canada will get to the bottom of it all.

      Yes serious questions need to answered…like who made harassing phone calls?

      Unlike the past five years there will no kangaroo committee investigating this. It will be up to Elections Canada. However, if you think this thing is going to result in by-elections then you are dreaming technicolour.

      By the way when Harper outlaws opposition parties and stiffles the media then we can talk. Assaults on democracy? Give your head a shake. What new laws has he passed that give him new power?

  11. To Ellen, Healthcare Insider, Trudopian and the dumbest of the whole lot, hollinm.

    I see that the PMO army has gone into overdrive on the spin control. Are you one of them?

    Perhaps Macleans should track the IP addresses of comments like yours and report them. Others have done this for Vikileaks. Why not target you? After, all, Vic Toews wants to know. He may even thank you (and by proxy, Stephen Harper).

    Spin all you like about AdScam and VikiLeaks. It’s public information. 

    But the rubbish you’re spinning?  Keep on spinning, baby. You look like a hamster now, or maybe a skunk, and that is what SH likes to see. 

    Like a dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinkin’ to high, high heaven.

    • Aren’t you funny? Not.

      Of course only the Liberal commenters are allowed to speak right?. This is typical of the leftist craptrap that permeates this blog and of course much of the media.

      Why don’t you make some reasonable, cogent comment rather than attacking those who do not accept your position. Is that too tough for you? Wikileaks30 has done more to help bill C-30. It proves that the police need more powers to track down this scum. However, I do think this should only be done when a legitimate warrant has been obtained.

      As I told JanBC you guys worked for five years trying to create scandal after scandal. When push came to shove Canadians elected a Conservative majority government. You don’t like it one little bit but that’s the reality and you will have to suck it up until 2015.

    • Stephen “Harper” likes to see hamsters and skunks? I think we have another “scandal” on our hands!! Alert the lefty media and git yur lynch’n rope, we got some lynch’n to do… 

    • Is this the state of democracy is “your world” Diogenes van Sinope?  Anyone who reminds people that in Canada we have a presumption of innocence is threatened with being terrorized by somebody hacking into their IP and trying to find dirt on their personal life.  I have told everyone who will listen that I am a Calgary registered nurse.  You have told everyone who will listen that you have disdain for the 40% of voting Canadians who voted Conservative.  I guess you don’t want anybody blogging on here who doesn’t think the way you do but to use Macleans’ ability to disclose our identities is a bit “Vic Toews” for a Liberal isn’t it?

  12.  It’s almost funny. Has anybody noticed it’s the same old Con game over and over? An enemy who has been invisible until now appears on the horizon. This is usually in the form of an announcement by whatever Minister has been allocated to handle the problem and stress its great importance to an area that the Cons consider their mandate. In order of priority: Security, Crime, Money, and the Retention of Power are the principal justification.
    Stevie’s hired 1500 skilled propagandists that specialize in “spinning” the “Gospel According to Stephen” by engaging in what have now become standard practices. Their first priority is the manipulation of public opinion by trying to exercise control of all information by declaring it Secret for “Security or Privacy” reasons, or “Exempt by Ministerial Privilege”. This is accompanied by a barrage of “leaks” to the press about the state of the problem: inflamed by as big a factor as they deem necessary.
    It’s an assault under a cover of darkness and neglect.
    One area under attack and invisible to Canadians is the attempt to Revise the MARIHUANA MEDICAL ACCESS REGULATIONS and destroy the program by completely forbidding Private and Designated growth by all Licensees. No one will be able to legally and affordably grow their own medication. Instead the Government intends to force them to buy from their proposed new and presumably profitable Contracts for “Commercial Production and Sale Licenses. There’s the money angle!
    They now want to invade the privacy of citizens. Where did the concern for Privacy go that resulted in the elimination of the Long Term Census because it asked a couple of questions about bedroom privacy that could simply be skipped. Mr. Toews should learn from the example of Health Canada and the way they handle privacy when dealing with the identities of Licensees.
    Privacy is sacred at The MARIHUANA MEDICAL ACCESS DIVISION (MMAD). All information regarding any Licensee is SECRET. Any disclosure of information about an individual is considered an invasion of their privacy and is expressly forbidden.
    Secrecy goes to the extreme and that is the source of all problems. MMAD will not tell a Licensee who wants to buy from a Licensed Designated Grower who the Growers are. They set up a supply/demand system and then forbade all communication and contact between the sides. Brilliant!!!  But good examples of a completely anal obsession with information control.
    It would be logical to conclude this rant with the inclusion of Crime, and Gangs, Public Safety, Fire hazards, mould, toxic chemicals, etc. I won’t bother.
    I will however point they had to throw in criminal penalties for growth of more than five plants and a six months sentence with their Tough on Crime.
    I have a new blog named Goan Smee devoted to obstructing the MMAD’s plans.
    Want to find out more detail? Take a quick peek. I think you’ll find it of interest.

    Blaine Barrett

  13. Herr Harper will survive this mess, just like he’s survived many, many others.  He’s pulled the Amnesia Gambit — keeping the mess covered up long after the event and making sure it peaks long before the next event (in both cases, elections).  By the time the next election is called, voters’ memories will have likely gotten so stale they won’t remember what the fuss was all about.  No need to hope for any particular outcome; having it come out at precisely this time will guarantee it become ancient history well before he calls the next election.

    Any columnist who says Harper is on the ropes has fallen for Harper’s trap — hook, line, and sinker.  At least for the next six years.