The complicated matter of James Bezan and Shelly Glover -

The complicated matter of James Bezan and Shelly Glover

The NDP appeals to the Speaker


Craig Scott offered the NDP’s perspective on the situation of James Bezan and Shelly Glover yesterday. Stephen Maher summarizes thusly.

The NDP said Monday it is prepared to let the Speaker decide the fate of two Conservative MPs who have refused to comply with an order from Elections Canada requiring them to file corrected election returns.

The party is taking a middle path between the Liberals, who have called for an immediate suspension of Manitoba Conservatives James Bezan and Shelly Glover, and the Conservatives, who argue that the matter should be settled by the courts before the two MPs are suspended.

Via Twitter, former parliamentary law clerk Rob Walsh questions whether the Speaker has the authority to suspend the two MPs.

Ms. Glover and James Bezan made their cases last Friday.


The complicated matter of James Bezan and Shelly Glover

  1. Then get rid of Elections Canada. No point in having them at all if they have no authority.

    • Agreed.

      • Indeed. Why have elections at all? Why have any independent body to monitor the elections process? Because we all know that in the absence of regulation, rules would never be broken or exploited

  2. Why are the rules different for conservative MP’s. the rules are the rules. Level playing field for all. Every time there is a dispute with elections Canada they go to the courts. Costing the Canadian tax payer more money. I guess they believe they are some how exempt from the laws and rules that have been developed to protect Canadians from corrupt politicians. these laws have not fundamentally changed for decades. Remember not knowing the law is not and excuse to break it. This is a sad state of affairs for the conservatives. Maybe they should have train inning sessions and hand book for the candidates, they do but guess lawyers and court cost paid for by Canadian is easier for the conservatives party.

  3. So, the least corrupt M.P. Harper has to choose our next senator is a woman who many end up facing the supreme court over her election spending?
    Thank you again, Mr. Harper. You are a true gift to this country. You steering the Conservatives into the abyss for once and for all.

  4. It’s interesting how the libertarian element on the right finds the courts are generally too “activist”…until they need a convenient shelter.