The Conservative attack ads: Bringing the dance party to an end?

Is it no longer safe for Justin Trudeau to get down


Greg Fingas wonders if the Conservative attacks on Justin Trudeau are an attempt to cut down on the Liberal leader’s public displays of fun.

But I have to wonder whether the first salvo against Trudeau is less an indication of the Cons’ ultimate plan to define him, and more a form of inoculation against future scenes like this.

The Libs will naturally want to build up a unique persona for the man who holds their party’s future in his hands. But the Cons will now have a ready-made counter to any step outside the political straight and narrow – with any originality on Trudeau’s part framed as evidence of a dilettante “in over his head” rather than a distinctive personality. And the flat-out falsehoods within the Cons’ ad will seem far less significant in the long run if Trudeau’s actions make the underlying theme seem plausible – forcing the Libs into some much more complicated calculations as to how to set Trudeau apart without risking the Cons’ message sticking to him.


The Conservative attack ads: Bringing the dance party to an end?

  1. “Greg Fingas wonders if the Conservative attacks on Justin Trudeau are an attempt to cut down on the Liberal leader’s public displays of fun.”

    Meanwhile, I wonder if we have now officially reached the point of overanalysis of these ads.

    • Spot on.

      The point of the ads is to have Canadians discussing whether they think Trudeau is a dopey twat for next couple of years. Cons and NDP will agree that a village in Quebec is missing its idiot while Libs will claim Trudeau is much more than the dilettante he appears to be.

      • …and the 85 per cent of people who don’t follow politics say, ‘huh?… what ads?’

      • The author is an NDPer.

    • Good point!

  2. If you want to know the long-term motivation of the failed ads, just wait until Ibbitson writes a column about them. At least we’ll know he got the information straight from the PMO.

    • I thought it was Ivison that had that privilege…are they secret twins then?

      I’m waiting for Wente to borrow someone’s notes so she can tell us all that JT is getting off easy in those ads.

      • It’s both, but I notice Ibbitson more. They may be clones.

      • Don’t forget that doyen of men in uniforms Blatchford..
        Damn a Triumvirate of “Can I have a seat in the Senate please?”

  3. The CPC says: Our new ads have spread farther and faster than any ads we’ve ever done – in two days, they’ve been viewed more than 270,000 times.

    Interesting that they feel they need to spread these ads faster and farther than they have ever done before, within mere hours of Justin Trudeau being elected. And Harper feels the need to attack Justin, unprompted, while he is in the UK for Thatcher’s funeral, using the so-recent tragedy in Boston. I guess Harper slipping twice, calling Justin a Minister, showed some real underlying emotion. Harper is really afraid that Justin will be the next Prime Minister.

    I hope Justin stays the same, more open and genuine than expected for a politician. He can learn a bit more caution with the press, but I hope he doesn’t change, because what Harper would mock is also what draws people to Justin.

  4. Interesting tactic. Rather than define, confine. If the chess master is playing that far ahead… then you need to ask what else is he manipulating? Interesting too that critics want, need to see this as a tactic rather than a blunder.

    Is it a tactic to confine Trudeau to a more narrow ‘proper’ political position where Harper feels he has an advantage?

    I should suggest then that Trudeau play himself in fields where attacking his actions -support for charities, for instance, would only tar the attack.

    • OTOH it could be a tactical counter move on Trudeau’s part to smoke Harper out from under his rock – not that that is ever difficult.

      Absent evidence i think i’ll keep it simple; stick with Justin perhaps thinking out too loudly at the wrong moment, and Harper[unprompted] seeing enough moonlight out there to do his werewolf gig – bite at first political opportunity, regardless of whether it appropriate or not.

      One thing Justin’s team now knows – Harper is prepared to break his vow to not watch Canadian news when he’s on…just watch me eh.

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