The Conservative divide on Motion 312 -

The Conservative divide on Motion 312


Conservative MP Cathy McLeod says she’ll vote against Motion 312. Harold Albrecht says he’ll vote in favour, while Gary Goodyear and Peter Braid explain why they’ll vote no.

“The majority of my constituents are well aware that personally, I have consistently maintained a pro-life stance on this matter,” Goodyear said in an email. “However I made a promise in the last election that our government and I would not reopen debate as currently there is no appetite in Canada to revisit this highly personal and divisive issue. Therefore, I will not vote in favour of M-312.”

Braid said he’s opposed because, “It’s important to me that women’s rights are considered and respected in this debate. “I believe my position represents the majority position of my constituents. A woman should have control over the decisions she makes with respect to her own body,’’ he said in an interview.


The Conservative divide on Motion 312

  1. All this evades the real question which is: “Do we want to return to having abortions done in illegal (and incompetent) back alley mills or do we want to continue doing them in clean, controlled medical facilities?”

    • The real question is “Would you prefer having your limbs ripped off in a back alley or hospital bed?

      • And these are logically connected in what way??

      • People are to prideful and arrogant to realize this truth…..

  2. On an unrelated topic: I wonder how Gary Goodyears constituents feel about omnibus bills? If they opposed such legislative tactics, would Gary vote against them???