The Conservative race in Calgary Centre


Apparently with the support of Jason Kenney, Joan Crockatt won the Conservative nomination in Calgary Centre this weekend.

Two sources indicated that three candidates were dropped and their votes redistributed before Crockatt emerged with more than 50 per cent of the vote. She had 445 votes on the fourth and final tally followed by investment manager Greg McLean with 283 votes and former alderman and MLA Jon Lord with 119 votes, according to the sources.

Lawyer Rick Billington, Quebec Tory organizer Joe Soares and businessman Stefan Spargo made up the rest of the field.

Ms. Crockatt also apparently had the support of Pierre Poilievre and had been endorsed by Mike Duffy. Greg McLean had the endorsement of the outgoing MP, Lee Richardson. Joe Soares was endorsed by Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge and former national campaign manager Doug Finley.


The Conservative race in Calgary Centre

  1. Some Joe claims “it was money, and the resident vote”

    p.s. know where he can sell a slightly used size 8 white Stetson?

  2. Consider that Kenney, Poilièvre, and the Puffster were behind Ms. Crockatt seems like another example, like Danielle Smith, of trying to find a presentable face to cover their right-wing nut-jobbery.

    I am hoping for a similar result in the by-election as in the provincial election.