The Conservative race in Calgary Centre


Colin Horgan talked to the Conservative candidates in Calgary Centre last week. John Mar has since begged off, but former PMO advisor Joe Soares has stepped forward to take on the “bland moderate policies” of the other potential nominees.

Joe believes that Mulcair’s socialist high tax and spend anti-Alberta policies will destroy Canada and the people of Calgary-Centre need to send a clear message to the NDP! – Joe does not believe that this can be done with the current nomination candidates with their bland moderate policies. Joe has nothing personally against the other candidates. They seem to be nice people. Joe just doesn’t believe that they can get the job done!

He also seems to really dislike Christy Clark’s position on the Northern Gateway pipeline.


The Conservative race in Calgary Centre

  1. Poor Joe, he thinks he’s going to make a difference.

  2. Joe speaks in short sentences!

  3. Surely his strong anti-moderate message will resonate across this extremist land…

  4. Joe likes his chicken spicy!

  5. Is he a Harper parachute candidate ?

  6. Its to bad Christy Clark didn’t let Richard Branson just give it to her. She’d probably be in a better mood. They don’t call her Chesty Tart for nothing.

  7. Who better than someone from Quebec who speaks french to take on Thomas Mulcair and protect Alberta?

    I feel Joe might actually be just what we need in Calgary.

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