The Conservatives vs. the doctors


Another doctor confronts another cabinet minister.

Williams allowed Aglukkaq to announce $238 million in funding for health care data and gave the minister time to answer reporter questions before she raised her voice. She told the minister she was concerned by the cuts to services, which come into effect June 30, and asked who should be held accountable.

Aglukkaq said the federal government decided to provide the same care to refugees that every Canadian receives. “Before [this change], a refugee got better health care coverage than the 30 million Canadians, so our decision is to continue with the services to refugees that it will be the same to all Canadians,” Aglukkaq said. “But that’s not true,” Williams asserted. “Yes it is,” Aglukkaq insisted. Williams said Canadians are being deceived: “Right now refugees get the same health care we get. Starting next week they will get less health care,” she said.

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The Conservatives vs. the doctors

  1. The Canadian Medical Association should step heavily on the govt for this one….no civilized country behaves in such a fashion

  2. I want to point out two things here: first, Canadian healthcare workers, especially doctors and nurses, have huge and respected reputation whenever they speak publicly about our system, so good for them for this quiet yet hopefully effective lobby. They are polite and professional, and they know a whole lot more than these pathetic ministers know. Second: I want to draw your attention to the complete lack of attendees at this “press conference.” Even the most modest of these photo opps costs taxpayers thousands of dollars each, for the backdrops, the PA systems, getting the Minister and entourage there, inviting some friendly guests. Yet look how few people are in that room for this so-called announcement.

    We are so being duped. Good for the doctors for stepping up — they really have nothing to lose in this situation, and if they bring light to it, more power to them. We Canadians have been complacent far too long, smarten up and read the writing on the wall.

  3. Aglukkaq believes there is no food security issue in the North – where she was elected. She is either completely out of touch or she is lying. Personally I don’t believe a word this government says.

    We need a government with vision and hope, not this pathetic excuse for the mob masquerading as conservatives.

  4. Who cares about the Canadians who are dying on waiting lists. Their tax dollars should be used for refugee healthcare. Waiting for the politician who has the guts to stand up and say that.

    • As if the two were mutually exclusive…another conveniently over-simplified Con construction of reality.

      • No, it really is that simple. The government has X amount of dollars to spend, and it has to prioritize where it wants to spend those dollars. Some people, including you apparently, think that funding for refugee healthcare is more important than funding healthcare for people who’ve paid taxes their entire lives. Even though those same taxpayers are legally prohibited from spending their own money on healthcare.

        It’s not like the government is ending funding for refugee healthcare, it’s simply reducing it marginally. I know that amongst the fashionable leftwing kook community any reduction in funding is tantamount to attempted murder, but back on Earth people realize that resources are limited and funding priorities must shift over time.

        Please explain what I’m missing. Or even just tell me how much money we should be spending on refugee healthcare. More than we spend for Canadians? Exactly the same? For every improvement in healthcare we fund, does that have to be extended to refugee’s also? If we start covering hair replacement for Canadians, is that a “right” that we must extend to refugees also? Nothing as dehumanizing as not getting hair plugs when you land in a country after escaping persecution, right?

        • “No, it really is that simple.The government has X amount of dollars to spend, and it has to prioritize where it wants to spend those dollars.”

          It’s only “that simple” if the government’s priorities lie elsewhere,
          such as multi-billion dolllar commitments to military planes of dubious
          defensive or strategic value or multi-million dollar slush funds in cabinet
          members’ ridings (hello, Tony).

          And I completely agree with you that the priorities of the “amongst the
          fashionable leftwing kook community” differ significantly from those of
          the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing neanderthal redneck community whom you apparently represent.

          • So you’re acknowledging that it is that simple? Great! Because I’m pretty sure all governments have many priorities, including national defence.

          • I only tried to think like a simpleton in an attempt to understand the “logic” of a Conbot…I failed.

          • Your misplaced arrogance will provide solace to you and other Libs as you continue to be shunned by Canadians.

          • Awww…whatever will I do if my avatar is shunned? Will people cross to the other side of the street to avoid it?

            And it’s not a Lib.

          • priorities that include buying new CON blue christmas lights for parliament, rebranding the government after its bordering-on-megalomaniacal leader, misdirecting the electorate, $16 orange juice, defence choppers to (or was it from?) the cottage, leaky pipelines, filling jails based on strategies that even TEXANS say won’t work, pandering to foreign money, eliminating the right to strike… uh… what else? too many to remember off the top of my head. yeah, Rick, you’re right. they have a LOT of priorities that should come before healthcare (AND our scientists AND our environment/parks), don’t they?

        • Better not waste any money celebrating a 200 year old border skrimish then huh?

          • You are right. Our priorities should state that we can celebrate nothing in our countries history, unless we have a refugee health system that give the refugee the same level of health care that every Canadian gets.

            Makes perfect sense. . . Not.

        • More of the X dollars should be spent on heath care than on fighter jets (toys for the boys).

  5. Believe the doctors, folks. Not the politicians. OMG, who would believe a pol over a physician?

  6. Charity begins at home. Enough said.

    • This attitude is indistiguishable from simple greed.

    • Yes, but it typically doesn’t *end* there.

  7. This is kind of a ‘non story’. No facts were presented, just two people’s opinions.

    I would imagine a reporter would actually do some digging to report some facts. . .

  8. On a side note – we can’t just accept what a MD says on its face. They are all business people, and as such, they sometimes have vested interests.

    Just an idea to think about:

    We seem to have a doctor shortage in Canada. A simple solution would be to allow more students into med school. On top of that, we could require that they stay in Canada for X number of years after graduation, or else they have to pay the full bill for their schooling (for each $ in tuition, the gov’t roughly kicks in 3$). This would stop them from getting a heavily subsidized education, and then leaving the country.

    So why are ideas like this not implemented? Because it is the doctors that control how many students are allowed into med school each year. If they let in too many, and there is an abundance of doctors, then they could see their income fall. They have a vested interest in having a full waiting room. Having doctors decide the amount of students that are allowed into med school is the equivalent of having MP’s vote for their own raises. . .

    Bottom line, we can’t take what a doctor says at face value. They might not have out best interests in mind. Just saying.

    • You know, I am sick and tired of people like you saying this crap! University degrees are ALL subsidised by the taxpayer, so why is it that people like yourself feel that a physician is some sort of a commodity, that can be pushed around and legislated to do this or that. By that standard, why would not all graduates of all programs be force to work here or work there. But, no, that doesn’t come up. Because we are paid from the monopoly public system (not our choice), people feel that we are like pawns on a chessboard to be moved around at will. I am so sick of hearing this kind of foolishness. And another thing. DOCTORS DO NOT CONTROL THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS WHO GET INTO MED SCHOOL!!! That is a function of the education budget of provincial governments. If you don’t know what you are talking about, then for god sake, keep your mouth shut.

      • Mod is right.

        Sow is wrong.

        • Mod is not right. Universities and provincial governments decide how many “seats” are designated for each program of study. Do you honestly think nurses decide how many nurses are trained or teachers decide how many teachers are trained or engineers decide how many engineers are trained? Provincial governments decide. Then give funding to the universities for the additional spaces to pay for professors. It is not always cut and dried. In courses like mediciine which have residency programs, you must be able to facilitate placement of every resident you graduate in a teaching hospital in the country. There are a finite number of placements because residents need to have a very well-rounded practical education.

      • @sowester – I would agree with you, all students should have to pay back their education, if they decide to leave the country. No problem with that.
        I was speaking specifically about doctors, because we have a shortage, none want to work in remote places (we have to pay them a fortune), and can leave if they want. (after many years in subsidized education).
        It might not be you choice, as to who pays your bills, but I am sure you understood the set up when you entered school. And yes, a commmodity is exactly what doctors are. Just like nurses, teachers, and plumbers.
        I am quite sure that the royal college of P and S licenses each institution that has a med school. I would guess that the have the authority to dictata how many students are let in. Why else do we have a shortage? Could double the amount of kids allowed, and in 7 years have an abundance. Then the bad doctors would be out of work, and the good ones would be busy. They won’t do that because it would decrease average dr earnings, and med school is mostly seen as a license to print money. They have to protect the monoploy.

  9. What many Canadians may not know is that despite requirements for health screening at immigration, many refugees come into this country with illnesses such as HIV and TB. Before people get their backs up, it is not that Canada doesn’t treat these illnesses, they do BUT it is contingent on the physicians involved to make smart economic choices. For instance, sending a patient to a regular diagnostic imaging centre for an x-ray might cost $45.00 while having them go to the hospital for the same x-ray costs in the hundreds of dollars. Giving the patient cab chits to attend appointments gets very expensive where subway tokens cost very little.
    Given that people who are on isolation typically have their medication delivered to them by a nurse, there is really no reason why cost saving measures can’t be employed. It often comes down to just being more mindful about what things cost.