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The contender


John Geddes’ definitive profile of Thomas Mulcair is now online.

Thomas Mulcair grew up in a Montreal suburb as the second-oldest of 10 children in his family, which is noteworthy enough. Even more remarkable, though, at least by today’s standards, is that he remembers his parents hoping for just a few more kids. “When my mother would have a child,” the NDP leader recalled recently, “my father would always bring her 14 roses, because they decided when they were married that they would have 14 children.” His father, Harry, was an insurance man of Irish-Catholic descent, and his mother, Jeanne, a teacher from an old French-Canadian family, was of course Catholic, too. For another public figure, details like these might be mere background colour. In Mulcair’s case, apart from the roses, every bit of it—the many brothers and sisters, the Quebec roots, a Catholicism devout enough to entail mass on weekdays before school, even the Irish streak—is central to his emergence as a formidable political fighter and plausible future prime minister.

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The contender

  1. Interesting, and I enjoyed it

    I have read all these ‘definitive profiles’ about Martin, Dion, Ignatieff, Mulroney, Campbell etc over the years… we have a ‘definitive profile’ of Harper?

  2. The stuff about the influence of personalism on a very influential group of Quebec politicians and thinkers is quite fascinating, and it still lingers in people like Mulcair you say…fascinating. A pity so few people are genuinely interested in what molds our political figures. They seem more interested in salacious trivia. So much is missed or ignored.So little real curiosity. No wonder we are such a shallow country in terms of our understanding of why people enter politcs…it just has to be aggrandizement or evil intentions.