The Crimson in their midst


As noted by one of our commenters, Conservative rookie John Weston was, by his own admission, educated at Harvard. What’s more, he worked for a time overseas. And he’s written a book.

No doubt some commentators will soon enough be demanding that Weston renounce his alma mater in allegiance to his country.

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The Crimson in their midst

  1. Is he currently seeking the office of PM?


    Oh well. It sounded like [i]such[/i] a promising line of attack. There, there.

    • So, having graduated from Harvard is just a disqualification from being PM, not from being and MP? Is that it?

      Honestly, this line of attack makes little sense to me. Maybe I’ve got too much “book learnin'”, but I just can’t imagine that the pool of Canadians who’ll take graduating from Harvard, and having taught at Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE as BAD things is that large. I can’t even imagine it does all that much to rally the so-called “base”. Frankly, I refuse to believe that the CPC base is this anti-intellectual.

      • Who claimed that having graduated from Harvard is just a disqualification from being PM? Source, please. There is no “anti-Harvard” line of attack. Wherry is just having a bit of fun.

        • Well, true on the “disqualification” bit, that was a bit of hyperbole, but “There is no “anti-Harvard” line of attack.”??? You’ve GOT to be kidding me! The government benches snear the word Harvard almost every time one of them rises to speak. “This isn’t a classroom at Harvard” is virtually Pavlovian with them.

          I’d say there’s entirely too much attacking of Ignatieff’s connections to Harvard going on for one to credibly claim there’s no anti-Harvard line of attack.

          • It’s got nothing to do with Harvard. If Iggy had been a professor at Ball State, those Tory MPs would be saying “This isn’t a classroom at Ball State” with a similar amount of derision.

          • Don’t be obtuse. The Cons’ current attack points prominently feature Iggy’s time at *Harvard*. They say it over and over and over and over again.

            It doesn’t matter whether they would have taken a different tack with a different school – the point is their idiot attack points look even dumber when it’s revealed that one of their own bears the Harvard taint.

          • Well, I agree that it’s got nothing to do specifically with Harvard. but I also think your Ball State analogy is ludicrous, imho. They’re attacking him as an “elitist intellectual”. So, sure, if he’d gone to Princeton (Hi Minister Flaherty!), or Yale, or Stanford, or Oxford they’d be launching the same attacks, but to me it’s clear that the attack is more against “intellectual and elitist” than simply “academic vs. practical”.

            And as I said below, I’m not really sure there’s much to choose, when selecting a Prime Minister, between “life-long intellectual and professor” and “life-long politician and lobbyist”.

          • nothing to do with Harvard?

            ” ‘This is politics. This is not a Harvard classroom,’ explained Kory Teneycke, the Prime Minister’s press secretary.”

  2. Ah, Johnny Sunshine of the Sunshine Coast, as we call him, good man.

    “No doubt some commentators will soon enough be demanding that Weston renounce his alma mater in allegiance to his country.”

    That is the most exquisitely coiffed strawman (Rinaldo’s work?) I’ve witnessed in some time, but it’s more the over 9000 years Mr. Ignatieff spent abroad that is more concerning to us. I see yet another strawman, Dion, which reminds me: has anyone followed up on Mme Jean’s claim that she would renounce her French citizenship? Because that actually is a problem, being commander in chief of Canada’s armed forces while a citizen of another country, even she acknowledged it. So, is she still a French citizen?

    • You learn something new every day. The 1904 Militia Act granted the Governor General permission to use the title of Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian military, in the name of the sovereign. However, Mme Jean renounced her French citizenship, so the issue is moot.

      • “However, Mme Jean renounced her French citizenship, so the issue is moot.”

        Proof? No seriously, proof? She said that at some point in the future she would initiate the lengthy and bureaucratic process that our friend kc assures me is torturous to renounce it, then nothing. Fair question, I’d bet money she’s still a French citizen.

        • She renounced her French citizenship two days before taking office. It was widely reported. Google it if you don’t believe me. Contact the French embassy in Ottawa if you still have doubts.

          • Negative on the google search:

            “Governor General-designate Michaelle Jean is to renounce her dual citizenship as she prepares to take up the vice-regal post.

            In a brief written statement issued on Sunday, Jean said she was giving up the French citizenship she acquired when she married Jean-Pierre-Lafond, who was born in France.”


            “Is to renounce”…is that future perfect or future pluperfect, I forget? I called the French embassy, they’re still at their 3 hour lunch, lol, I’ll keep on this…

          • Are you suggesting that Mme Jean secretly retained her French citizenship, and has lied about ever since? Hmm. Somehow, it doesn’t seem plausible. I’m sure someone would have noticed.

          • Well that’s why I asked in the first place if anyone followed up. She isn’t lying if nobody asks her, and I don’t think the media is cheeky enough to. I’ll call again tomorrow, they close at 12:30 daily it turns out. Gentleman’s wager that I’m right about this? If the French Foreign Legion snuffs me in my sleep, btw, it was fun.

    • gawd….is this really the level of canadian political discourse…. sad.

      • With this current anti-intellectual circus act in power it is.

  3. Hey, that means Gretzky is not a Canadian.

    Jim Flaherty got his BA at Princeton – that’s in the US for those that don’t know.

    • I’m throwing away all my Neil Young records immediately. All that residing outside the country. And down with these stupid telephones while I’m at it, stupid American invention!

  4. I’d be much more susceptible to the “Do you want a life-long intellectual and professor as Prime Minister?” argument if our current Prime Minister weren’t a life-long politician and lobbyist.

  5. Last time I checked Weston won the right to represent his riding democratically while on the other hand the condescending Professor Puffin had to have a long time Liberal MP step aside in his riding and he has not been elected leader of the LPoC by the rank and file party members. Iggy is worse than Dion, except he speaks English and when he does speak it comes out of both sides of his mouth.

    It is not about Harvard.

    • Who “stepped aside” in Ignatieff’s riding for him? I mean, Jean Augustine RETIRED in 2006, and Ignatieff subsequently won the Liberal nomination in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding, and then won the election just like any other successful candidate (and won the riding AGAIN in the next election) so what’s so strange about that?

      You certainly managed to make the retirement of a 68 year old woman who’d been an MP for 13 years sound sinister though.

      Weston’s no more democratically legitimate than Ignatieff, in fact, he won almost exactly the same percentage of the vote in 2008 in his riding as Ignatieff did in his (Weston 44.57% of the vote, Ignatieff 46.13%).

  6. My posts are not getting through——let me try this——Aaron is a great journalist.

    • There you go!

  7. Actually Aaron

    John Weston has over cooked his curriculum vitae on his website – he took a summer school program at Harvard. He graduated from Osgoode Hall – phone him and ask him.

    However, the Iggy attack ads will focus on the “not a Canadian” theme. The Hravard egghead reference is to appeal to the CP base that resent education beyond grade 12.

    By the way, Weston has been invisible since taking office in my riding.

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