The cross-examination of Stephen Harper -

The cross-examination of Stephen Harper

Thomas Mulcair puts 16 questions to the Prime Minister


The NDP has uploaded video of Thomas Mulcair’s questions yesterday afternoon for the Prime Minister.

It’s obviously not the usual approach to Question Period, but it projects a certain seriousness, onto both the proceedings and the issue being discussed. It certainly helps here that there are so many questions that remain to be answered. And Mr. Mulcair still managed to get in a denunciation—“Mr. Speaker, we are asking very simple, straightforward questions and the Prime Minister is not answering them. That is the problem. Canadians want answers.”—that could be clipped for the evening news. (It was my sense, watching yesterday, that the Prime Minister had prepared himself for a yelling contest.)

Mr. Mulcair’s approach made for maybe the most fascinating Question Period since Mr. Harper and Stephane Dion took repeated turns yelling at each other at the height of the coalition madness in 2008.


The cross-examination of Stephen Harper

  1. Question Period as it was intended ,Finally. I have been watching it since the Late Seventies Never have I seen a display of Honest questions and accurate answers by the Prime Minister. Except for the two Questions that were not answered , which tells me there is much more to uncover that the Conservatives are ashamed to answer.

  2. No matter what political stripe you are, all Canadians had reason to be proud of the official opposition yesterday.

  3. And we shouldn’t forget that the final outcome of “coalition madness” was the election of a strong, stable, majority TORY government!

    • Yes; how terribly sad for the nation!

    • It took less than two years with a “strong, stable, majority” for the Cons to collapse under the combined weight of their hubris, duplicity, and democratic abuses. Unless they quickly discover an authentic sense of integrity and respect for ethics, they are already the walking dead in terms of their electoral prospects.

      If this were the UK, Harper’s caucus would turf him and install a new leader.

      • Andrew Coyne made this point last night – that the only way out is to come clean and not repeat the behavior that got them into this hole. But after today’s QP it’s obvious they have decided to carry on as usual.

  4. Question: Was Nigel Wright reimbursed by the Conservative Party, anyone with access to Party funds, or anyone associated with the Party for the 90 thousand Duffy payment?

    • 2. How many appearances did you make with Mike Duffy during the last campaign? Were you aware that Duffy’s expenses were being reimbursed by the Conservative Party constituency associations or the federal Party?

      • Excellent questions, especially the second one because the first one, harper will simply claim ignorance. I want to see Oppo build this narrative about the cosy you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours relationship between Harper and Ol’ Duff.

        Because this really isn’t about Duff — he’s simply the catalyst. This is a story about Harper, and his staff, and the CPC.

        CPC found no end of ways to defraud taxpayers and the election results.

  5. The diversity of opinions on this comment thread is very stimulating.