The Cullen spin -

The Cullen spin


Jamey Heath, co-manager of Nathan Cullen’s campaign, sets his candidate’s outlook against those of Thomas Mulcair and Brian Topp.

This is the nub. Mulcair and Topp both support coalition governments with Liberals. There must, therefore, be sufficient ground among progressive voters to cooperate, and that it’s not hara-kiri to try. The NDP won more seats in 2006 after doing a budget deal with Liberals in 2005. It won more seats again in 2011 after trying to make Stéphane Dion prime minister in 2008. Voters, especially those in Quebec, don’t punish cooperation. Recall the barking dogs that got nothing done.

So back to Lego. Each candidate who gets that the NDP changed in May recognizes, in different ways, the need to add another piece to form government: progressive Liberals. The bet that Mulcair and Topp ask New Democrats to make is that enough of them can be convinced to vote NDP before the next election to replace Harper. Cullen is more generous. He says if a coalition is the endgame, why not find ways to cooperate before the election as well as after? Because the progressive majority depends on Quebec and progressive Liberals, and should be used as soon as possible.

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The Cullen spin

  1. Read your history NDP types and say no to coalition with dirty Liberals. Dippers should continue adding water to their own wine and attract progressive Liberals, like they are already doing, but stay away from sharing power with Libs. 

    Liberals are dead and buried, why give them chance to rise again?

    wiki ~ “The Liberal Party was one of the two major political parties of the United Kingdom during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was the third largest political party throughout the latter half of the 20th century. The party moved towards Social Liberalism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and came to be seen as being on the centre-left of British politics ….  In the 1920s, the Labour Party permanently replaced the Liberals as Britain’s main centre-left party, and the Liberals went into decline …. “

    • TonyAdams,

       Liberals are ahead of the NDPaccording to nanos and they are behind according to ekos….if you average the two out the Liberals are close to tied with the NDP, far from dead….2015 will be another vote split if Cullen doesn’t get in, so for love of god, Canadians don’t make the exact same mistake we did last year….A Vote for Cullen is the only vote which will actually lead to a Harper defeat…60% of NDpers support his idea, 59% of Liberals support it ,and 59% of Quebecers support it.

      Vote Cullen!

      • I’m a lib who backs Cullen…except I’m not sure if joint nominations will work and may not be needed. Cooperation on a case by limited case may be all that is required. Let’s turf Harper and try and sell a move away from FPTP. Even this might prove impossible, in which case a revisit to coalition or even formal merger may be needed. In any case there should be some form of consultation between the parties to at least establish what is doable and what the real options are going into 2015.

      • If you look at snapshot polling for right now, you are correct. But if you look at long-term trends, especially seats won, the NDP is ascending, and the Liberals are crashing.

      • Are Libs dead or resting?

        Mike Crawley ~ TorStar:
        In the last 37 years, Canadians have just once elected a majority Liberal government when a unified Conservative party was an option. Observing more recent trends, the actual Liberal vote has declined in every election but one since 1993.

        NewLiberal ~ May 2011:
        Since 1993, the Liberal Party of Canada has increased its popular vote count only once, and has lost more than 51% of its vote since that time – all while Canada’s population grew by 20%. In fact, in every election since 2000 the Liberal Party of Canada has lost 30 seats or more.

        • Harp’s gang aren’t PCs, so there’s no comparison.

      • Mr. Praline: Look, matey, I know a dead parrot when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now.

        Owner: No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage!

        Mr. Praline: The plumage don’t enter into it. It’s stone dead.

      • I’ll be voting for Nathan Cullen as well.  The other leaders are pretending that we can win this alone.  We can’t, I wish we could, but we can’t right now.  If we try we’re handing the Conservatives another majority.  I’m not okay with that.

        • country before party!  we need to save our country!

    • Why are you referring to the Liberal party in the UK?

      “Dippers should continue adding water to their own wine and attract progressive Liberals”

      Sounds like watering down the party by moving to the right.  I’d rather see the NDP retain its core values while co-operating with somewhat like-minded parties (LIBs and Greens) to defeat Harper.  That way, we can share power without watering down the party.  

      • How right you are.  As a Liberal, I don’t want to move more to the left, either.  But the reality is, we can’t just go on splitting the votes in many ridings forever and still say we have the best interests of Canadians in mind.  So, the next alternative would be a merger.  But this way, with a future of allowing all Canadians to vote for the party they really want to vote for rather than one they hate less than another, or using their vote as “a moral statement to the universe” with absolutely zero effect on the way our country is governed, we can stay the party(s) we signed on to.  And Progressive Conservatives can even get their party back!  It’s such a win/win/win outcome.

        • Card carrying NDPer, volunteer and current Nathan’s constituent.  My conservative born and raised albertan landlords, retired military voted NDP after meeting Nathan.  he crosses party lines with ease, because he’s honest and a good man.  He cares about the country above party, we all must.

  2. Dippers and Libs are already co-operating  – share “dirt” on Vic Toews for vikileaks30

    Kinsley states EC has all the power, money it needs for robocall investigation – NDP/Libs “framing” oh those Conservatives must be guilty as they won’t vote for more uneccesary powers.

    Angus makes big stink about Attawapiskat two-year-old emergency, two photo-ops, Rae goes for third.

    Same sex marriage “not legal” non-scandal – hidden agenda chorus

  3. So far we have TonyAdams, Rick Omen and Le o against.  Guess what those three have in common?  Right!  They are not supporters of any progressive party.  I’d say they were Conservatives, but I’m just not sure WHAT TonyAdams is.

    We have me, and STOPHARPER, and kcm2, at least two of which are card-carrying members of a progressive party, in favour.

    It doesn’t mean everyone who supports a progressive party is in favour, but I sure like the odds.

    • to confirm as of February I am an NDP card holder…still waiting for my voting slip though, supposed to come by today.

    • Me too StopHarper! Joined in Feb as well. Yay us. We are the cons worst nightmare!

      My ticket: Cullen/Mulcair/Nash/Topp/Dewer/VampireGirl/PharmaGuy


      • I’m a Liberal and apart from Cullen, haven’t been following all that closely.  Although, I have read Leadnow’s report card :) 

        Who is VampireGirl?  Or, why is that lovely young woman whose name escapes me and who wants to do politics differently by doing everything exactly the same as has always been done, considered VampireGirl?

        • Sorry, I was trying to be amusing. I withdraw my disrespectful comment.Ms.Ashton is indeed a credit to her party and herself.  

      • I got 1) Cullen…I really don’t know after that I don’t like Mulcair or Topp. Mulcair’s pro Israel stance will never get a vote from me(also he’s got the background of an  opportunist with his Liberal days and his talks with the Conservatives). As for Topp he’s got a very poor tax plan, too union,  and I didn’t like how he acted when Dewar’s poll had him in 5th place for support (he started attacking the other candidates)…I might just leave it blank after Cullen to tell you the truth, I just can’t decide..

      • I think Nathan is their worst nightmare, because he has the ability to bring us all together. All us radicals and enemies of the country, ya know.