The curious case of Etobicoke Centre


Amid all else, the result in Etobicoke Centre is being contested for a number of reasons.

 Borys Wrzesnewskyj is not alleging the kind of dirty tricks that opposition parties are accusing the Conservatives of employing to suppress the vote in other ridings. Quite the reverse; he’s alleging that too many ineligible voters were allowed to cast ballots in Etobicoke Centre, in some cases more than once.

In a statement of particulars filed Feb. 17 with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Wrzesnewskyj argues that 218 voters were improperly allowed to cast ballots in 10 different polling divisions in his riding. He alleges a variety of irregularities, including ballots cast by people who did not live in the riding and the possibility that at least some people voted multiple times.


The curious case of Etobicoke Centre

  1. Heh, well, for years Conservatives have been calling for stricter voter IDing, and for years Liberals have been calling us racist for doing so.  Petard, hoist, etc.

    • Why then do Conservatives deliberate in secret committee meetings and vote against giving more teeth to Elections Canada?

    • “Petard, hoist, etc.”

      Spot on. 

    • Aside from tne anti-veiled voting initiative, which was racist and ineffective, what have they pursued? 

  2. And our MPs vote secretly not to give Elections Canada better means to investigate??!!!???

    By the way, why should debates and votes on the Elections Canada be held in secret?

  3. Will be interested to see how Wrzesnewskyj case turns out. I don’t believe it is possible for no electoral fraud to occur – or at least we are way off from it – and elections canada has to allow a certain amount of shenanigans.

    A couple of days ago I tried to quickly find stats on how many dead people vote in each election but no luck but I know it occurs, mail in vote is ripe for abuse … etc.  And if people are keen, it would be easy enough to impersonate people. White people at polling stations are not going to challenge ethnic minorities too vigorously if the political parties want to manipulate local voting.

    • So you’re accusing non-whites of defrauding the election.  Nice, Tony.  Any evidence?  Be sure to send it to Elections Canada — they’re reportedly investigating 31,000 robocall complaints.

    •  “A couple of days ago I tried to quickly find stats on how many dead
      people vote in each election but no luck but I know it occurs”

      You know it occurs? Right, I’ll just quote (and I know how you love quotes) the Prime Minister and say “show your evidence”.

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