The day after


Colin Horgan reviews the post-game reactions, while Stephanie Levitz finds concern within the Conservative side.

Conversations with Conservative caucus members conducted on condition they would not be quoted suggest MPs are hearing complaints from Tory voters in their ridings about the government’s bundling several measures into a budget bill that have nothing directly to do with the nation’s finances … Meanwhile, grassroots Conservatives at the riding association level have written letters expressing their own scorn.


The day after

  1. It’s about time the rank & file stepped up to try to rein in this power-corrupted cabal.

  2. Meanwhile PM Harper is in Detroit today, shaking hands with Michigan’s Gov. on the go-ahead for the new bridge. Thousands of jobs both sides of the border, increased border crossings. Way to go!!!

    Then he is off to the G20 in Mexico the next day. When does he sleep?

    • He likes strutting and primping and lecturing the Europeans on the world stage; he just doesn’t like Parliament. He loves oil, potash, nickel anything you can dig up, sell fast and make yourself look like a economic genius. Then you gloat.

      • Yes, resource extraction is evil and undignified. Anyone who works in those industries or has anything to do with them should be ashamed of themselves.
        Now automobile manufacturing — THAT’s dignified.

    • All the easier to outsource our jobs and our sovereignty. The FBI can’t fly here every time they want to arrest someone, after all.

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