The Dechert files


Glen McGregor translates one email and posts video of Bob Dechert’s promised smile for the cameras. John Baird brushes it all off and says Mr. Dechert will keep his job, while security officials seemingly gave the Conservative MP a pass.

“The renewal of background checks on members of the ministry and parliamentary secretaries has been finalized,” says the note, signed by Wayne Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council. “In 2008, the Prime Minister requested that security background checks on Ministers, Ministers of State and Parliamentary Secretaries, and their spouses or partners, be renewed every two years while the appointee occupies a position as Minister, Minister of State or Parliamentary Secretary.”

Further details in the note are censored. But Dechert retained his position as parliamentary secretary immediately after the March security check – and became parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the cabinet shuffle soon after the May 2 election campaign.


The Dechert files

  1. If Bob Dechert was a Lib or Dipper we’d be hearing screams to deport him from the Cons. LOL

  2. Funny that those who seem most scandalized by this are the same people who were laughing at the head of CSIS last year when he stated his concern that foreign powers were seeking influence among Canadian politicians.

    • However, he did say that, didn’t he?

      I guess it just doesn’t apply to Cons.

      • Oh I agree it should apply to him. He shouldn’t be making friends with foreign intelligence agents (among other things he shouldn’t be doing as a married man).

        • Then someone should explain to Kenney that middle-aged dalliances aren’t a part of ‘family values’.

  3. Dechert is likely to have said something indiscreet just to show off. Horny old goat should be investigated regardless if he was just ‘flirting’.

    Strategy Page ~ Aug 30 2011

    Chinese intelligence collecting efforts in the last decade have been spectacularly successful. But now there’s a problem. The rest of the world is coming to realize the extent of this success, and that is bad news for China. Collecting information, both military and commercial, often means breaking laws. China has broken a lot of laws. 

    Finally, China energetically uses the “thousand grains of sand” approach to espionage. This involves China trying to get all Chinese going overseas, and those of Chinese ancestry living outside the motherland, to spy for China, if only a tiny bit.

    This approach to espionage is nothing new. Other nations have used similar systems for centuries. What is unusual is the scale of the Chinese effort. Supporting it all is a Chinese intelligence bureaucracy back home that is huge, with nearly 100,000 people working just to keep track of the many Chinese overseas, and what they could, or should, be trying to grab for the motherland.


  4. I’m pretty sure Richard Fadden warned us specifically about Bob Dechert last year.  This is what he was talking about, right?  Not random, shadowy, unamed Chinese-Canadian citizens who work in politics, like he said?

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