The decorum question


Andrew Scheer sounds ready to be a tough(er) Speaker.

“In some ways Canada’s debate in the House of Commons has slipped,” he said, noting he would “call a tighter game” so that those who spend question period “hooting and hollering” while others are trying to speak, for example, are barred from getting up to ask their own questions. “I think if a Speaker were to establish that type of tone early on in a parliamentary session, then the MPs would adapt. They’d understand ‘O.K., this Speaker’s not going to tolerate behaviour like that’ and I think they will adjust their behaviour accordingly.


The decorum question

  1. “are barred from getting up to ask their own questions”… as if the hooting and hollering only comes from the opposition benches!  What is he proposing to do to those on the government side who are rude and noisy and don’t intend to ever question the government?

    • Perhaps they’ll be barred from answering questions unless specifically called upon to do so by the opposition.

      I mean, presumably there’s enough ministers now that they can each specialize in whatever it is they’re ministers of, so we don’t need John Baird answering everything.

  2. Just as in hockey, it’s the refereeing that matters most to the tone of the game.

    Call a couple penalties, toss a few of the most agregious players, and bam! suddenly everyone’s a sweetheart.

    Just do it already.

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