The Duffy trial has wrapped up for a break. Now what? -

The Duffy trial has wrapped up for a break. Now what?

The Duffy trial won’t return until after the election. But will its ghost haunt a campaigning Stephen Harper? Evan Solomon and Nick Köhler discuss.


With a number of explosive revelations in the past week coming from some of the top staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office, the trial of Mike Duffy has been dominating discussion on the campaign trail so far. So what happens when the trial shuts down for a break? That’s the big question right now, as a courtroom drama that has pulled in Stephen Harper’s current and former chiefs of staff goes on hiatus until November, after the election.

So what now? Even with the trial on pause, will it continue to follow Harper and the Conservatives as they continue their campaign? Or will it fade away from Canadians’ collective consciousness?

Nicholas Köhler, who has been reporting from the courtroom every day for Maclean’s, discusses the ultimate impact of the trial’s revelations on the election with Evan Solomon.


The Duffy trial has wrapped up for a break. Now what?

  1. I am coming to the Duffy party a little late, but I am befuddled by why the court is taking a recess now until after the election. Is there some weird quirk in the legal system that allows for what, on the face of it, looks like blatant political meddling in the judicial process? If you were Harper, wouldn’t you just love to shut this trial down until after Election Day? What the hell is going on here? Thanks for enlightenment!

    • An upcoming witness was feeling unwell and a close relative of Bayne (Duffy’s defence lawyer) is also ill, so they recessed 2 days early. It was supposed to wrap up today (the 28th) anyhow until Nov. That doesn’t explain though, why Harper’s chair of Issues Management was at the trial talking to his testifying predecessor in the hallway. That’s damned corrupt.

  2. Now what? Cover something that is really news. The outcome of the trial was written on the wall well before it began. The objective of the Duffy’s team is to pin it on Harper, the objective of Harper’s team is to pin it on Duffy. Obviously, the truth lies somewhere in between, but is essentially irrelevant because the media wants Harper to lay bare Harper’s extreme control. So nothing new of any consequence is going to come of it all. Page 4 and falling, now. Maybe how much the lawyers will charge taxpayers. I’m guessing the lawyers fees will make the $90k look like a bargain. They probably past that point in billings by in the end of the first week.