The Duffy-Wright affair timeline -

The Duffy-Wright affair timeline

February was apparently a very busy month


On Friday, Postmedia reported that Mike Duffy approached the Prime Minister to discuss his expenses after a caucus meeting in February. The CBC says that meeting occurred on February 13—putting this conversation in the middle of what now seems a pivotal month in this affair.

On February 4, it was reported that Mr. Duffy’s had attempted to expedite his application for a PEI health card. On February 8, David Tkachuk, chair of the Senate’s internal economy committee announced that the residency declarations and expenses of Patrick Brazeau, Mac Harb and Mike Duffy had been referred to auditors. According to the Senate internal economy committee’s report on Mr. Duffy, the committee asked Deloitte to audit Mr. Duffy’s expenses on February 14.

According to CTV, an email dated February 20 indicates a “scenario” had been worked out with Nigel Wright. On February 22, Mike Duffy announced that he would repay the housing allowance he had claimed.


The Duffy-Wright affair timeline

  1. So we are expected to believe that the prime minister knew nothing about this until May 14? The most controlling — the “chessmaster tactician” — was kept in the dark from early Feb until mid-May? What utter BS.

    • May 15, get the facts righ…oh…get Mr. Harper’s facts right!

      *remember that the PMO gave a statement to CTV on May.14 but old stevie boy never heard anything till May.15.

  2. And still no arrests! What a farce!

    • This comment was deleted.

      • How many accounts do you have?

  3. Will you be timelining the Ontario gas plant scandal?

    Or would that mean you would have to acknowledge it as a scandal?

  4. why all the intrigue over Duffy and no intrigue over the Ontario gas plant scandal? That cost taxpayers a lot more money and was far more egregious.