The end of the Kevin Page Era -

The end of the Kevin Page Era

So what happens now?


Friends and co-workers were due to gather at a restaurant in downtown Ottawa this evening to toast the end of Kevin Page’s time as Parliamentary Budget Officer. Officially, Mr. Page’s term ends on Monday.

In a tweet this evening, Thomas Mulcair offered thanks.

A sincere “Thank You” to Kevin Page. In a most difficult job, he doggedly served Cdns with integrity

Colin Horgan considers Mr. Page and the Federal Court proceedings that continued today.

So, maybe the context of the PBO’s saga should be this: Whether we all grasp the finer details of the PBO’s mandate clarification or not, it feels that if we’ve come to the point where the government has to sit in court arguing against a financial oversight office it once created, it might be time for us to consider how well we want our institutions kept, and what we consider to be the value of our public service. Or, whether we put any value in it at all.

Here is my exit interview with Mr. Page. Here is Pat Martin’s speech to a gathering of the OECD budget officers last month. And here, here and here is what I wrote last month about the Kevin Page Era and the future of the PBO.

And before departing, Mr. Page talks to the Globe.


The end of the Kevin Page Era

  1. Henry II – will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?

    • Troublesome?

  2. The only good appointment the conservative government did in it’s years of office was Mr. Kevin Page. Because he told the Canadian people the truth of all that is done by this government, the Conservative are not happy. For the Conservative to approve of him, he would have had to lie like they do.

  3. Please to ask. Do not maked any bad propaganda comments about our glorious country of Canukistan. You are not good patriots people.

  4. You would think someone in the Conservative Party would have learned by now that there is a certain class, dignity, and respect one can achieve by showing respect, even if feigned, towards one’s opponents.
    Mr. Harper, class, if never acquired or lost along the way, can, it seems, never be found again, even if desperately needed. Too bad, its absence has soured your reputation despite whatever achievements may deserve recognition.

  5. The Conservatives just extended the term of Graham Fraser Commissioner of Official Languages who has a blind eye to the English minority in Quebec and is only interested in French minorities outside of Quebec but Page gets the heave ho because he stood up for the taxpayers of Canada. If the Conservatives think they won’t hear from Kevin Page again, they have made a big mistake as he will be a regular in the media for the next few years

  6. Mr Page, you’re a defender of Democracy!